French Manicure Ideas: Amazing Manicure Ideas to Bring your Nails to Life

French Tip Manicure Ideas: 8 Special Manicure Ideas that You Have to Try at Least Once!

If you like French chips, you will LOVE the following article: check out some unique French manicure ideas that are a must-try:

1. “Queen of the South” French Manicure Ideas

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Out of thousands of French manicure ideas, this manicure is for real queens. If you have an eye for gold, finish your French mani with gilded touch. The nude base looks perfectly with the golden tips adding a character to your look. The best go-to shapes for this mani are oval and coffin. For a more extravagant look: make a matt base and a glossy tip. We recommend avoiding the flare nail shape, as it might make your nails look vulgar. However, we want to state that vulgar can also work with some fabulous outfits!

2. Rainbow Girl French Manicure Ideas

French manicure ideas
Are you in a playful mood? The best way to translate this into one of the manicure ideas is to go for a French manicure finished with colorful tips. Do not set any limits for yourself: paint each nail in a different color. Want to make this one even louder? Go for the rainbow colors for the base as well. Make sure the colors on your tips do not intersect with the base colors. We are positive, either on a sunny summer day or on a rainy winter one: this manicure would always bring you in high spirits.

3. "Just Like You" Angled French Manicure Ideas

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Ideas for manicure picturing a straight-across line are so yesterday! Finishing your nails with an angled swoop might convey the message you want to the world. When it comes to the swoop's manicure ideas, experiment, experiment, experiment! Colored angles with a glossy nude base would give it a joyful look. If you are in a darker, more profound mood, go for the black angles with a golden or silver stripe. Still in need to add more drama? Do so with a fully matt finish.

4. "You Are Unique" Inverse French Manicure Ideas

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Every single one of us is unique and must not hide it! There are dozens of ideas for a manicure, particularly French manicure ideas. Yet, all of them have one thing in common: all of them offer a straight-across line at your tips. We recommend doing it the other way around: painting the bases of your nails with a half-moon shape. The most trendy shape with inverse French manicure ideas is coffin and stiletto.

5. "Sparkly Fairy" French Manicure Ideas

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Go glitter, go sparkle! There are no better French manicure ideas than the glitter ones to cheer you up on a busy day. Give your eyes some rest during a stressful day: just have a quick glimpse at those sparkly nude or sparkly neon French nails. Coffin-shaped sparkly French manicure is a perfect combo for any girl out there! If you want to keep it conservative and office-friendly, pair a nude base with glittery nail tips.

6. "Citrus Hon" French Manicure Ideas

Having listed numerous ideas for a manicure, this citrus-inspired manicure is for you! All you have to do is to draw a couple of slices of lemon and orange on the tips of your nails. Alternatively, you can paint the tips of your nails with lemon and orange colors or make one hand lemon and the other orange. This ideal vacation manicure works perfectly with the oval, flare, and lipstick-shaped nails.

7. "Patriotic" French Manicure Ideas

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If you love your country, or simply adore any other place on the planet for giving you the best memories, then this manicure is for you. We think nothing works better than glossy nail polishes and square-shaped nails with French manicure ideas! Unlike other ideas for a manicure, this one offers much room for experiment. Imagine you live in Austria, which has a three-color flag, namely red, white red. Go ahead and draw three stripes, one under the other at the tips of your nails: red-white-red. Another option would work wonders for countries with just two colors in their flag, like Ukraine: paint base in blue color and make the tips shiny yellow.

8. "Luxury is my second name" French Manicure Ideas

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If golden and silver stripes on tips do not sound like you, we have another brilliant idea for a manicure! Gems are always an excellent addition to any look. Gems work with pretty every outfit and can accompany you to every event: from a lockdown birthday to a wedding day of your own. They turn you from ordinary to royal in a moment. So why not style your classy French mani with some gemstones? Depends on how far you want to go with it: it can be just the ring nail on each hand or even a gem for every finger. In case you want to go a complete I-Have-It-All-mode, then do not hesitate and simply style every nail with a line of small gemstones right underneath a colored tip.

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