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Basic Easy Nail Designs: Get Some Great and Easy Nail Design Ideas for Every Occasion!

Nail art is a modern concept and nail design. It involves adding intricate and delicate details to your nails for a complete artistic nail piece. From abstract to geode and then print designs, there are many ways to wear your nail art. But it can be really expensive as some designs take hours and involve many intricate details.

However, you don't have to be discouraged as some nail designs are easy and you can create by yourself at home. It won't cost you a dime as you'll only need your regular nail kits for your nail art. Check out our list of 20 easy nail designs that you’ll surely love to try.

1. Shimmering Tips

For this look, you just need to place a gold or silver shimmer at the tip of your nails in the French tip style. You can use a nude or bold color for the base coat or just leave your natural nails with the shimmery detail. It is a very fun look that you can achieve in a very short time.

Easy Nail Designs

2. Pastel Mismatch

There are many looks you can try with pastel in nail art but a simple option is to mix contrasting pastel shades to create a multicolored mismatch. It is a bright cheerful look that is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Easy Nail Art Designs

3. Party Dots

You can achieve a minimal or bold look with the dots design. However, instead of the classic two-color polka dot style, mix and overlap multiple colors to create a fun disco look.

 Easy Nail Art Designs

4. Neon Statement

If you want a bold graphic look but you're not much of an artist, then neon is your friend. You can create strong metallic nail art by mixing neon colors in simple half & half or mismatch style.

Basic easy nail designs

5. Black and White Monochrome

You can always rely on the black and white combination for a chic artsy look. This monochrome offers you multiple design options and you can hard thick blocks, dots, and lines to create a domino effect.

Easy Nail Design Ideas

6. Wavy Effect

Waves are very simple designs anyone can make whether or not you're a professional nail artist. It is a trendy look and there are many ideas you can try out with this look. You can create multiple waves or choose a combined look with plain nail polish.

Easy Nail Designs

7. Embellished French Tips

You can try out an interesting twist on French Tips with an embellished look. It glams up the classic French manicure look with starry, jewel, foil, and glitter accents on the tip of the nails. You can also create embellished reverse tips with this look.

 Easy Nail Art Designs

8. Smiley Face Nail Art

Stickers are a fun and easy way to create your nail designs very quickly. You can get smiley stickers to create a fun emoji look. This design is very cute and easy to create and it doesn't require any nail design skills.

Easy nail ideas

9. Yayoi-Kusama Art

You can recreate a Yayoi-Kusama look on your nails with these bright bold colors and dotted patterns. You can try a dandelion yellow paint with black polka dots to create a chilling look, which the Japanese artist is famous for.

 Easy Nail Design Ideas

10. Metallic Accents

Metallic designs offer you several simple and easy design options. It is a fun hardcore style and it gives your nails an exciting metal spark.

Easy Nail Designs

11. Abstract Negative Space Art

You can go for an extraordinary look with this abstract negative space nail design. To achieve this look, you need to draw small thick lines around the edges of your nail. You can incorporate the negative space look by leaving the center bare.

Easy Nail Art Designs

12. Tye-Dye Watercolors

You will have an understated thermal look with the tye-dye design. This trend is very fashion-forward and it is a great option if you're a fan of the colorful artsy style.

Easy Nail Art Designs

13. Plaid Style

The plaid pattern is a very popular trend that you can style in different ways. You can opt for cute purple and lilac design or an intense red and black style. It is a very easy look to create with nail tape and two nail polish, you can also add gloss shimmers to bring your plaid art to life.

 Easy nail ideas

14. Half-Moon Color Block

The color-blocked half-moon nail design is a chic and effortless beauty that you can create yourself. You can choose a strong mix like bright red and a pastel light blue shade. This retro ‘90s look is perfect for all seasons which is another great reason to try this design.

Easy Nail Design Ideas

15. Mix and Match Stripes

You can consider a fun mix and match stripes art to create a detailed abstract look. It allows you to play with colors and since you don’t have to worry about creating a perfect color scheme.

Easy Nail Designs

16. Rainbow Splatter

You can play around with the nail brush with this look. Make an artistic design with yellow, red, violet, and green splatters on a white canvas.

 Easy Nail Art Designs

17. Foil Tips

The foil tips are an alternative twist on the traditional French nail manicure. You can create a nude look with foil tips to create a festive tinsel inspiration.

Easy nail ideas

18. Gold and Silver Confetti

You can achieve a simple party design with gold and silver confetti accents on a plain polish. You can build on this nail art by including styles like ombre, matte, and sparkles to complete your look.

Basic easy nail designs

19. Butterfly Art

Butterflies are a fun light design you can wear on your nails. While drawing on butterflies if you are not an expert nail artist, you can glue stickers or stone butterfly accents to your nails to create your style.

nail designs

20. Black and Gold Stripes

This combination offers a very elegant and glamorous sensation. It is very easy to recreate and you can opt for a metallic gold polish to really elevate this art.

 nail designs, Easy Nail Design Ideas


Not all nail designs are hard and difficult to create, there are several cute fun easy styles you can try for your nail art as shown above. We have chosen the best selection of cute nail designs that are easy to create at home. You can now try any of these looks for your next DIY manicure.

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