100 Nail Designs for Every Occasion!

100 Amazing Nail Designs for All Occasions Broken Down by Seasons, Colors, and Nail Shapes.

It’s time to call your favorite nail tech and get your squad together because we’re going to get your nail game on point! From Y2K-inspired butterflies and abstract designs to 70s retro vibes, we’ve got every single nail trend for every season, nail shape, nail length, and rainbow color sorted. Don’t forget to screenshot your favorites as there are waaaaay too many amazing nail designs to choose from!

We’ve rounded up these cute nail designs from different eras, trends, seasons, and aesthetics. We’ve also added all the popular nail designs that are the go-to for the celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Meghan Thee Stallion, and Harry Styles. We’ve got something for our anime fans as well! Dive in to discover these easy nail designs!

Nail Designs for Every Season

As the seasons transition, so do the trends and manicure choices. After all, it would be a bit wild to wear bright colorful flowers on our nails during the fall season, but if you do, then you go sis! Anyway, in this section, we’ve shared 20 different nail designs based on the season. Whether you are looking for summer nail designs, winter nail designs, fall nail designs, or spring nail designs, we’ve got them here!

Summer Nail Designs

Summer is all about bright colors, clear skies, and beaches. Its warm days make us feel happy, and all we can think of is vacations in tropical regions with lots of refreshing food and drinks. We made sure that this optimistic vibe is given from our nail designs as well. If you are looking for colorful, artsy summer nail designs, then dive in!

Heart Nails

Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Image via Glamour and yeswhatnails

These Y2 K-inspired hearts are Gen Z’s favorites. They are rocking these on everything, be it phone cases, jeans, or nails. If you want to hop onto the trend as well, then this mani idea is the way to go. It’s cute, trendy, and doesn’t need too much effort.

You can achieve this look by using a thin nail art brush and a pink nail polish set. Our pick is the Eternal Collection’s 5-piece So Pink set; it has everything from neon to nude. You can switch up the colors if pink isn’t your vibe but stick with vibrant shades to let the design’s personality come through.

Mixed Checkerboards

Nail Designs

Image via Glamour and yeswhatnails

Checkerboards are a front runner in the trendiest nail designs this season. Amongst numerous design inspirations, we are absolutely in love with this set as it's cute and summery. This design’s colorful look gives off an absolutely gorgeous clear-skied summer day vibe.
It looks complicated but you can do it on your own, after a bit of practice, by using a thin nail art brush with your favorite pastels and vibrant nail polish duos. Doesn’t this set remind you of the 70s in the most amazing way?!

Hawaiian Nails

Nail DesignImage via misspopnails

Hawaii is heaven for summer lovers and so are these nails. Their view is what you see on a Hawaiian beach when the sun is going down on a clear summer day. The orange, pink, and blue hues, coupled with the palm trees are an absolute treat to the eyes!

This look can be achieved in two ways: either get the palm tree decals or paint them on using a thin nail art brush. A nail sponge is your best bet for creating sunset colors.

Rainbow Happy Faces

Nail Design Ideas
Image via Glamour and thehangedit

Life is all about spreading happiness and so are these nails, which, we bet, brought a smile onto your face. These Rainbow Happy Faces nails are artsy, adorable, and, for some reason, remind of candy. You can either replicate these or create your own from your favorite summery colors.

You can achieve these Harry Styles and Dua Lipa's favorites by placing blobs of nail paint, and then painting happy faces onto them using black nail paint. You can also use smiley stickers for a quick design!

Star Burst Mani

Designs for Nails
Image via Glamour and overglowedit

If sweet nostalgia had a face, then it would be this. This design is perfect if you are looking for something summery and cute, yet chic. They maintain a perfect balance between too much and too little. They require your favorite pastel shades, a gold shimmer, and white nail paint, and you’ll be done!

Fall Nail Designs

Fall reminds us of chunky sweaters, hot chocolates by the fire, and Halloween food and candy. We made sure that all of these vibes come through our fall nail designs.

Earthy French Tip

Nail Designs
Design via Kayli Boyle

Fall is all about browns and nudes. Pair these beautiful shades with the classic French tips, and you’ll get a simple, chic, and trendy look. You can either start with a dark chocolaty shade like Elle’s Take the Espresso and end on a nude-y shade like Revlon’s 165 Romantique, or you can mix and match using Makartt’s Classic Brown gel polish set.

You can achieve this design at home through a simple trick, which gained popularity on TikTok. All you have to do is get a silicone nail stamper, put your favorite brown or nude shade onto it, and press your nail tip inside up to the depth to which you want your French tip to be. This TikTok trick truly makes French tips a breeze!

Trendy Swirly Lines

Nail Designs
Design via Kayli Boyle

Swirls are all rage this season in everything from trousers to nails to sweaters. This Y2K-inspired trend looks gorgeous on nails with minimal effort. All you need is a thin nail art brush, white nail paint, and a few different nudes and browns.

Start off by applying a base coat, then take a thin nail art brush and dip it into your favorite dark brown shade and draw swirls in whichever manner you like. Follow the same steps with a white and a nude shade, and your gorgeous design will be done (Our pick: Essie’s Wild Nudes nail polish duo). Don’t forget to double coat the swirls!

Pumpkin Spice Flowers

Nail Design
Image via Glamour and overglowedit

These nails scream pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin patches in the best possible way. It is the best set to start the fall season and then transition to the spooky aesthetic. Even though they have daisies in them, but the nail polish color selection sends them right back to October.

