10 Great Classy Nail Ideas that You Will Love!

Classy Nail Design Ideas: 10 Gorgeous Classy Nail Ideas that Never Go Out of Style!

Experiments are fun, but don't we all go back to the roots sometimes? Everyone must find that perfect balance between the classy, rebel, and trendy YOU. Sometimes we love mismatched nails and bright colors. At other times, we tend to switch to gemstones and metal accents. However, there are also times when we just want to stick to the basics, which works with everything and is suitable for every occasion. Check out our selection of classy nail ideas to always stay trendy.

"Oldies But Goldies" Classy Nail Ideas

Can you recall a time when red nails were considered odd? Neither can we! Red nails could probably be considered one of the most classy nail designs. Whether matt or glossy, these elegant red nails will work with absolutely every outfit and every occasion. Choosing an oval or an almond shape will make strawberry, brick, ruby, or merlot colors look even better.

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"Mrs. Classy" Nail Design Ideas

When choosing among the most classy nail design ideas, go nude. And we mean it. Selecting your favorite nude color will give you a competitive advantage in every room simply because it fits every hand. If you have got a warm skin undertone, go for warmer colors: apricot and peachy pink. If you identify yourself as a beauty with a cold undertone: try dusty rose or flamingo or pastel pink colors. The best go-to shapes for these classy nails are square and coffin.

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"Always Go Classy" Nail Designs

Well, there are, in fact, two colors that work with absolutely everything: black and white. We suggest painting your nails in these two colors to ensure your nails work with everything. Do the following: paint one hand white and the other black. Alternatively, you could paint the right part of each nail white and the left one- black. Another queen of the classy nail design ideas would be trying to repeat the checkerboard effect on your nails.

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"French Mani Over the French Toast" Classy Nail Design Ideas

When someone says "classy nail designs," the French mani is the first thing that pops up in our minds. There are multiple ways to make it look trendy: just go for an oval or stiletto shape and add some gemstones on your ring fingernail to add some highlight. If this still doesn't sound enough, try painting an extra-colored line underneath the white one at tips.

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"Stubborn And Elegant" Classy Nail Designs

If you struggle to choose your classy mani that will work with absolutely everything, try to color your nails marble. Out of all the classy nail design ideas, this one will add some character to your nails but will keep them royal.

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"Classy Is My Second Name" Classy Nail Ideas

White! White goes with absolutely everything and is bright enough to catch everyone's attention! All of the classy nail designs offered here are quite beautiful, but none of them are as bright as this one. The best thing about this design is that it does not depend on the season: be it summer or winter, your nails will always look on point.

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"I Want My 60s Back" Classy Nail Design Ideas

The 60s were known for their rebel colors in clothing. Bright red, blue, and yellow swirls on your nails would make it look so 60s! By the way, there's nothing better than a mismatched mani if you decorate it with the right colors. Just go for a nude base and make sure the red swirls take more space than the blue. Use yellow to highlight the accents.

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"Dancing Queen" Classy Nail Ideas

Mykonos blue! Yes, we know it's the opposite of the Russian red, but who said it isn't considered classy? These sea blue nails are considered one of the best classy nail designs, and they would work with almost every piece in your wardrobe.

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"Ultimate" Classy Nail Designs

Do you love being classy but are done with the cliches? Try any of these classy nail ideas to make sure your nails look on point. Paint your nails brown and decorate your nails with the stiletto shape. Alternatively, color your nails in a rosewood color, go for a square shape and place some thin golden stripes on each nail.

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"Pearls On the Ocean Swirls" Classy Nail Ideas

Don't we all love the ocean? In summer or during the winter vacation, oceans are always a good idea. Inspired by the ocean, this king of the classy nail design will make your nails look fantastic. Color your nails in peach or rosewood color and let them dry. Then unleash your inner artist and draw some white swirls on each nail. Decorate your nails with some pearls.

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We hope that you can find the one that fits you the most with this selection of classy nail design ideas! Red, blue, black, and white, or even nude combos, are the ones that should work for you at any given time!

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