How To Remove Dip Nails

How to Remove Dip Powder Nails at Home: All the Tips and Tricks for Removing Dip Powder Nails.

Dip powder nails are a favorite among many manicure lovers because of their chip-resistant sheen. It also offers a longer wear period than natural or gel paint manicure. Dip powder, also known as SNS nails (a CND brand of dip powder), is a type of nail adhesive that combines with colored acrylic powder to create a long-lasting manicure without the use of UV light.

In the process of actually painting dip powder on, no harsh primers are used, unlike the methacrylic acid-based primers which are frequently used to improve adhesion with acrylic and gel. So dip nails reduces your exposure to these harsh, poisonous chemicals that can damage your nails and body in the long run.

The only con is that it is more difficult to remove dip nails than gel nail polish and involves a longer removal process. It's recommended that dip powder nails should be removed by professionals, but with time and care, you can safely remove your dip nails by yourself. Keep reading to learn how to effectively remove your dip powder nails at home.

Ways To Remove Dip Nails

The first thing to note is there are more than one ways to remove dip nails. For the purpose of this article, we shall focus on four proven methods of removing dip powder nails. So you can choose whichever one you prefer depending on which tools you can easily get your hand on.

#1 – The Foil Method

Things you’ll need:

● Pure Acetone
● Nail File
● Aluminum foil sheets
● Cotton Balls
● Hot hand towels
● Small plastic bags

how to remove dip nails

Step 1 – Use the grit file to scrape off the top sheen

You can use a regular coarse nail file or an e-file to get off the topcoat layer. If you’re using an e-file, remember to move the file around to prevent heating. You can also use a buffing block if you don’t have a file around. Getting down the topcoat will make it easier for the acetone to enter.

Step 2 – Use the cotton balls to soak the nails with acetone and wrap them with foil

Carefully soak each cotton ball in acetone and place them on your nails one at a time. Then, wrap the nail with the foil sheet to secure the cotton ball tightly. You can also put the hot towels inside the plastic bags and place them on your hand to speed up the process.

Step 3 – Remove the foil wrap

After you’ve waited about 10-15 minutes, remove the foil wrap and the dip powder to slide right off. If there’s any excess powder on your nails, you can simply rub it off with an acetone cotton ball.

#2 – The Soak Bowl Method

Things you’ll need:

● Nail File
● Acetone
● Cotton Ball
● Paper Sheet

how to remove dip nails at home

Step 1 – File your nails to remove the shiny topcoat

Just like in the foil application method, you need to file your nails to get off the top layer of the polish to allow the acetone to penetrate.

Step 2 – Place a folded paper towel sheet into a small bowl of acetone

Pour some acetone into the bowl, enough to cover your nails, and put the folded sheet of paper towel at the bottom of the bowl.

Step 3 – Dip your nails into the bowl to dissolve the dip powder

Place your nails into the soaking bowl and wait for some minutes. You have to make sure you rub your nails back and forth against the paper towel to create friction to allow the powder to dissolve. You can remove your nails after about 10 – 15 minutes and use an acetone-soaked cotton ball to remove any extra powder.

#3 – The Soak-off Clip method

If the foil application and soak bowl methods are not convenient for you, you can purchase a soak-off clip to remove the dip. Soak-off clips are sold in many beauty shops and they’re also affordable.

You’ll also need:

● Acetone
● Nail file and,
● Cotton Balls

After filing your nails to remove the first coat, place an acetone-soaked cotton ball on your nails and cover with the soak-off clip. You can remove the clip after 15 minutes but you can wait for 20 minutes to ensure the dip dissolves completely. If the dip does not completely rub off, you can use a wood stick or metal scraper to remove the excess powder.

#4 – The bag and Bowl Method

You’ll need:

● Acetone
● Plastic Bag
● Bowl of hot water

 how to remove dip nail polish

Pour some acetone into the plastic bag and put the bag inside the hot water bowl. Then, soak your nails in the acetone-filled plastic bag for 10-15 minutes and rub against the bag. Since you’re putting your nails directly in the acetone, the dip will come off quickly.

How to Remove Dip Nails without Acetone

You’ll observe from the above methods that acetone is an essential ingredient for dip powder removal. However, many people wonder if there are ways to remove dip nails without acetone. You’ll find many only hacks that suggest natural ways of removing dip nails but it’s best to steer clear of them.

Some of these methods involve drilling and metal scraping as well as acetone alternatives like mixing white vinegar and alcohol or baking soda and toothpaste. However, we recommend that you avoid these methods and stick to acetone. Acetone is safer for your nails and will not damage your nail health.

Pro tips for Dip Removal Nail Care

● Before applying the acetone to your nails, rub a little petroleum jelly to areas around your nails that may be exposed to the acetone

● Use a wood stick to remove any excess powder that the acetone didn’t reach from your cuticles.

● After the dip removal, your nails may look a little crusty but you can apply cuticle remover to your nails to bring back the shine.

Final Words

Dip nails are a DIY-friendly option for many manicure enthusiasts. They offer several benefits such as a longer wear duration. But, the dip nail removal process is a little tricky and requires care. However, you can choose any of the four methods above to remove the dip safely and with no stress.

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