Essie Nail Polish Kit Review

Nail Kit By Essie Review: A Complete Essie Nail Polish Kit Review with Everything You Need to Know About the Kit!

I absolutely LOVE manicures, and when I say “LOVE“, I mean it. I truly enjoy every single aspect of it! I love shaping my nails, I love hydrating cuticles, I love painting them. I love experimenting with all the beauty nail products. However, having a busy life of a 21st-century businesswoman, a wife, and a mom, I love it when the time I spend doing all that is equal to none! This is why I decided to write this Essie nail polish kit review, to make sure you guys are also having the time of your life doing your nails!

I think it is fair to start the Essie kit review by having a look at the Essie mani system and then examining all the products that come in the Essie nail kit itself.

What can you find inside the Essie nail kit?

Apricot Cuticle Oil by Essie Mani System

Cuticle oil is one of the most essential products you might ever need. Even though cutting the cuticles off may look fab, you need to keep in mind that it is not the right way to go! Cuticles support your nail and keep it healthy and strong by preventing the infection to get inside it. For those who want to do it right, and keep their nails dapper looking, there is an alternative: an apricot cuticle oil from Essie nail kit.

Comprising a core of the Essie mani system, apricot cuticle oil must be applied to your cuticles twice a day to keep them hydrated.

Core ingredients of the Essie nail kit`s oil are apricot kernel- and jojoba oil. Apricot kernel oil has always been known for its hydrating and nourishing properties, whereas jojoba oil adds the missing touch: a sprinkle of vitamin E.

The latter, in turn, is known for improving the strength of the nail and boosting its growth by repairing the collagen inside nail beds. In my opinion, this cuticle oil from the Essie nail kit is one of the best products existing on the market today. And the perfect price-quality ratio and thousands of positive reviews only prove that.

Gel-Setter Essie Nail Polish: Topcoat

Every manicure needs a reliable topcoat. Having spent quite some time creating your perfect mani, the last thing you want is to see it peeling off in a few days. This is why this Essie nail polish kit review features the Get-Setter topcoat. While this is not a gel itself, but a gel-like Essie nail polish, namely topcoat, it gives your nails a perfect touch.

Its shiny topcoat and perfect texture allow you to apply it easily onto your nails and enjoy your mani done in accordance with the Essie mani system for weeks. While we all love gel nails, we know they could weaken our nails after a couple of months, therefore this gel-setter Essie nail polish will perfectly suit those, who want it nice and healthy!

Essie Nail Polish Kit Review

Strengthening & Treatment Essie Nail Polish

Last but not least, this Essie nail kit review features the Strengthening & Treatment Essie Nail Polish.

If you are like me and had bad luck having weak nails that tend to split, keep reading this Essie nail polish kit review. No matter how many supplements I take, my nails are naturally weak, which forces me to pay the closest attention to the products I use.

Again, it is all about the essentials: if we want to have healthy, yet dapper-looking nails, we must remember Essie nail polish base, cuticle oil, and the topcoat will make it work. According to the Essie mani system, a base is one of the most essential products you could get: applying Essie nail polish as a base would save you hours of worrying about your mani being in danger.

Essie nail kit

For those of you who do not have much time to go through the entire Essie nail kit review, I have prepared a short summary with the key takeaways:

Essie nail kit features three of the most essential must-haves, namely: apricot cuticle oil and two of the Essie nail polishes, top-, and basecoats. While Apricot cuticle oil will make sure your cuticles are kept hydrated and nourished due to the apricot kernel and jojoba oils, rich in vitamin E, the top and base coats will make sure your manicure lasts for weeks!

The Strengthening & Treatment Essie nail polish also referred to as a basecoat here, will make sure the weakest nails will not split. The Gel-Setter Essie nail polish will add that gel touch to your nails ensuring the fab look. Having said all that, I think you should try all of the products I mentioned in this Essie nail kit review and choose for yourself!

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