Brown Bail Polish Designs That Will Surprise You

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It's almost 7 pm, and you already must leave the house. It is rainy and windy outside, and the weather is not playing along. You cast one last look at the mirror and check your turquoise silk dress. Stunning. Now just two sprays of your favorite perfume and put the jewelry on. Golden, of course. Your ring's green gemstones and earrings match your outfit and brown nails. You check your hands once again. Yes, your brown polish is flawless. So flawless you know you will wear it for the next 3 months with no rest. However, you want some change. You cant always wear the same brown nail polish design. This is why we have decided to write this article. To make sure your brown nails look on point this season.

"Chocolate Brown" Nail Polish Ideas

If you love chocolate as much as we do, these brown nail polish ideas are for you! Go for a milk chocolate brown nail polish color and use it as a base. If you want to achieve this 3d look, you must go for the matt brown nail polish. Once it dries, go for the glossy transparent mani and draw little squares on the whole surface of your nail, imitating a chocolate bar! If you do not have a steady hand, make sure you get the stickers with a chocolate pattern! The best go-to shape for this nail design is square, as it will create this chocolate bar illusion!

Brown nail polish designs

"Cacao" Brown Nails

We all know that chocolate and sugar aren't healthy. But does it make us quit it forever? Now imagine making your nails resemble one of the best sweet hot beverages. Cacao. Now, use a light brown nail polish color for the base and go for the white nail tip. It will look even cooler if the tip of the nail is painted chaotically, representing the mil foam!

brown nail polish ideas

"Chao Chao" Brown Nail Polish Designs

Are you a dog or a cat person? Even if you are a cat person, you must admit that Chao-Chao must be one of the best brown dogs there are. Chao-Chao is super friendly and fluffy, so why wouldn't you go for any of the brown nail polish ideas that would show your affection for the breed? Go for glossy brown nail polish and cover it with little black stripes representing the fur. Alternatively, put a Chao-Chao sticker on both of your ring fingernails. Lastly, give your brown nails some time and wait for the compliments!

 brown nails

"Coconut Shell" Brown Nails

Bounty does taste fantastic. But so does everything that has coconut and sugar to it. Coconut is mostly associated with vacation and travel, so why wouldn't you go for the brown nail polish designs resembling it? Make sure you use a light brown color for the nail base and place some coconut stickers on top of it. You can go for smaller stickers and place them on all of your brown nails. Or, you can go for a big sticker and place it onto your ring fingernail on each hand to make it more conservative!

These brown nail polish ideas are perfect for vacation or summertime, so make sure to repeat them once you pack your suitcase!

brown nail polish

"Teddy Bear" Brown Nail Polish Ideas

Fun fact: teddy bears became extremely popular in the early 20th century. They are still extremely popular. If you love them as much as we do, go for these teddy bear brown nail polish ideas. Remember, you must choose the right brown color for the base. It must be something in between grey and brown. Whether it is matt or glossy, shape it round or almond and place your favorite teddy sticker on your ring fingernail!

Brown nail polish designs

"Beer pong" Brown Nail Polish Designs

These brown nail polish ideas are perfect for the Oktoberfest. If you are in Germany this season, make sure you color your nails brown polish. The brown color palette of the brown polish is quite broad, as you can go for light or dark beer, depending on the kind of person you are. If you want your nails to look more festive and summery, go for the light brown color. If you want to achieve these evening or deeper looks, go with dark brown nail polish ideas. If you feel like it, you can even go for any stickers to be placed onto each nail.

brown nail polish ideas

Key takeaways:

Regardless of how you want to have your nails done, make sure the brown nail polish you went for is high-quality. If the texture of your brown nail polish isn't satisfactory, any of the brown nail polish designs is in danger! However, with the variety of the brown nail polish ideas examined in this article, we hope you find something you love! Try at least a few brown nail polish ideas and make them unforgettable!

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