How to Get Healthy Nails: The Do's and Don'ts of Nail Care

Want healthy nails? Here are the best tips on how to get healthy nails!

Must Use Nails Care Tips for Healthy Nails

Take a look at your fingernails and toenails; what do they look like? Are they strong and vibrant? Or maybe they've seen better days? If your answer is the ladder, then this article is for you. If your nails do not look the way you want them to, a few changes to your nail care routine can make them look a lot better. The following do's and don’ts of nail care will help you whip your nails into shape, and maintain a healthy appearance at all times.


Make sure your nails are clean and dry

When washing dishes or using detergents, you should be wearing gloves to protect the skin on your hands and your nails as well. True, some dishwashing soaps claim to be very gentle, but they are still strong enough to damage your nails. So, when washing dishes and cleaning, put on gloves and make sure your nails stay dry.

Trim your nails regularly

Trimming and shaping your nails regularly will keep them strong and healthy. So, as part of your nail care routine, trim your nails and file them to prevent breakage and splitting.

How to Get Healthy Nails

Treat cuts on your cuticles

Cuticles protect your nails from getting infected, and when they sustain damages – your nails will be affected as well. To keep your cuticles healthy, as well as your nails, make sure to treat cuts and wounds on your cuticles. Infections in this area can spread to the skin underneath your nails, so do not ignore that area.

Moisturize your cuticles

Aside from treating wounds and cuts on your cuticles, you should also keep them moist. Moisturizing your cuticles with lotions and cuticle oil prevents them from drying and cracking – thus protecting your nails from fungal and bacterial infections.

Treat your nails from the inside out

There are certain things that you should consume to make your nails healthy and strong. In this article, you will find out which foods are good for your nails. Try to incorporate the necessary foods into your diet, and you will be able to notice amazing results within several weeks.

Purchase new tools/disinfect nail care tools

If you enjoy an at-home manicure, you know that there are tools that are a must for your nail care routine. Over time, these tools, like files and buffers, accumulate bacteria that can damage your nails and the skin around them. To prevent infections, disinfect your nail care tools after use and purchase new ones every once in a while.

Nail Care Dos and Don'ts


Now that you know what to do to keep your nails strong and healthy, here are the don'ts of nail care that you should also adhere to:

Bite your nails

This is a bog NO-NO that many people seem to struggle with. Biting your nails is an unhealthy habit that can damage your nails and even your overall health. You should try to avoid biting your nails as much as possible, and just not put your hands in your mouth.

Use your nails as tools

Your nails are just that – nails. They are not can openers, scrapers, or buffers. To keep your nails healthy, you should avoid using your nails as tools.

Nail Care

Use too much nail polish remover

If you want to remove nail polish, use a small amount on a cotton pad. Rub your nails until the nail polish is removed, and do not soak your nails in the remover. Too much nail polish remover will dry your nails and make them fragile and vulnerable to infections, so use a small amount whenever you remove nail polish.

Wear nail polish every day

There is nothing like well-manicured nails with the nail polish flavor of the week; however, while wearing nail polish makes your nails look great, it can also damage them. Nails polish does not allow your nails to breathe, and they may develop fungal infections, bacterial infections, and stains as a result. So, every once in a while, wear your nails bare and do not apply nail polish.

Soak your nails in liquids for too long

Whether it's a manicure, a pedicure, or a nice, long shower – you need to keep your nails from soaking in water or other liquids for too long. Such exposure weakens the nails, and yes, you guessed it – makes your nails vulnerable to infections.

Nails Care Tips

Pull off hangnails

Hangnails seem to beg us to just pull them off, but you need to resist the urge and not tear off hangnails. Pulling off hanging nails can expose the tissue underneath to infection that can spread to your nails, so grab a pair of scissors and cut off hangnails instead of tearing them with your fingers.

The list of the do's and don’ts for healthy nails may seem long, but all you need to do to keep your nails strong is follow a few simple rules. Protecting your nails will make them look great, and you will enjoy strong and healthy nails with little effort.

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