Celebrity Nail Designs That Will Bring Out Your Inner Star

Celebrity Nails That You Will Love! Inspiring Celebrity Nail Designs for Every Style.

We all have the possibility to look like a star! We love being part of the high-end society and enjoy it to the fullest. If you can't afford a Tom Ford bag or Dior glasses, there are more affordable ways to do so! The cheapest and easiest way is to try one of the celebrity nail designs below. Trying any of these celebrity nail art designs will make you feel like you live the life you deserve.

Billie Eilish-ish Celebrity Nail Designs

Billie Eilish loves playing it wild. She is known for her loudest celebrity nail art designs. Sometimes it seems that all she does is an experiment. This is indeed so. She loves trying new nail designs and constantly surprising the public with them. Not only is Billie Eilish the idol for many of the millennials, but she is also somebody who is inspiring the crowd to do the things she does. What we do see is that Billie is a massive fan of one-ups!

What is more, the longer they are, the better! One of her popular celebrity nail designs was the one-ups with the Burberry logo on them, which she wore to their event. Another cool celebrity nail art designs she wore were almond-shaped black nails with a green Luis Vuitton Logo.

Celebrity nail designs

Rihanna Inspired Celebrity Nail Designs

Rihanna is really an icon! She makes the world feel better with her every song. She loves Almond or Oval shaped one-ups or acrylic nails. Every time you look at her tattooed palms, you see that she has really bright celebrity nail art designs most of the time. Look at when she wore bright pink almond-shaped nail designs or yellow ombre acrylic nails. You could have also seen her wear the jade-stoned turquoise nails for one of the red carpet shows. However, you can see on any video or picture that the best way to make any of Rihanna's nail designs work is the accessories. Wear gold with earth colors and pair silver jewelry with ocean or silver nails!

popular celebrity nail designs

Cardi B-Like Celebrity Nails

"I want it, I got it" this is how it goes, isn't it? We all look for these celebrity nails like Cardi B had on one of her first debuts to the world! Stiletto-shaped 5 cm one-ups embroidered with jam stones looked absolutely stunning! We know that having such nail designs is one of the best things to lift up a mood a bit! It doesn't matter which look you go for, either a black dress or a sparkly mini cocktail dress- you would always feel extra wearing such nail designs.

nail designs

Pink-ish Celebrity Nails

Even though Pink is the last singer with a girly look, her nails are always on point. Interestingly, in all her drive, fusion, and brutal looks, she used to wear pink nails many times. Pastel pink, dirty Pink, or just the strawberry one. Be it square, oval, acrylic, or gel celebrity nail art designs- all of us have always been jealous! Money definitely cannot buy happiness, but investing your time or money into making some pink nails will surely do you good!

celebrity nail art designs

Shakira's Celebrity Nails

The brighter it is, the better! It seems like this is the motto Shakira has been living with for many years. We have seen her wear white gel nails with a black print on the fingernail. We have seen her wear shiny red Christmas-like celebrity nail art designs. We have also seen her wear breathtaking one-ups with the Burberry print on them. So why wouldn't we want to repeat any of her signature celebrity nail art designs to get into this "Waka Waka" spirit?

 celebrity nails

Diane Keaton's Celebrity Nail Art Designs

Diane Keaton is a style icon. She is so active and full of life and energy! Every single time she wears any of the nail designs, thousands or thousands of people automatically put them on the popular celebrity nail designs list. One of Diane's signature celebrity nail art designs is a plaid grey nail design paired with a white and black look. The nails looked stunningly trendy because the grey base worked wonders with the black stripes. It is one of the best things you could do when going out and still wanting to look chic but conservative. Diane's other favorite nail designs are black and white celebrity nails. The best thing about them is that they will match absolutely any look, work in any setting, and fit any occasion.

celebrity nails

We hope you were able to get inspired by at least one of dozens of popular celebrity nail designs to complete the look! Whatever you decide to go with: long ups or natural nails are done with gel mani, you will enjoy the journey and feel the bond with your favorite star! Get yourself some good tools or book an appointment at the salon to get these celebrity nails to work.

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