You can achieve these by either dotting the daisies via a dotting tool or by using decals. The key here is the nail polish shade, and we think Essie’s Fall for NYC is the closest!

Sweater Set

Nail Design Ideas

Design via Allure and misspopnails

Fall and cable knit sweaters are synonymous. If you can’t wear your cable knit daily, then get it on your nails, it’s as simple as that!
This cozy-looking unique design looks gorgeous and reminds us of hot chocolates by the fire in our favorite sweaters. Start by applying a matte black shade and then draw on the knit design via a thin nail art brush. Switch up the color with your favorite cable knit for a personalized effect.

Floating Ink

 Nail Design
Image via Allure and betina_goldstein

This abstract combination of ethereal swirls of Essie’s gorgeous Infinity Cool, You Know the Espadrille, and Cacti on the Prize is a treat to the eyes. Its marble look makes it look as if the paints are swirling in an infinite magical pool of hot winter drinks. Each design will be unique as no one can recreate the same swirls twice!

Winter Nail Designs

When winter is near, all we can think of is Christmas, snow, and the whole festive season. Cozy and warm are the two words that cross our minds when we think of the perfect winter evening with a hot drink snuggled up in a chunky knit sweater planning Christmas lights. Our winter nail designs showcase such evenings well!

Gradient Snowflakes

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Image via Nail Designs Journal and Yagala on Instagram

If you are on the lookout for a winter nail design that doubles for a holiday season design, then the Gradient Snowflakes Nail Art is the best for you. The snowflake decals look gorgeous on the shimmery backdrop and give off an amazing snowy Christmas vibe. You can achieve this look by having a shimmery base, followed by a sky blue shade, and then topped with snowflake decals.

Amethyst Nails

Nail Designs
Design via Allure and nails.by.gracie

Whether you are born in February or not, you’d agree that Amethyst is a gorgeous birthstone. Its 50 shades of purple look mesmerizing and could elevate any look in seconds. If you can’t wear it as jewelry, then wear it on nails, or maybe do both, it’ll look stunning in all ways.
Grace Andrew, or as known on Instagram, nails.by.gracie, created this look by mixing different shades of purple. She finalized the look by drawing swirls and lines with a skinny nail brush. Less daunting than it seems, right?!

Jewel-tone Splatters

Nail Designs

Design via Allure and nate_datewithalma

If you are looking for a festive holiday winter set but don’t want it to be too in the face or in the traditional holiday colors, then this Jewel Tone Splatters set is a great choice for you. It is subtle yet checks all the boxes for a chic festive set. You can achieve this via Teal Armor’s dip. Start with a green base and then top it with gold and rose foil pieces to give it that extra oomph.

Icy Cuticles

Nail Design
Design via Allure and betina_goldstein

A snowy Christmas is everyone’s dream. Also, snow, in general, is just mesmerizing, its glister and shimmer are some of the most beautiful natural wonders. If you want your nails to adorn the beauty of snow, then this set is simple and eye-catching.
Achieving it is rather a unique process. You can do it by getting metallic pieces from a craft’s store and mashing them. Carefully glue these pieces to your cuticles, after applying a base coat, and you’ll be done.

Ombré Glitter

Nail Design Ideas
Design via Glamour and betina_goldstein

Who doesn’t like a little bit of glitz and glamour? Everyone does!
But why keep it basic when you can elevate it by mixing two shades?!
That’s what Betina Goldstein thought when she created this Ombré Glitter eye candy. Paint half nail with Essie’s a Cut Above and the other half with its Summit of Style, and your design will be done. Don’t forget to apply base and top coats!

Spring Nail Designs

Spring reminds us of gorgeous flowers spread in a wide field with butterflies dancing around, and the most beautiful of the scents possible. We made sure that our spring nail designs check all these boxes!

Spring Doodles

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Image via TheLineUp

If you want to go for an amazing nail design that has different shades and patterns involved, then this is the one for you. You can play around with numerous designs to get the look that you are going for. Mix and match pastels and vibrant shades, multi-color French tips, a few animal patterns, and some sprinkling of daisies to get this gorgeous springy vibe.

It seems daunting when you look at it but could be done in a few strokes and dots. Draw the daisies with a dotting tool and the swirls with a thin nail art brush. Use the TikTok famous sponge tactic to get the French tips sorted.

Minimalistic Spring Nails

Nail Designs
Image via misspopnails

This spring set is for our minimalistic queens. If you love being subtle and have a soft spot for pastels, then this design is for you. It's cute, requires two things, and gives off a chic spring vibe.

Get yourself a dotting tool, and a set of pastel nail polishes. First, apply the pastels as shown in the image. Change them a bit if you’re feeling adventurous. End the design by placing dots on the crossover line between the two previous shades. This is how simple this elegancy is!

Butterfly Nails

Nail Designs
Image via jessicawashick

This set screams Y2K and Gen Z’s obsession with butterflies. Well, we can’t blame them, butterflies are the daintiest and prettiest of all the spring gifts. These nails will blend in perfectly with the roses and all the beauty that this charming season brings.

You can either get them done from a nail pro or you can get butterfly stickers to make it work. To Jessica Washick, the mastermind behind this amazing nail design, this set reminds of the butterfly effect, which is how small things have bigger or complex results and could change the path of a tornado. Beautifully expressed!

Multi-color French Tips

Nail Design
Image via jessicawashick

If you are looking for something simple, pretty, and quick to get, then these Multi-color French Tips are the way to go. Don’t they remind of different flowers spread in a wide field?!

