How To Choose The Best Nail Polish Kit? Easy Tips

Choosing the Best Nail Polish Kit: Here is how you can find the Very Best Nail Polish for Your Nails!.

Nail polish has come to mean so much over the years. Choice of nail polish color or nail polish kit can now go as far as telling a person's personality. Others say people now choose nail polish kits according to their mood.

One of the best transitions that nail polish has gone through is in the various innovations to make it more stylish, decorative, and even protective. Now everybody can't seem to get enough nail polish, including us. Male or female, everyone is enjoying nail polish in all its glory.

Now that nail polish has an industry of its own, producers offer a wide range of options in terms of color, texture, and even extra accessories. This is a fantastic development for lovers of beautiful nails, but as a result, choosing the best nail polish kit can be a challenge.

You may love the metallic shine style for weekends, yet you want to keep it classy with glossy or matte red shades for date night or the workweek. Can you get all this in one kit? Which nail polish kit is the best?

To answer all these questions, we've come up with a guide on how to choose the best nail polish kit. We got you covered with this simple guide but first, let's fill you in on the different kinds of nail polish you may find in a nail polish kit.

Types of Nail Polish or Manicure

There's always something new to discover when it comes to nail polish and nail polish kits, but we don't want you taken off guard most of the time. Get familiar with the different nail polish types with this list.

1. Matte nail polish

Matte nail polish has a quick-dry texture with no shine or gloss, but this doesn't mean it is dull. This nail polish gives a calm yet bold look, and it is also known to last long on the nails without chipping or fading.

Matte nail polish

2. Glossy or crème nail polish:

This nail polish is not too loud and not too dull. This is the most popular kind of nail polish out there, maybe because it is basic. It has a beautifully soft yet shiny look and is perfect for any occasion or season. Even most pearl nail polish comes in this texture.

3. Metallic nail polish:

The metallic shine of nail polish hits differently. It gives every color a new flare, and if you're looking for something flashy, this is one way to go. Foil and glitter nail polish can also be added as a member of the metallic family as they also deliver a stunning shine.

4. Neon nail polish:

Neon is the queen of nail polish when it comes to commanding attention. If you want the room to stop and stare for a while, then a Neon nail polish kit is your go-to. Even more, this kit can glow in the dark with its special reflective mix. We'll put some other nail polish like the holographic and magnetic nail polish under this category.

5. Gel nail polish:

Gel nail polish ushered in a new dawn with acrylics. They last longer, also, you can use the hard gel to increase nail length, and they do not air-dry. Gel nails can only dry under UV or led light, and it doesn't take long, however. They also come in really beautiful colors, so you can't run out of options when shopping for a gel nail polish kit. Shellac nail polish is also similar to gel nail polish. However, Shellac is made up of both gel nail polish and regular nail polish.

6. Acrylic nail polish:

Acrylic nails are currently having their moment. They are trendy because the powder and liquid monomer mix offer endless opportunities for getting innovative. They also last very long and are usually harder than gel nails.

how to choose the best nail polish

How to choose the best nail polish kit: 5 Questions to ask

We've seen the different textures that nail polish can come in. However, is that all there is to a nail polish kit? Nail polish kits come with much more, depending on what you're looking to get. They can include extra accessories and other things you may or may not need. Here are some questions to ask when looking to choose the best nail polish kits.

Does the kit have one or more types of nail polish?

Here you're looking to answer the question of whether there's matte, gloss, glitter, or even metallic nail polish in the kit or just one type. Do you have a favorite type of nail polish texture? If yes, then maybe you should go with a nail polish kit that has more of your top choice in it and few or none of the other kinds of nail polish.

How many colors of nail polish are in the kit?

Some nail polish kits come in a blend of different colors, while others come in different shades of one color. If you're fine with switching between different shades of purple or red, then you already know where you stand.

Does it come with a top or base coat?

As mentioned earlier, nail polish kits don't come with nail polish alone. Most kits got loads of extra stuff in them. Some include a base coat to prepare your nails and add moisture to them before using the nail polish and a top coat to leave a fine finish that helps it last longer. This is a nice feature that could give you the nail-salon feel and look. Perhaps you want to have this experience; then you should look out for nail polish kits that come with extra bottles of top and base coats.

nail polish kit

Is it healthy and eco-friendly?

Producers of nail polish kits have gone ahead to include ingredients in nail polish that protect the nails and the environment. Now we have clean nail polish that is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Nail polish now also has added extracts like bamboo, which promotes healthy nail growth. You should consider this when choosing a nail polish kit as well, especially if you're in on saving the planet.

Is it expensive? If yes or no, what is it offering?

Nail polish kits can be very affordable, yet others can be expensive. However, some of the expensive kits come with a lot of extra stuff that ends up changing your mirror into what will look like a nail studio.

This stuff can include a UV light, cuticle remover, nail buffers, glitter, stickers, stones, and many other items. We don't know how big your budget is, but we recommend you always check what the nail polish kit package offers to be on the penny-wiser side.

Wrapping it up

There are no more chances of feeling overwhelmed or confused while shopping for nail polish kits on our watch. Now you can show up to the physical or online store knowing exactly what you want. It could be an eco-friendly nail polish kit with a blend of different colors and extra coats. This description is more direct and will help you get what you need faster.

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