Blue Nail Designs: 20 Blue Nail Designs You Will Love

Ideas for Blue Nails: Get Some Nail Inspo with These Awesome Blue Nail Ideas!

Blue has a variety of colors like royal, aquamarine, turquoise, and several others. It is a universally flattering color that looks good on anyone. And it helps to give your nails a chilling, sensational touch. It works perfectly with most designs whether you’re using it as a primary color or an accent color.

When your blue is the focus color for your nail designs, it opens you up to limitless options. These are more than enough reasons to paint your nails blue at your next manicure appointment. With our list of the coolest and trendy blue nails designs, you can make a strong start.

1. Glittery Blue Nails

It fits all styles and it’s perfect for recreating diamond sparkles on your nails. You can use blue glitter accents with a white base coat topped off with a gloss. It shows off the brightness and elegance of blue perfectly in any shape but a long sharp stiletto is a great option.

blue nails

2. Magical Confetti

This Nude, Blue, and Gold palette join to create magical confetti that gives results in this whimsical fairy tale look. To add a French manicure flair, you can place the gold confetti at the tip of your nails.

blue nail designs

3. Night Light Nails

You'll love this starlight look in dark royal blue polish which mirrors the shadow of the evening sky over the ocean. It plays well with light to mimic the moon and stars on your nails to give off an ethereal feel.

blue nail ideas

4. Blue Geode

If you’re a fan of the classic artistic geode, you’ll even enjoy this design in blue. Mixing different shades of blue with a white contrast will help create a more incredible design.

blue nail ideas

5. Blue Marble

The marbled design is a classic style to pull off in a gorgeous blue nail concept. True blue blends well with gray marble accents to give a chilling stoned look. You can also create a silver and blue marble detail to complete this look.

cute blue nail ideas

6. Silky Royal Blue

Royal blue is a color that represents glamour, opulence, and elegance. To create an intimate silky rule, you can try a bold royal blue polish with a shiny gloss.

blue nails

7. Ballerina Slippers

If you're a fan of blue cotton, then you try to opt for this coffin-shaped design with silvery stone details to create a delicate, pretty look. It only works well with long nails so if you don't mind a little longer then you'll love this look.

blue nail designs

8. Sunset Accents

Combine your favorite shades to incorporate a blue sunset look on one accent nail. It is best to choose an accent nail and paint the rest of your nails with the shades chosen in the accent detail to create a strong cohesive look.

blue nail ideas

9. Snakeskin Design

Mimic the chilling snakeskin art on your nails in the varied blue tones. It is a very unique style so it’s best to get a professional nail artist to help you create your look.

cute blue nail ideas

10. Two-in-one Textured Blue Nails

Opt for two rich blue shades like sapphire blue that you can build on until you get a perfectly layered textured color. It pairs well with stone and foil accents in either long or short sizes. You can also match your textured color with a contrasting blue tone.

blue nails

11. Galaxy Nail Design

If you're a fan of astronomy, you can recreate the beauty of the milky-way on your fingers. It involves a mix and match of several shades of dark blue, silver, and pale pink, nude colors. You can also take this design further and incorporate a print of the planets to complete your galaxy setting.
blue nail designs

12. Short Matte Blue

This minimalist design is a timeless elegant option if you’re looking for something subtle. Matte is a versatile style and can fit several occasions. Short matte blue nails are also professional and you can create this look at home easily.

ideas for blue nails

13. Long Jeweled Stiletto Nails

You can never go wrong with spiky blue stiletto nails for your nail art. You can even elevate by contrasting shades of blue and adding bold jewel stones to your nails. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and you're allowed to go all out with your design.

cute blue nail ideas

14. Starry Nights

A night look is a classic option whenever you're trying blue nails. You can mix blue and black shades with some silver glitters to recreate the starry night.

blue nails

15. Chrome Blue Nail Design

You can incorporate many designs to form a detailed chrome look using glitters and matte. You can implode the look with crystals, flower prints, stones, etc. You can also bring down the look with a single chrome look.

blue nail designs

16. Blue Pastel Designs

Pastel nails are fit for all kinds of occasions and it is a style that never goes out of fashion. Blue pastel nails provide you with the perfect 'something blue' if you're getting married. It is also a chic gentle design option anyone can try.

ideas for blue nails

17. Short and Sparkly Design

You don’t need to limit the sparkly nail design to only long nails. You can wear silver nail foil or glitter on your short blue nails to create a sparkly design. You can also use a pink or white base with blue glitter for your sparkly nail art.

cute blue nail ideas

18. Frozen Ice Nails

You can try a frozen theme with an icy blue color and little white snowflake accents. It has a strong statement nail look that is perfect for the winter and cold seasons.

blue nail ideas

19. Black and Blue Ombre

Black and Blue shades combine perfectly especially in the ombre style. It gives you a dark sultry appeal and it goes well with a bright-hued outfit.

blue nail ideas

20. Blue Tips

You can try a fresh twist on the classic French manicure with blue French tips. You can also wear this look with your natural nails to include negative space.

cute blue nail ideas

Parting Words

Blue is certainly a versatile color that comes in a variety of warm to cold shades. With our selections of cute blue nail designs, you have new nail ideas to try. You can also build on these styles and wear on your nails the blue designs that you've created.

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