How to Clean Manicure Tools at Home

Cleaning manicure tools: learn how to clean manicure tools at home to keep your nails healthy!

How to Clean Manicure Tools at Home

When you go to a nail salon, you probably make sure that all the tools the nail technician uses are clean and sparkly. Can you say the same thing about your personal manicure tools? True, you are probably the only one that uses them, so you can't get infected by other people. But, bacteria and other harmful agents can grow on your manicure tools, and it only takes one use to harm your nails and skin. So, what can you do? Just like at the nail salon, you need to know how to clean and disinfect your manicure tools, and you can learn how to do just that in the following article:

Start by washing your hands

To properly clean manicure tools, you need to make sure that the hands that clean them are also clean. So, before you start cleaning your manicure tools, first clean your hands. If you want to protect your skin from cleaning agents, use gloves and moisturize your hands after you finish cleaning manicure tools.

How to How to Clean Manicure Tools

Throw out disposable tools

If you have disposable/single-use manicure tools, throw them out. Many of us tend to regard the "disposable" tab as more of a suggestion than instruction, and if you also do this – stop. Disposable tools are meant to be thrown out after one use, and you should not keep them around. If you have toe separators, single-use wooden tools, or other disposable tools that look in good shape even after use – toss them out.

 Use a specified cleaning brush

The best way to clean manicure tools is to thoroughly brush them with a brush. You can use a new toothbrush or a dish brush – whatever you prefer, to clean and disinfect tools. Before using such a brush, you need to clean it as well, and this is how to do it:

  • Place the scrub brush in a bowl. Pour 70% to 90% Isopropyl Alcohol over the brush, completely submerging it in the liquid.
  • Let the brush soak for 5 minutes – until it is completely sanitized.

That's it – the brush is good to go.

Clean Manicure Tools

Clean and disinfect tools

Once the cleaning brush is sanitized, it's to move on to the manicure tools. To get the best possible results, pour antibacterial soap on the brush before scrubbing each tool separately. Make sure all the tools are clean of dirt and debris before moving on to the next step. Once all the tools are brushed clean, rinse the soap with hot water.

Disinfect the tools

Cleaning the tools is not always enough to kill bacteria, so you should also disinfect them before use. Disinfecting manicure tools is simple, and you can do it either with Isopropyl Alcohol or water:

Isopropyl Alcohol: Put all the clean tools in a bowl, cover them with alcohol, and let them submerge for 30 minutes.

Water: put the tools in a clean pan/pot and cover them with water. Put the pan/pot on the stove and let it boil for 20 minutes.

After you disinfect the manicure tools, either with water or alcohol, take them out of the bowl/dish and dry them with a clean paper towel.

How to Sterilize Manicure Tools

How to store manicure tools

To keep your manicure tools as clean as possible, keep the multi-use tools separate from other tools. Many people use storage containers and plastic bags to keep manicure tools, but it's a mistake; they are a breeding ground for bacteria, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. To keep your manicure tools clean, wrap them in a clean paper towel, and put them in a separate drawer. 

Also, clean the tools after each use, and disinfect them once a month or more frequently, depending on how much you use them, and you can be certain that your nails and skin will be safe and healthy.

Every manicure enthusiast knows that the tools you use are what make the difference. To get the best possible results, you should invest in quality products and tools, but not just that; you should also keep your tools nice and clean. As you have seen, cleaning manicure tools could not be easier, and you should do it from time to time. It goes without saying that the same rules apply for pedicure tools that should also be kept clean and away from other tools.  

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