Ballerina Nail Shapes: 10 Beautiful Ballerina Nail Shapes You Can Try!

Classy and Sassy Ballerina Nail Designs: 10 Adorable Ideas for Ballerina Nail Shape Nail Polish Designs.

Oh, these ballerina nail designs will drive you crazy! They are so stunningly beautiful and trendy that everyone would want them.

Ballerina nail shape is something in between almond and square nail shape, and it has been rising in popularity in recent years. We personally love the ballerina-shaped nails due to the feeling they give you: slightly aristocratic yet trendy. This article will cover the most popular ballerina nail designs to put on your nails this season!

Ombre Ballerina Nail Shape

Ombre nails are one of the best ones to wear when it has anything to do with ballerina shape nails. Ballerina nail shape is so elegant that one would not want to spoil it with bright colors unless you are the local star. Go for light blue, gradually blending into the soft purple with the turquoise hue, reminding you about that one beautiful twilight, that one beautiful summer evening.

Ballerina Nail Shape

Sky Ballerina Shape Nails

A light blue base with a glossy or matt finish is so exciting that these ballerina nail designs will work perfectly for those who love soft pastel colors. The best thing about these sky ballerina shape nails is that they work with any season. You can wear them with literally any outfit but not on many occasions.

Ballerina shape Nails

Cloudy Ballerina Nail Designs

Clouds are always reminding us about the beautiful new day! So why not try any of these ballerina nail designs. Cloudy ballerina nail designs would be a great addition to any summer look! You should seriously consider decorating it with some golden accessories.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

French Fries Ballerina Shape Nails

McDonald`s, haven’t you spent your childhood there? Getting this Happy Meal that would ultimately make you so unhappy that your doctor would prohibit it. Well, going for these ballerina shape nails with this design is one of the healthiest options. Paint the bottom of your nail as a red paper bag for fries with a yellow McDonald`s logo. Paint the tip of your ballerina's nails with little yellow stripes representing the French fries.

Ballerina Nails

Fire&Ice Ballerina Nail Designs

The Song of Ice and Fire is one of the most popular plots in modern history. These ballerina shape nails are inspired by it. Black base with fire and swords stickers on them is one of the best ideas if you are a fan of the series. Go for a glossy finish to make sure your nails look fantastically beautiful.

Ballerina Nail Designs

Sparkly Ballerina Shape Nails

At the end of the day, it is all about gemstones. Gemstones make your life complete, don’t they? Paint your ballerina-shaped nails in any color and place a few gemstones next to the nail bed. Make sure they look good, and you don’t use too much clay. We recommend placing gemstones on the ring fingernail for a better look.

Ballerina Nail Shape

United Kingdom Ballerina Nails

God save the Queen and every county in the United Kingdom! Go for the blue base and place a UK flag onto your ring fingernail. It might be a cliché, but so many people have worn it that it is becoming this classic, just like white sneakers and red lipstick.

Ballerina Nail Shape

Geometric Ballerina Nail Shape

Even if the geometry is not your piece of cake, you could still go for these geometric ballerina nails. You are free to use any color for the base and just draw a triangle diagonally to cover the edges and half of the tip. This way, your ballerina nails would be optically even more reverse.

Ballerina shape Nails

Sweet Ballerina Nails

This marshmallow-inspired ballerina nail design is one of the sweetest ones there are. They are so beautiful and cute that one cannot simply look at them without an “Aww “exclamation! Use pastel pink as a base color for one hand and pastel blue color for the other. Make sure both of the hands are covered with the matt topcoat to ensure that the white marshmallow dots placed onto each nail look better.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

Burberry inspired Ballerina Nail Designs

If you can’t afford a real Burberry item, there is a much cheaper version. Going for these Burberry nail stickers for the ballerina shape nails might be a real good decision considering how much we love the brand. First, it is classy. Second, it is relatively easy to make. All you have to do is cut out the stickers to match your ballerina-shaped nails. These nails would be good for those who love the feeling of belonging. Belonging to the high society.

ballerina Nail Designs

We highly encourage you to try any of these ballerina nail designs to show them to the crowd. The best idea is to step out of your comfort zone and give each and every ballerina nail design a try. Remember: there are 52 weeks in a year, and yet only 10 ballerina nail designs, so you can definitely find the time!

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