How to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

Got nail polish on your favorite tee or jeans? Follow these steps to easily remove nail polish from fabrics!

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

It's always fun taking time for yourself and doing a mani-pedi at home: you save time, money and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. However, aside from the fun of it, at-home manicures are often followed by mishaps. If you have even done a DIY manicure, you know that nail polish finds its way to clothes and fabrics, staining them in gorgeous colors. If you don't take care of it quickly, the nail polish will set in the fabric, and it will be impossible to remove. To prevent your favorite pair of jeans to be thrown out, here is how to get nail polish out of clothes quickly and easily!

Get nail polish out of clothes

Here are the must-have tips for getting nail polish out of clothes and clothes in your home:

How to remove nail polish with acetone

  • This one is great for removing nail polish from cotton, silk, denim, linen, and pretty much any other fabric. To remove a nail polish blot from a piece of clothing, put some paper towels one on top of the other.
  • Then, put the stained fabric with the stain facing down.
  • Take a cotton ball and soak it with acetone – a nail polish remover available at any drug store. Blot the backside of the piece of fabric that was stained by nail polish. This action will transfer the nail polish to the paper towels.
  • Once you are done blotting, take the fabric to the sink and rinse the stain. It is now softened, so the remaining nail polish will be easily removed. If the stain is not fully removed, repeat the blotting with acetone and then rinsing.
  • To make the fabric look as good as new, you can follow up the blotting and rinse with a run in the laundry machine.
how to get nail polish out of clothes

How to remove nail polish with hydrogen peroxide

If you were unable to remove nail polish with acetone, you should try hydrogen peroxide:

  • Put down the stained fabric with the nail polish stain facing up.
  • Put some hydrogen peroxide (6% or 9%) on a clean towel. Dab the stained area until the stain is removed.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. To make sure it does not harm the fabric, test it first on a small, unnoticeable area.

How to get nail polish out of clothes with hairspray

Yes, hairspray is good not only for your hair but also for removing nail polish from clothes. Spray hairspray on the fabric, and take an old toothbrush. Rub the stain in circular motions until the nail polish is removed.


How to get nail polish out of upholstery

Clothes are not the only fabrics that can get stained by nail polish. If you like getting a mani-pedi on your couch – it can get stained. If this happens, you should act quickly so the stain does not set in the upholstery.

The safest method is using dish soap to clean nail polish from upholstery. Squirt about a tablespoon of dish soap into a bowl of warm water and gently mix together. Take a clean microfiber cloth and dip in the mixture. Apply the cleaning solution of the stain, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Blot the stain with a clean and damp microfiber cloth until it is removed.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide or hairspray to get nail polish out of upholstery. Test them on a small area first to make sure they do not harm the fabric, and only then remove the stain.

How to remove nail polish with hydrogen peroxide

How to get nail polish out of leather/suede

If you are wearing leather clothing or have furniture with leather/suede upholstery, nail polish can ruin them. If you or someone else spill nail polish on leather, you should act quickly.

To remove nail polish from suede or leather, you should use rubbing alcohol. Pour a bit of alcohol on the stain, and blot it with a clean microfiber cloth – until the stain is removed.

Prevention is key

The best way to prevent nail polish stains is to prevent them. If you like doing an at-home manicure, you should put down a towel or plastic cover on the area where you put on your nail polish.

When applying the polish, make sure your hands and feet are on the cover. In that case, if the nail polish spills, it spills on the cover and not on your clothes or furniture. If the polish still gets on fabrics, use one of the nail polish removal methods we mentioned here. You should act as quickly as possible, while the polish is still wet, to remove the stain more easily.


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