Green Nail Designs: Cute Green Nail Designs You Should Try!

Green Nail Styles for Every Look: Get Inspired with Wonderful Green Nail Designs!

Having your nails done must be one of the most exciting things! Green is the color of spring, life, and the color of health. So, technically green is one of the most commonly used colors in the manicure. Think of all the green nail styles you could go for this season!

Patrick's Day Green Nail Designs

This might be the king of all the green nail designs. All you have to do is find the following types of green nail polish: shamrock, mint, and pine colors. Make sure all of these green nail polishes have a glossy finish. Paint each nail in three vertical stripes, each of its own colors. Make sure each nail has a random order of stripes. This would make the design look much more interesting. We bet our lives; your nails will not get unnoticed once you have this mani on!

Green nail ideas

Shamrock Green Nails

This shamrock green nails are one of the best green nail designs one could go for! Simply paint your nails mint green and place a shamrock sticker on the ring fingernail on each hand. This green nail design is probably one of the easiest to implement and the most stylish to wear.

Green nails

Avocado Fan Green Nail Ideas

If you love avocados as much as we do, you might want to consider getting some of these green nail designs in the near future! You have two options to repeat these stunning green nail ideas. The first is to paint avo silhouettes onto each nail onto each hand and cover them with the glossy topcoat. The second option would be coloring your nails shamrock green and placing avocado stickers onto each nail to make them look cooler.

 Green nail designs

These Green Nails Don't Lie

Get yourself a metallic green nail polish or purchase 10 metallic green stickers. These green nail ideas would work perfectly for those who have character. If you are cocky, bold, and arrogant, choose these green nails. Shape the stickers onto each finger and prepare to get all the compliments for them.

 Green nail styles

The Grinch Green Nail Designs

Isn't the Grinch one of the best cartoon heroes? Moreover, all of us act like the Grinch sometimes. We would not want to steal Christmas, but we certainly would be mean sometimes. These green nail styles are so cute that they could make up for any of the bad situations you caused. Paint your nails white and add the grinch sticker to each nail.

Green nail polish

Natural Green Nails

Well, these green nails are probably the easiest from the way you look at them. However, it is not that simple. Go for the peachy nude base and paint the tips of your nails like you would with the French mani. Paint each nail tip in bright mint color to add freshness to these green nail styles.

Green nail ideas

Million Dollar Green Nail Designs

Color your nails seaweed green nail polish. Go for the matt one so that the golden horizontal stripes you will place on each fingernail look deeper. These nails would definitely look rich and royal. Especially if you go for the square shape and pair these green nails with some golden accessories. The best go-to shape is the square shape.

Green nails

Green is The New Black Nail Styles

Green has always been trendy; it works with any skin tone and adds beauty to each hand. Green nail polish looks amazingly great on each hand and gives everyone the right look. Green nail designs like mismatched green nails would make everyone look flawless. The best go-to shapes for these nails are square and oval nails. These shapes would add some simplicity to the nail design.

Green nail designs

Golden Greens London Green Nail Designs

These green nail ideas probably have not much to do with the most Jewish district in London. However, these asymmetrical green nail designs look great on each hand and on nails of each length. If the nails are long enough, you could cover the space with more geometrical figures. If they are shorter, you could just go for larger figures but fewer quantities.

 Green nail designs

Cat-eye Green Nail Styles

Cat-eye green nail ideas are one of the trendiest on the market. These cat-eye green nails turn everyone's attention, especially if you point at something under the sun. Think about getting your cat-eye nails done to add some spice to your life. Most of the "cat-eye" green nail designs feature a diagonal line drawn directly through the middle of your nail. However, much like actual cat eyes, the line's directions vary.

Green nail polish

We hope you fancied at least some green nail designs and can surely try them on in the near future! If you liked more than a few nail designs think about trying each every three days of the week.

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