Get your favorite set of nail paints out, get a nail sponge, and use the TikTok hack of placing nail paint on the sponge and dipping your nails into it to get this set in mere minutes!

Pretty Pastels

Nail Design Ideas
Image via Glamour and color_camp

Spring nail inspo is incomplete without a flowery set. This season is all about colors, freshness, and the subtle scent of blooming daisies and roses. Nothing can showcase it better than this Pretty Pastels set by Color Camp.

Painting them on would probably take hours, but if you want to go for it, then either be a pro or get a pro. On the other hand, if you want to take the easy route, then stamp on Rachel’s water art decals for a quick set.

Nail Designs for Every Nail Shape

There are numerous nail shapes out there and new ones keep popping up as trends change. Some of these are the OGs, like the classic oval shape, and some of them are new entries, for instance, the lipstick nails. Our job is to get you the most popular nail designs and we did our best to achieve it. We’ve got everything from coffin nail designs to almond nail designs and everything in between. Let’s get started!

Rounded Nail Designs

Rounded nail designs are the ones that never go out of style. As the name suggests, in this design the nails are rounded. They are suitable for every occasion, be it an office meeting or a wedding. They never go wrong!

Minimalist Round Nails

Nail Design
Design via TheTrendSpotter

Where are our minimalistic queens at? Rounded nails with a subtle manicure scream elegance and minimalism, which is portrayed by this set in the best possible way. Get your go-to blush shade and some nail lines’ stickers, and you’ll be sorted. Our pick is Ellie’s Blush-worthy!

Coral Dots

Nail Design Ideas
Design via betina_goldstein

If you want a studded nail design but without being too in the face, then Betina Goldstein’s Coral Dots are an excellent choice for you. They are bedazzled, but subtly, with accents of different coral shades.

This design is classy yet simple, all you’ll need is nail glue, a few rhinestones, and two coral nail polishes. We suggest going with Ellie’s Exhibit a-line and Sunshine State of Mind.

Cute Glitter round Nails

Designs for Nails
Design via TheTrendSetter

If you are looking for a set that works for both work and party, then try out these Cute Glitter Round Nails. Their glitter and sprinkles are tamed enough for office hours but will dazzle in the party lights.

Apply holographic sprinkles and shimmery nail polish on alternate nails to get this look. No one will be able to escape their glistering shimmer in the sun and the disco lights!

Stiletto Nail Designs

Stiletto nail designs resemble that of a stiletto. They are long with a pointy edge to them. They are the go-to style of the youngest billionaire of the world, Kylie Jenner. They show off your daring personality but could be dangerous at times!

Turquoise Flames

Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Design via desiree_paradix_nails

These nails are fierce. They showcase that you are independent, confident, and don’t take negativity (You get what I mean, right?!! Can’t swear!) from others. They have a personality of their own with all this flamey goodness and a little bit of shimmer.

You can either paint these flames through a skinny nail art brush or stick on some flame decals. Whatever you choose, we bet they are going to look fire (pun intended!). For nail polish shade, our pick is Essie’s In the Cab-ana.

Cow Nails

Nail Designs
Image via Neellya

Animal prints never go out of style. This time around, cow print is all rage. Ever since Kylie wore this print’s one-piece swimsuit on a yacht, everyone’s been wearing it to hop onto the bandwagon. You can join the trend by getting this design on your nails.

It might look challenging, but, in reality, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is take your dotting tool and place random asymmetrical dots on your nails. Keep doing it till you get your desired look!

Matte Evergreen

Nail Design
Design via desiree_paradix_nails

Sometimes, less is more. This is exactly what this Matte Evergreen set portrays. It’s simple yet stands out and shows off a strong personality. It’s the most balanced blend of matte and glossy accents. We suggest going for Essie’s Off Tropic for the marbled look and Cacee’s Emerald Green Pearl for the matte one.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the marbled effect. It’s quite simple to achieve. All you have to do is put the glossy paint on and trace swirls onto it using a toothpick dipped in black nail polish. Top it off with a clear coat while the polish is still wet.

Square Nail Designs

Another one of the classic nail designs is the square nail design. Such nails are straight at the edges with sharp corners. These are a star for those who have short nails or long narrow nail beds. If you’re one of those then try out these square nail designs for your next manicure.

Matte Pinky Nude Square Nails

Designs for Nails
Image via TrendSpotter

Get this matte pinky nude square nails set on your next appointment, if you’re looking for something that’s sleek, girly, and has room for creativity. This set goes well with everything, be it a business formal or a casual joggers and sweatshirt combo.

You can achieve this look at home as well if you have the right decals for it. If you want to be a bit artsy and give it a try with a skinny nail art brush, then you do you, sis. Have a go at it!

Quirky Square Nails

Designs for Nails
Design via TrendSpotter

If you are looking for something different and quirky, then this set calls for you. Let your inner artist take over and be each nail a different canvas. Play around with lines, patterns, and even throw in a few alphabets.

You can start by choosing your favorite pastels, a white shade, and a few alphabet decals. Don’t restrict yourself to the design given in the image. Let loose your inner artist, and trust us, you’ll end up with a masterpiece. No two designs will be the same, so your nails are going to be one in forever!

‘70’s Inspired

Design via dillondelacroix

Are you looking for something nostalgic and artistic? If yes, then this 70’s Inspired set is the way to go. It’s delicate, minimal, but fits right into the retro trend. Getting this design perfect is a bit tricky so either opt for a nail technician or give it a shot yourself, if you have a little bit of extra time and a steady hand.

