What Causes Nail Fungus? Things to Avoid to Prevent Nail Fungus in Advance!

How to Prevent Nail Fungus: Learn What Causes Nail Fungus and How to Prevent Nail Fungus.

All of us have heard about nail fungus at least once in life. Many of us have had an unpleasant experience going through the whole journey with this nasty disease. In essence, nail fungus is the finger- and/or toenail infection that causes your nails to be discolored and makes them cracky. With the rising number of cases of nail fungus, we sensed the need of sharing the knowledge of how to prevent nail fungus, if you were lucky not to be infected with it. Along with the tips for nail fungus prevention, we will also explain what causes nail fungus and how to treat your nails if you were infected with any.

What Causes Nail Fungus?

If you know somebody who had bad luck encountering nail fungus, you might be eager to know what causes nail fungus. Nail fungus can affect any person, irrespective of age and gender. However, some individuals are more prone to it, than others. Except for the esthetical issues, nail fungus can cause plenty of pain and discomfort. Below you can find the list of the typical nail fungus causes:


Age is one of the most common nail fungus causes. Older people can spend hours researching what causes nail fungus, and sometimes it's just age. The older you are, the more you are exposed to nail fungus. Research has shown that nail fungus is more often found in elder people than young adults.

How to prevent nail fungus: Well, in this case, we would highly recommend taking care of your feet and ensuring they are always kept in a warm, but dry place. If you are exposed to sweating, make sure you change your socks as many times as needed to keep your feet dry.

What causes nail fungus

Athlete`s Foot

Another one of the most common nail fungus causes is the athlete`s foot. In essence, it is a fungal skin infection that is most often found in between toes. Individuals, whose feet are prone to sweating are at risk. Having a constantly wet foot being locked in very tight shoes is one of the most typical nail fungus causes. Typical symptoms for the athlete`s foot are itchiness and scaly rash on your feet.

How to prevent nail fungus: In this case, if you already suffer from an athlete`s foot, we highly recommend consulting your health care provider to get the prescription for the medical cream to cure the illness.

Skin or nail injury

Having experienced nail or skin injury recently, and discovering the nail fungus infection, you can save time asking what causes nail fungus. Damaged nail or scratched skin is very prone to infections if not taken care of immediately. They build a friendly environment for the nail fungus bacteria and yeast to spread.

How to prevent nail fungus: If you had bad luck traumatizing your nail or skin, make sure you clean up and cover the injury with a bandage immediately to avoid infections and inflammation.

nail fungus causes

Diabetes or other chronic medical conditions

People who suffer from diabetes or related health conditions, know that these are the most common nail fungus causes. Diabetes is known to reduce the blood circulation and nerve supply to your feet, which in turn, only intensifies the nail fungus condition.

How to prevent nail fungus: If you happen to suffer from diabetes, the best thing you can do is to make sure you take care of your diabetes. Even though it cannot be cured, it can certainly be kept under control: eliminate sugar intake, exercise, and sleep well. Get yourself some specialized cream that will keep your skin in good condition.

Weakened immune system

People with weakened immune systems have difficulty fighting nail fungus infections. Therefore, if you experienced any problems with your immune system, or underwent surgery, it might be one of the nail fungus causes.

How to prevent nail fungus: Try strengthening your immune system by all means possible. Make sure you sleep not less than 7 hours, consume enough fiber and proteins, and exercise. This way your immune system will recover faster. Also, this is one of the best advice for nail fungus prevention and your overall health.

how to prevent nail fungus

Exposure to the public swimming pools

Walking barefoot at the open saunas or swimming pools must be one of the nail fungus causes. When your nails are exposed to moist and warm environments, like pools and saunas, it's no wonder you suffer from nail fungus.

How to prevent nail fungus: Every time you are in the sauna or swimming pool, make sure you have your flip flops on, this way you would put nail fungus prevention to work!

We hope this article was helpful for you to discover what causes nail fungus and how to prevent it. Make sure you try some of the nail fungus prevention advice to secure your standard of life with healthy and shiny nails.

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