Christmas Nails: 8 Christmas Nail Shape and Design Ideas for the Perfect Holiday!

Christmas Nail Ideas: Unique Nail Designs for Christmas that You Have to Try!

OMG, is it Christmas already? The best time of the year, full of joy, love, and unity. Candlelight dinner with stuffed turkey and an apple pie, beautiful red and gold decorations, and the king of the event- the Xmas Tree! We all attach significant importance to the event. That is why we want to look our best, paying attention to the details! We have selected the best nail designs for Christmas to ensure your nails would get more attention than the Xmas tree` toys.

'All I Want For Christmas' Nail Designs

All we want for every Christmas is to stay strong and stick to our New Year's resolutions for longer than a week. We bet, out of all the resolutions you have listed, at least one has anything to do with self-care. Having your nails neat and styled makes a great contribution to it. These nails for Christmas are as easy to make as just painting them.

"Last Christmas" Nail Designs

Did you also give Him your heart last Christmas? Why not celebrate this one by loving yourself first? The best way to do this is to choose this mani over the rest of the nail designs for Christmas! Go fierce red, make it glossy, or add some red or silver sparkles. Because you are unique, and so is your self-expression! Don't limit yourself to a standard mani. Remember, special occasions require special Christmas nail designs.

Christmas nails

"Jingle Bells" Nails for Christmas

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh and all that with perfect nails for Christmas. Get yourself jingle bells stickers, but make sure that the ribbon color is either green or red for each set. Pant one hand red and the other green. Place stickers of golden jingle bells with green ribbon on your red nails. Do the same with the golden jingle bell stickers with a red ribbon and place them on green nails.

Nails for Christmas

"Wrapped With a Bow" Christmas Nails

Don't we all love presents? Just thinking about opening your Christmas presents gives you goosebumps. And so will these Christmas nails! Paint your nails white and add a Christmas tree sticker on your index fingernail, or another finger of choice. To add an accent to it, create an illusion of a red ribbon wrapped around your ring fingernail. Last but not least, enjoy your mani".

Christmas nails

"Candy Cane for Christmas" Nail Ideas

These nails for Christmas are probably the easiest to make. However, there are two options to do that. The first is to use white as your base color and draw some red stripes. Second, however, implies using red as a base color.

Christmas nail designs

"Look at My Mistletoe" Christmas Nail Ideas

A symbol of love, dedication, and Christmas spirit, mistletoe can be easily transferred onto your nails. Paint your nails Sacramento green and draw randomly placed black stripes representing the Christmas tree. Add some red dots to your ring fingernails if you feel like it. Additionally, you can put golden sparkles inside the red dots to add some charm to your Christmas nails.

nails for Christmas

"Christmas Tree" Nail Designs for Christmas

Got a green outfit? These Christmas nails would keep it good company. As simple as that: just paint your nails green. If you do not have much time, you might live it like that. However, for those who want to add some spice to this mani, place golden and red dots symbolizing Christmas tree toys on it!
nail designs for Christmas

"Let it Snow" Nails for Christmas

White goes with absolutely everything. The color of purity and innocence, the color of hope, and the color of snow. Have you ever noticed that the snow sparkles? Glitter is precisely what will turn your boring white nails into festive nails for Christmas! The best go-to shape is either oval or almond, as it would romanticize the whole nail design.

christmas nail ideas

"Coke Christmas Edition" Nail Designs

Well, this one is not your typical Christmas mani, but it certainly is worth it! Most of the world watches the Christmas ad prepared by Coke each year. This drink is present on almost all the Christmas tables around the globe. Unique yet fun and festive, it has only two primary colors of each Christmas: white and red. So why not go for full red with a white Logo on the ring, fingernail on the one hand, and a playful Santa hat on the other.

Christmas nails

"Leave That Apple Pie for Me" Christmas Nail Ideas

We have tried to gather all the best Christmas nail ideas in this article to keep it festive. If you loved more than one mani, go ahead and share these Christmas nail designs with your friends! Let them try out some and go for the other. This way, everyone will have a fantastic holiday with even more stunning nails for Christmas!

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