Oval Nail Designs

Oval nail designs are self-explanatory, they are oval. Don’t mistake them with the round shape, as these are longer with more room for creativity. If you are into this style, then try out our oval nail designs in your next nail appointment. A few of them are quite simple so you can also create them at home.

Artistic Oval Nails

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via TrendSpotter

If you are an artist with a love for amazing nail designs, then why not incorporate some of your abstract masterpieces into them. With an art-themed nail design set, the world is your oyster. You can experiment with tons of different patterns and movements, starting from Cubism to Impressionism to Pop Art.

Our tip is to go for patterns, geometric elements, block designs, and swirls. Use thin nail art brushes, dotting tools, or carefully paint on using the tip of the nail paint’s brush. Last but not least, use vibrant shades of nail polishes to make the designs stand out!

Fruity Oval Nails

Nail Designs
Design via TrendSpotter

Do you want to give your nails a bit of a unique and artsy look without being extra? Well, try this fruity set! It gives us the vibe of a fruity cocktail on a sunny day somewhere on a pink-sanded beach. It's classic, sophisticated, and a head-turner!

You won’t have to go to a nail salon to get them sorted, you can create them yourselves by using fruity decals that have a watercolor look to them. Apply a base coat, put on the decals, top it off with a clear coat, and you’ll be done!

Happy Vibes

Nail Design
Design via TrendSpotter

If you are someone who always tries to stay positive and looks at the bright of things, then this Happy Vibes nail design is the best for you. It’s simple, adorable, and shows off an optimistic and light-hearted personality.

In addition to putting a smile on your and others' faces, this design is also quite easy to achieve. All you need are a few pastel nail polishes, a nail liner pen, and smiley face stickers. You can also get this look by using nail tape!

Almond Nail Designs

Almond and oval nails are quite similar to each other, but they have a few subtle differences. For instance, almond nails are rounder as compared to oval nails and are more suitable for a wider nail bed than the oval shape as they draw attention towards the slightly pointy tip. If you’re into this shape, then check our top three almond nail designs for some nail session inspo.

Psychedelic Swiggles

Designs for Nails
Design via Glamour and amyle.nails

If you want to nail two trends with a single design, then these Psychedelic Swiggles are the way to go. They have the Y2 K-inspired swirls and feature the trendiest shade of green. Almond shaped nails have a lot of space, so they make it quite easy to create and rock such designs.
If you don’t have similar shades in your nail polish stack, then try out Nailtopia’s Green Goddess and Birds of Paradise. Start this design by taking a skinny nail art brush and creating swirls with your first nail polish shade. Continue by creating more swiggles with other colors. Don’t forget to double coat the swirls for an opaque look!


Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Design via amyle.nails

Are you looking for something edgy, unique, and a bit out there in a subtle way? If yes, then Amyle’s Extra-terrestrial nails are the perfect choice for you. They have aliens, a bit of shimmer, and planets with stars to complete the ET vibe. If you have a steady hand, then give them a shot yourself, or save them for your next nail appointment! You can also use space-inspired decals to simplify the design.

Heart Tips

Nail Designs
Design via Glamour and kimkimnails

Do you want to stick to the classy French tips but want a bit of a twist to them? Kim Kim knows how to do it with these heart-shaped tips. Even Kourtney Kardashian loves them! These nails look gorgeous with some extra length, so book a nail appointment to get some acrylics. If you already have nail length going on, then try out Essie’s Forever Yummy to get this look on point.

Coffin Nail Designs

Coffin nails are a combo of square and almond nails. They have squared tips with soft edges, and look similar to a coffin as the name suggests. These nails are best for those who want an extreme nail shape without it being too dangerous (no one wants to visit ER for poking out their eye!), Try out our coffin nail designs to get a fierce look!

Marble Nails

 Nail Design
Design via belletag

Marbles are all rage this season. Everyone from Bella Thorne to Kylie Jenner is rocking this design. You can get these done in multiple shades. We opted for a more tamed grey and white combo.

You can either get their press-on version or create them on your own. To create this design yourself, start with a white base and create black swirls on it. Top the design with a clear base while the black lines are still wet to get a smudged marble look. You can also use nail wraps.

Marble Affair

Designs for Nails
Design via RedLeopardNails

Continuing with the marble trend, these nude ones have a bit of a twist to them than the conventional ones. First of all, they are in the prettiest of the nude shades. They make us think of the pink and orange sunset sky. They have the most gorgeous sprinkling of gold on them. Best of all, you don’t need to go anywhere to get them done, you can create them in the comfort of your own house with these Etsy press-on nails. Convenient, right?!

Floral Nails

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via TuulaVintage and nailedbybb

Do you want to nail florals and Y2K at once? If yes, then there’s nothing better than this floral set. It has dainty daisies with butterflies hovering over them. It looks like a design straight out of a medieval garden in its full spring glory!

In addition to being cute, this set is quite subtle, with busyness on only one finger in each hand. For other nails, go for Sally Hansen’s Cloud True Blue!

Ballerina Nail Designs

The ballerina nails are similar to the coffin nails but they are longer and narrower. They were made popular by Kylie Jenner, and now they are one of the most sought-after shapes. In this section, we have shared a few ballerina nail designs for your inspo. There’s one by Kylie herself!

