How Much To Tip Nail Salons?

What To Tip Nail Salons? Here is How and How Much You Should Tip Your Nail Technician.

Tipping can be a very difficult task especially when you didn’t plan to do so ahead of time. One of many tipping scenarios you may find yourself in is tipping your nail technician. Deciding the right amount to tip can be the first stressful thing you do after your relaxing mani and Pedi session. You're not alone in this. Most people aren't even aware they're supposed to tip their manicurists.

Meanwhile, there are many important reasons to leave a tip at the nail salon. It is mostly a way of expressing your appreciation and gratitude for the artist’s work. While you wouldn’t want to overtip, you don’t want to insult your nail tech with a small tip. So the big question is, how much tip is good enough?

Luckily for you, we have answered all your questions about tipping etiquette at the nail salon. We have also prepared a guideline that will help you tip confidently during your next visit to the nail salon. Keep reading to learn more!

Tipping Culture In the United States

Americans have a strong tipping culture that spans many centuries. Tips are a small cash bonus you give to someone for providing you with a service. They imply that employers can pay their employees under the minimum wage if they earn tips. There is also an unwritten rule on what places and what kind of services to tip for.

How Much To Tip Nail Salons

The first place most people remember to tip is the foodservice industry. Many waiters and bartenders expect to receive tips and are completely offended when you don't leave a tip. This is not surprising when you realize that most service workers earn under the minimum wage and live off their tips.

Bad tips are also used to indicate poor service and the customer isn't satisfied. If you're happy with the service and you still leave a bad tip, you may get confronted. So not only do you have to know who and when to tip, but you also need to ensure you tip correctly.

How Much Money Do Nail Artists Earn?

The U.S Department of labor provides that nail techs should be paid nothing less than the minimum wage which is $7.25 per hour for all work performed. This applies regardless of whether the employer approves the job or not. However, the reality of the situation is much different.

In a survey by Nails Magazine, it was revealed that the average service income for nail technicians was approximately $653 per week, which sums up about $31,344 a year. But you might consider the fact that many nail techs buy their own tools and supplies which cost a lot of money. So they’re bringing home less money than you’d expect.

Also, many nail salon owners don’t pay hourly and pay their workers on commission with no base rate. Long strenuous hours, a competitive workplace, and undesirable work pay are some of the conditions some nail techs are under. So it's very sad that many nail artists don't earn enough compensation for the work they do.

How Much Should You Give Your Nail Technician

Should You Tip Your Nail Tech?

Many technicians earn commissions and not hourly wages which mean that they only get a percentage of what they earn. Unfortunately, the tip is the only real payment they ultimately depend on. In addition, during the Covid19 pandemic, many nail salons has to close shop to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As a result, many salon owners lost their businesses and places of work. Even now that some salons are back in business, work is still slow and not as booming. So tipping is a good way to show that you recognize their efforts.

So the answer to the question is yes! You should tip your nail tech. As Julie Kandalee, an NYC manicurist and founder of Masterclass Nail Academy says, “The tip should be part of the final price that a client expects to pay.” It is also customary to leave cash tips instead of credit cards as that can take weeks to process.

Guidelines on What To Tip Nail Salons

The standard tipping fee at the nail salon is from a minimum of 15% to 20% (if you’re fully satisfied) of the service charge. Many people still wonder whether to tip for simple services and the answer is yes. If you’re just getting your nails polished, you can still leave a standard tip for your nail tech for their time.

When you're getting simple work, the service costs little, the proper etiquette is to tip more. For example, if the cost of the service is under $2, it's a right tip of more than 20%. Also, toe work costs more tips than regular manicures.

Nail Salon Tips

How much should you tip for:

Bad Service – Many people wonder whether or not to tip for bad service but it all depends on what you term bad service. If the manicurist is rude or inattentive you may be justified for not leaving a tip. However, if the treatment you received is not exactly bad just unsatisfactory then you can leave a tip under 15%.

Good Service – the standard tip for good service is from 15% to 20% but no rule says you can't go higher. If your nail technician does a brilliant job that makes you happy, you can reward them with a sizable tip.

Number of Technicians – Many customers don’t always know how to when two technicians work on their nails. For instance, one technician may work on your toes and the other your hands which means they have both given you their service. The trick is to tip both technicians individually.

Bottom Line

Tips are a way to express support and gratitude to your nail tech for a job well done. Sometimes all the nail tech has to depend on are the tips from a long day's work. So from all you've read above, you should be ready to leave a standard tip for your nail tech at your next mani and Pedi appointment.

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