Do You Have 'Lockdown Foot?" Here is How to Change It!

Treating lockdown feet: here is how to reverse the damages that COVID caused your feet!

How to Treat Lockdown Foot?

The past year has been a whirlwind of lockdowns, take-outs, working from home, and breaking our daily routines. While it has been difficult spending hours and hours at home, there were a few good things we were able to enjoy, like hanging around the house in loungewear. Most of you have probably walked around your house barefoot or in slippers, and while that was all fun – it had an effect on your feet.

When walking barefoot or in slippers for long periods of time, your feet actually re-shape! What is called "lockdown foot", can make it uncomfortable to wear certain shoes. However, you can reverse the effects that the lockdown has had on your feet. The following tips will help your feet remember what it's like to have closed shoes on, and they will prevent aches and pains associated with lockdown foot:

Do some toe-yoga

You probably don’t think too much about what your feet go through during the day; you walk around with restricted shoes, running from work to your errands, and pressuring your feet and tippy toes. To ease the stress from your feet at the end of long days, you should try some toe yoga. and similar websites teach you how to exercise your feet and toes for some much-needed pain relief. Give yourself some rest at the end of your days, and dedicate a few minutes to stretching your feet. They will thank you.

Lockdown Foot

Exercise barefoot

If you want to get strong feet – exercise with no shoes on! We are talking about weights and machines, but low-impact exercises, like yoga, pilates, or any similar workouts. To avoid unnecessary strain on your feet, try this routine gradually. Work out for a few minutes with no shoes, increasing the barefoot routine time over a few weeks. Your feet need time to adapt to the new regimen, and the end result will be stronger and healthier feet.

Do not ignore what your body is telling you

Pain and discomfort are your body's way to let you know that it is tired or strained. Whenever you take a step, you are pushing your body's weight on your feet, causing stress and sometimes even pain. In many cases, the strain on your feet will not manifest in aching feet; you will feel the pain in your legs and lower body. This is your body's way of telling you to take a breather and rest. If you start feeling pain during the day, take a few minutes to rest and take the load off your feet. They need it.

How to Treat Lockdown Foot

Wear sensible shoes

Yes, shoes are a great accessory that complements any outfit. However, when you wear uncomfortable shoes for long periods of time, you damage your feet and body. Lockdown foot can be resolved over time, but for that to happen, you need to give up on shoes that do not properly support your feet. Do not wear shoes that are too tight on your feet or shoes that are too high. These shoes create an imbalance in bodyweight division, and you will feel it in your feet, your back, and your neck. To prevent damages like these, wear shoes with enough room for your feet and toes, and shoes at a sensible height – especially if you have long days ahead of you.

Change up your terrains

A great way to help your feet re-adjust for a non-COVID routine is to walk around on various terrains. Walking around on flat and symmetrical terrains does not challenge your body, nor does it make your feet stronger. The human body needs to walk on different terrains throughout the day, and you need to give your body what it needs. The best way to do it is to wear comfortable shoes and just walk on various terrains during the day; go on a walk in your neighborhood, go hiking with your friends or family on weekends, take different routes to your hangouts, and challenge your feet to make them healthier.

Lockdown Feet
Being in lockdown has had several effects on our health, starting with our feet. Spending long days at home with no shoes on is by no means beneficial to our overall health, and as a result – our feet have actually changed. However, that does not mean that you have to be stuck with lockdown feet for the rest of your life. It may take some time, by when you follow the tips listed here, you will notice a positive change; your feet will become stronger, healthier and they will support your body during long and challenging days. 

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