Tropical Red

Nail Designs
Design via StayGlam

Where are our fashionistas at?! This bold red set calls for ya’ll. It’s fierce, has a splash of botanical art, and rocks a tropical vibe. This look is the perfect set for summer vacations in a hot country with lots of beaches. You can totally rock it at home as well!

You don’t necessarily need to go to a nail salon to get them sorted, you can create this look at home as well using botanical nail stickers and a matte bright red nail polish.

Artsy Tings

Design via nailjob
Nail Designs
If you’re into artsy things, then Artsy Tings is a great fit for your nails. It literally screams, I took a pen in my hand and doodled a masterpiece, well, in this case, a skinny nail art brush!

If you’ve your acrylics sorted and want them to go a notch up in style, then you can remove your previous design using Nona Phillipa’s trick, and then cover them will Sally Hansen’s Get Mod. Next, put blobs of Show Steel-er and Essie’s Geranium. Finish off the design by drawing asymmetrical circles.

Kylie Jenner Nails

Designs for Nails

Design via kyliejenner

Are you obsessed with the Kardashians and have a stack of Kylie Cosmetics?
If yes, then these Kylie Jenner nails are the ones for you. She was so obsessed with their look that she dedicated a whole Instagram post to them!

Save these Kylie cosmetics-inspired nails for your next nail appointment and wow everyone with their chicness!

Lipstick Nail Designs

Lipstick nails are a new nail shape. They were created by Eun Kyung Park, and since then everyone's being loving them. Here are some lipstick nail designs for your next nail appointment.

Statement Nude

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via nailsby.jbunny

What did you say? Lipstick nails with a lipstick design? We got ya!
This Statement Nude lipstick shape nails set gives off an open bright red lipstick vibe. It’s simple and elegant but its unique shape gives off a quirky look. Save this design inspo for your next nail appointment and slay it with a bold red lip!

Flaming Goodness

Nail Designs
Design via nail_unistella

If you want an edgy look, then show your nail tech this flaming goodness. If you already have the shape sorted on your nails, then create it yourself with a black and blood-red nail polish combo. You don’t need a lot of skills to get the flamey look as decals do the job perfectly.

Meghan Thee Stallion’s Take on Lipstick Nails

Designs for Nails
Design via theestallion

Are you a Meghan Thee Stallion stan with a love for her quirky and bold style?

If yes, then her take on lipstick nails is what you should lean towards. Its artistic, simple, colorful, and gives a happy and vibrant vibe. It’s a great summer set but you can rock it in whatever season you like.

Arrowhead Nail Designs

Arrowhead nails are what their name suggests. They are fierce and a bit dangerous. If you’ve got the confidence to pull them off, then here are a few arrowhead nail designs for you!

Matte Black Nails

Nail Design
Design via nailsbysujata

If you want some drama in your life, then this matte black arrowhead nail set calls for your name. It’s edgy, fierce, and shows off a self-confident personality. If you like your style to be a bit out there? Then, sis, this is the one for you!

It has a perfect balance of glossy and matte with a little bit of spice created by the glossy lines over the matte nails. This design looks phenomenal with Essie’s Now or Never for glossy nails, and then topped with Matte about You for matte nails.

French Tips with a Twist

Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Design via nailsbysujata

If you prefer a classy and elegant look but with a bit of spice in them, then these French tipped arrowhead nails are an excellent choice for you. You can either keep them simple by just having the white French tips over the nude shade, or you can give them an extra oomph by having a few jewels stuck on them.

Nude Bridal Nails

Nail Designs
Design via belletag

Are you looking for a gorgeous bridal arrowhead nail set?
Well, looks like you’ve found one. Screenshot it for your nail technician to get them onto you for your special day. Whether you’re having a destination wedding, a classic one, or a vintage-inspired one, this set is going to go with all aesthetics!

Mountain Peak Nail Designs

Mountain peak nails have a wide base, with soft edges and gently rounded tips. If you’re into this design, then check out our top picks for mountain peak nail designs.

Cartoon Eyes

Nail Designs
Design via TrendSpotter

Why settle for a single pair of eyes when you can have 6 funky ones painted on your nails? This Cartoon Eyes mountain peak nail set is an amazing nail design for all those who are into expressive and fun styles. This design lets your inner child out!

You don’t necessarily need to replicate this style nail by nail to get an amazing look. You can get a more gorgeous and personalized set by choosing your favorite cartoon and anime characters, and placing their eye decals onto your nails.

Subtle Cuticles

Nail Design
Design via TrendSpotter

If you want a simple set that looks cute but not basic, then these colorful cuticles are the way to go. The mountain peak acrylic shape elevates its simplicity and makes it eye-catching. You can either go with a single color or mix up a variety for a more creative look. It isn’t in the face, but still manages to grab attention with its elegance and subtle creativity!

Brand Affair

Designs for Nails
Design via TrendSpotter

If you have a soft spot for high-end brands such as Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, etc., then this Brand Affair nail set goes well with you. It elevates the mountain peak shape a notch up by giving it a boujee touch.

Mountain peak has a lot of creative space available, making it easier for the nail techs to play around with shapes, in this case, logos. Flaunt your favorite designer pieces with these nails and let the compliments come through from left, right, and center!

Flare Nail Designs

Flare nail designs might not be for everyone, but those who choose them, have a daring and fierce personality. These nails, which are also called duck nails, are wider at the tip and narrow down as they go towards the nail bed. These unique nails look gorgeous if done properly!

