Gel Nail Kit: How to Choose the Best Gel Nail Kit

How to Pic the Best Gel Nail Kit: Tips to help you Choose the Very Best at home Gel Nail Kit

Gel nails deliver some of the most beautiful-looking and long-lasting nails, but the application process is quite different from the rest. Due to the nature of these nails, if you want to DIY it, then your gel nail kit needs to be packed with the right tools to deliver the same or better perfection that you would get at the nail salon.

When you have the best gel nail kit, you can go from spending a lot of money on gel nail manicures weekly, biweekly or monthly, to simply buying a gel nail kit at a one-time cost and crushing your nail game on your own terms.

Since you're here, it means you're interested in discovering how to move from basic nail stuff to becoming a pro gel nail manicurist, but you need to have the right gel nail kit on your side to achieve this. Not to worry, we've come up with a list of things to consider and know to guide you on choosing the best gel nail kit.
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How To Choose The Best Gel Nail Kits: Things To Consider

When it's time to choose a gel nail kit, there are some things your kit shouldn't leave out. With this list, you sure as well will be making banging gel nails in the nearest future.

● Long-lasting

The lacquer in the gel nail kit should be quality and long-lasting, still looking pretty for at least two weeks when applied. Naturally, gel nails last longer, but still, some are more durable than others, and it'll be wise to stay on the good side. You can check the online reviews of the kit or ask anyone you know who may have used it before. This way, you're getting value for your money.

● Lamp kit

What kind of light is in the kit for the curing of the gel nails? What size is the lamp? Most gel nail kits offer either a LED light or a UV light. It's not a question of which is better as they both serve the same function. However, you can consider what size it is and how many colors it has on it.

Bigger lamp kits can help save time by letting you cure both hands simultaneously. But with smaller kits, it's one hand at a time, which isn't so bad anyway. It all depends on your preference. Some of the smaller kits don't take up to 1 minute to dry one hand. It may be small, but it is efficient.
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● Accessories and nail arts

If you don't mind getting a little innovative now and then with decorative nails, then you can look out for kits that offer extra accessories that can help you give your nails some extra flare. Some of these decorative accessories include flowers, stickers, stones, glitter, and many more. However, if you find a gel nail kit and love everything else it offers except the absence of these accessories, you can still buy it and buy accessories separately, it's up to you, but they are always an extra touch for the kits that do have them.

● Clear instructions for use

The best gel nail kits come with a clear easy to read guide on how to use them. If you are only starting your journey on the DIY gel nail train, then you specifically should go for one of these kinds of kits. They show you a step-by-step process of applying the gel and using all the tools in the gel nail kit so you can end up with a good outlook.

● Easy removal tools

Gel nails are very pretty, but after acrylic nails, they come in as the second hardest nails, but this is a good thing because it helps it last longer. However, one has to be careful when it's time to let go of the nail-do. The removal process should never involve forcing or trying to break it.

This can be harmful to your nail, but it includes dipping it in some liquid, softening it with the remover, and using the different sticks made for this purpose. Quality gel nail kits often have this in their package, so ensure to look out for these when trying to make a choice. We don't want you to have an infection or end up with a broken nail.

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● Swipe and Go

Not all gel nail kits come with a UV or LED light. Some are made in a way that they can air dry. All you have to do is apply the nail polish and the top and base coats that have been provided and wait for them to dry off naturally.

You need to consider this when looking out for gel nail kits to buy in case you don't have the luxury of time to sit under a LED light, you get to 'Swipe and Go.' Also, they usually come at a lower price.

● Extra coats and oil

Some gel nail kits can have as low as five bottles, while others can have twice as much. It is usually not just about the number of nail polish or gel in the kit, but about the extra coats and oil, like the top and base coats, cuticle oils, and many more. Ensure to read the packaging to know all the contents of your kits and be sure of how necessary they are.

Gel nail polish kit: final words

Once you're out there trying to choose your gel nail kit, ensure you're not settling for less. The tips above have given you an insight into what you should be looking out for, so we hope you have the best time nail shopping. Also, it would be best if you always remembered that reviews and ratings of the products are your friends (...winks!…).

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