Get that Cash Sis!

Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Design via Allure

These nails scream, bruh I earned these! They give off a vibe that you’ve worked hard and now you’re on top of your game. If we say that this set has a fierce entrepreneur vibe around it, then we won’t be wrong, after all, it’s literally money-inspired!

Based on this shape, you’ll definitely need a nail artist to get them on point, but if you already have the shape done, then switch it to this style by applying these decals to the tips.

Checkerboard Tips

 Nail Design
Design via Pinterest

If you want to mix two trends into one, then go for these checkerboard flare nails. They are simple, chic, and for some reason remind us of the chess game from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Save this design for your next nail appointment if you want to join the style gurus like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Beiber. Even Vogue featured this trend!

Hello Kitty Nails

Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Design via Stephanie Riggers

Are you looking for cute nail designs that are trendy and adorable with a little bit of sass to them?

Well, these hello kitty flare nails are the way to go. You can rock these in every season as Kitty White is evergreen. It will surely bring back a lot of people’s childhood memories. Screenshot this design for your next cute yet trendy nail look!

Squoval Nail Designs

Squoval nails are the perfect mix of a square and oval nail shape. They have the neatness of a square design but their soft edges replicate the oval’s best traits. In this section, we’ve shared three squoval nail designs for your inspiration.

Matte Black Nails

 Nail Designs
Design via inspired-beauty

Squoval nail shape is neat and sleek, which, when coupled with matte black, reaches a new level of classy. But they can’t be boring, so a little bit of white abstract art comes into play. As for the ring finger, you can further spice it up with the Squid Games symbol.
You can achieve this look by applying a matte black polish; our pick is OPI’s Black Onyx. Draw the artsy lines with Claire’s Matte White nail polish.

Minimal Squoval Nails

 Nail Design
Design via inspired-beauty

If you are a beginner in nail art but don’t want anyone to find out, then go for this simple three-step nail design. It’s chic, looks boujee, and doesn't need any special prep or maintenance.

Get your favorite blush shade, our suggestion is Revlon’s 144 Coy, and some nail tape, and you’re sorted. Noone’s gonna know how simple it was, thanks to its elegancy!

Lavender Florals

Nail Design
Design via inspired-beauty

Lavender and florals, what an adorable fresh combo!
This lavender florals set looks straight out of a fairy tale or a garden at its full spring glory. Well, it’s bound to happen, after all, this amazing nail design features real dried flowers. Don’t worry, you don’t have to work hard to find them, we’ve found them for you on Etsy!

Edge Nail Designs

Looking for something a bit dramatic? Edge nails might be the one that you're looking for. They are ultra-dramatic and eye-catching with an edgy look to them. From afar, they resemble a stiletto shape, but on close inspection, you’ll notice that they have more structure and a 3-D look to them due to the raised point in the middle. Here are the top three edge nail designs for your inspiration:

Colorful French Tips

Designs for Nails
Design via glamourlashprofessional

Are you on the lookout for something that’s the perfect balance between dramatic and tamed? Well, this Colorful French tips edge nails set is a great choice for you. They are fierce, but the simplistic and cute colorful neon tips balance out the edginess a bit.

This shape is rather tricky to acquire, and you’ll need a nail tech’s services to get it on point. Don’t worry, we’ve got it sorted for you; head over to Trysprig to find the best nail technicians in your state.

Marbled Tips

Nail Designs
Design via yagoda.nail

Another simple edge nail design that checks for two trends, marble nails and the edge nail shape, is the marbled tips. Its nail shape is loud but the design is subtle, giving it a perfect combo of fierce and elegant personality.

They are long, sharp, dangerous, but chic, with a little bit of sass. Save this design for your next nail appointment to rock the marbly trend in the fiercest way possible!

Nude with a Splash of Blue

Designs for Nails
Design via nationalnailacademy

Do you love a little bit of blue in a rather out-there kind of way? Get these Nude Edge Nails with a Splash of Blue to check these boxes!
They aren’t too in the face, but still, grab attention for their beauty and savage look. These could be an excellent fit for a bridesmaid as well. Just make sure they are less loud than the bride, no one wants to outshine anyone on their special day!

Nail Designs for Every Rainbow Color

Nail Designs

White Nail Designs

If we say that white is the most popular nail manicure shade, then we won’t be wrong. Everyone loves a classic French tip nail design, and white is the go-to nail color for brides as well. In this section, we have shared three amazing nail designs that white nail designs lovers will absolutely adore. Let’s start!

The Classic French Tip with Pearls

Nail Designs for Every OccasionDesign via TrendSpotter

Did you say French manicure with a twist? We heard ya!

Try out this French Tips with Pearls nail set for a divine, expensive-looking, and elegant look. You don’t need to go to a nail tech to get this done. You can achieve this one of the most amazing nail designs in just a few steps. Do a white classic French tip using the TikTok nail sponge trick, then place a pearl on each nail, top it up with a clear coat for protection, and you’re done! Use a white gel polish for better and easier French tips.

You can rock this style everywhere, be it an office meeting or a casual dinner. It compliments every outfit!

Make a Wish

Designs for Nails
Design via AllWomensTalk

Looking for something adorable yet classy? Try out this Make a Wish nail set for a subtle and dreamy look.  

This design looks daunting, but you can pull it off if you have had a bit of practice and a steady hand. Start by applying white nail paint over the base, and then draw dandelion puffs using a skinny nail art brush. Top it with a clear coat to seal the design.

White and Gold Nails

Nail Design

Design via TrendSpotter

Why settle for basic white nails when you can get them boujee with a dash of gold?!

This White and Gold Nails’ set does exactly that, thanks to its sparkling cut-outs and patterns. This boho-inspired design can be elevated in a few different ways with one being by adding a bit of baby pink to it. If you want to keep it classic, then stick with gold and white.
You can create the gold accents by using nail tape, whereas, for the gold glitter, go for OPI’s Gold Key to the Kingdom.

Purple Nail Designs

Are you looking for some purple nail designs inspiration? We’ve got it sorted for you! Continue reading to discover three amazing purple nail designs.

Pastel Butterfly Nails

Nail Design
Image via nailsbymh

Are you looking for some pastel purple action with a spring vibe to it?
We heard ya and found it! Get these Pastel Butterfly Nails if you are looking for some cute nail designs inspo with a dash of purple to them.
Start by giving pastel purple French tips, and top them with watercolor butterfly stickers to finish the design.

Amethyst Nails

Nail Design Ideas
Design via Letseatcake

Do you know that purple amethysts reduce stress?

Well, this isn’t this stone’s only quality, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous as well. Nele took inspo from its beauty and created this amazing nail design. It might not be an easy feat to achieve this look, so we suggest visiting a nail tech to rock them!

Purple Swirls

Designs for Nails
Design via zeynailz

Pinks and purples go really well together. This Purple Swirls nail set enunciates this in the most beautiful and trendiest way possible. Try this design on longer nails to get the heart in them on point!

If you already have your acrylics done, then achieve this look by using a nude base, and then drawing swirls onto them using a skinny nail brush in various shades of purple and white.

Blue Nail Designs

Blue reminds us of the oceans and a clear sky. This vibrant color goes well with every occasion and setting if done right. In this section, we’ve shared three beautiful and trendy blue nail designs for your next nail appointment.

Cloud Nails

Nail Designs for Every OccasionDesign via TrendSpotter

Clouds are another one of Y2K comebacks. They are specifically loved in sweaters, but nails aren’t far behind. If you want to jump onto this trend, then try out these cloud nails. They are cute and go with almost every season because scattered clouds rule in almost every month of the year.

You can personalize this look by choosing your favorite shades of blue. Remember to diversify them to give a different vibe on each nail, for instance, clouds over a golden beach, or the reflection of the ocean. If these shades aren’t enough for you, then choose from OPI’s Blue Nail Polish Collection.

Abstract Art Nails

 Nail Designs

Design via TrendSpotter

Blue goes well with artsy designs, especially abstract masterpieces. Do you want to have one onto your nails as well? If yes, then grab your supplies and start working on this Abstract Art Nails set.

Start with a nude base, and draw filled geometric shapes with your favorite blue shades. Use black and gold nail tape to create sharp lines for a multi-dimensional effect. Our favorite shades of blue for this look are Essie’s Caviar Bar and Indi-Go for It.

Galaxy Nails

Nail Design
Design via Tattorary

One of the most amazing nail designs, that never go out of style, is the Galaxy nails. They are loud, beautiful, deep, and never go unnoticed. You can totally get them done at a nail salon, but if you’re looking for an easy fix, then try these stickers (They have a variety of patterns to choose from; you can mix and match if you’re feeling adventurous!).

Green Nail Designs

Geen color is popping up everywhere this season from jeans to tops to dresses. Everyone is loving its different shades, specifically emerald and grass green. If you are planning on hopping onto this bandwagon, then try out these green nail designs to match your fits.

Garden Green Tips

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via heluviee

The simplest way to nail the green nail trend in a stylish but elegant and minimal way is to get these Garden Green Tips. Their shades are on point in terms of the trend, and they can be done at home with just two shades of green, a white polish, and a skinny nail art brush.
Our pick is Essie’s Take Controller, Feelin’ just Lime, and Off Topic. Pair this nail design with Zara’s Green Flared Jacquard Pants to make a statement!

Bedazzled Almond Nails

 Nail Designs
Design via esnail_la

Why be basic when you can be extra with bejeweled nails?! The Bedazzled Almond Nails tick these extra and bejeweled requirements. They look beautiful and give off an expensive vibe about you!

TBH, they look a bit difficult and this exact version is tricky, but if you want an easier one then skip intricate details and stick on a few nail jewels after applying dark green nail color.

Minecraft Moment

Nail Design
Design via vanityprojects

If you want a unique twist to the conventional French tip, then try out this Minecraft Moment set. All you need is four different shades of green and a skinny nail art brush, and you’ll have a minimal but eye-catching nail design ready.

This is one of the best nail sets for those who are obsessed with building, mining, and exploring the Minecraft landscape. Grab your favorite shades of green from OPI, and start creating a landscape on your nails. Go for shimmery shades to add more personality to the design!

Yellow Nail Designs

Any yellow fans out there?! Looks like you don’t need to go further to get yellow nail designs inspiration. Keep reading for some cute nail designs that are right up your alley!

Sunflower Nails

Nail Design
Design via TrendSpotter

Yellow and spring remind us of sunflowers. If you’re looking for a yellow floral nail design, then these Sunflower Nails are the way to go. They look fresh, natural, and minimal.

You don’t necessarily need to go to the salon to get them done. You can create this set at your home as well. Start by painting your nails with a classic yellow shade (Our pick is Essie All Fun & Games) and leave one nail for the sunflower pattern. Draw the sunflower through a skinny nail art brush. First, take a black polish and paint a small crescent. Take the same yellow shade and delicately place petals around it. Finish the design by placing brown dots onto the crescent.

Watercolour Nails

Designs for Nails
Design via TrendSpotter

Look at this amazing piece of art! It’ll be the center of attraction wherever you go, thanks to its awe-inspiring watercolor design. It is bright but with a subtle design giving it the perfect balance between loud and tamed.

Even though this artwork would look gorgeous on any nail type, but it’ll work best with slightly longer nails. Add 3D embellishments to add more dimension to the design!

Emoji Nails

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via TrendSpotter

Are you looking for a cute design that could be done easily at home?!

These Emoji Nails are the way to go. This design has a lot of room for creativity. You can either paint them with the same emojis throughout the design or you can switch up with different ones. Grab StickerRay’s stickers for simple emojis or Makynail’s Nail Art Stickers for diverse ones.

Orange Nail Designs

Olipop Nails

Nail Designs
Image via jessicawashick

Looking for something fresh and fruity? This nail design reminds us of summer, beach parties, and happy vibes in general. Whoever will look at this breath-taking design, they’ll end up craving a citrusy drink. Use these decals and Essie’s Don’t be Spotted to get the look if you want to give it a shot at home!

Bahamas Nails

Nail Designs
Design via thecuddl

These nails send us to a Bahamas beach, where the sun is setting, and the sky is painted pink, orange, and yellow in the most awe-striking way possible. We really crave a vacation by looking at them!

You can have this same impact on almost everyone who sees this set in just a few steps. Get your favorite shades of pink, orange, and yellow, a sponge, white nail polish, and a skinny nail brush. Smudge the vibrant colors using the sponge and sketch the palms using the brush. You can also use decals to simplify the process.

Peaches n’ Cream Orange Ombre

 Nail Design
Design via thecuddl

For a peachy punch, try out this Peaches n’ Cream Orange Ombre set. The orange, yellow, and nude go well together and transition beautifully into each other. This design will look good in all nail shapes and lengths, but it’ll shine the most on longer nails.

Last but not least, you won’t have to worry about getting it touched up again and again because you can simply renew it by placing a top coat on it.

Red Nail Designs

Red is the color of passion and love. If you are planning on taking your attractiveness a notch up, then go for this color. Here, we are sharing three red nail designs for your next nail appointment. Let’s dive in!

Multi-red Nails

 Nail Design
Image via misspopnails

Are you looking for something modern, red, and eye-catching? Show these multi-red nails to your nail tech in your next nail appointment. It features three different shades of red that transition beautifully into each other. Throw in a bit of pink for extra dimension.
While creating this look for Vogue, Miss Pop used Essie’s No Shade Here and Wicked, Zoya’s Alyssa, YSL’s Rouge Pop Art, and OPI’s Samoan Sand.

Dita Von Teese Red Nails

Designs for Nails
Design via TrendSpotter

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese is everyone’s queen and has given us the most gorgeous retro looks. We thought why not take some inspiration from her old-school glamorous look?!

We choose this ruby red manicure, which sends us back to the ‘50s. It’s simple and elegant but at the same time sassy and eye-catching. To get Dita’s look, ask your nail tech for a half-moon manicure with a ruby red glossy base and pale pink accents. You can also ask for your favorite nude shade.

To get this look at home, go for Essie’s Lady in Red and Lace Me Up. Pair this nail design with a red lip and you’ll be a head turner!

Valentine Hearts

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via poppynailco

Are you looking for a trendy and quick nail fix?!
Try the Valentine Hearts Set by Poppy Nails. It's adorable, looks stylish, and could be done in literally minutes because all you have to do is glue them on and you’ll be done!

Colorful Nail Designs

If you can’t settle for a single color and want something funky, then go for colorful designs. They have tons of room for creativity and are always a head turner. Keep reading to find some of the most colorful nail designs!

Abstract Art Nails

Nail Designs
Image via jessicawashick

Look at this abstract masterpiece! Its colorfulness, uniqueness, and modern art look remind us of the Tate Modern.

You don’t need to replicate the same design. Let your nail tech’s creativity flow with their brush strokes. Let them create their masterpiece, which you’ll appreciate whenever you’ll have a look at it. If you want to give it a shot yourself, then try out these decals.

Multi-color Daisies

Nail Design
Design via whowhatwear

This design is for all those who are looking for a colorful, flowery, fresh, and summery nail design. It's minimal but chic and cute. All we can think of with these nails is a colorful daisy field with butterflies dancing on them.

You don’t need a nail tech to get this look. You can try it at home yourself by using nail art brushes. You can also use daisy nail tattoos for a quick design.

Florals and Checkerboards

Nail Design Ideas
Design via overglowedit

The Florals and Checkerboards nail set tackles two trends at once, checkerboards and daisies. It's fresh, unique, modern, and springy. You can play around with its look by switching up the base shades. You can also change the colors of the stickers. Take your favorite vibrant nail polishes on a sponge and create the base. Top them with daisies and checkerboard stickers to finish the look.

Inuyasha Nails

Designs for Nails
Design via nailsbyfrikiki

Where are my anime, especially Inuyasha, fans at?!

We promised in the start that we have something for our anime fans as well, and here we are. If you love Inuyasha, then you’ll love this nail set as well.

If you love some other anime or manga series, then switch up the characters with them. This style is quite simple, all you have to do is get anime stickers and stick them onto your nails, and your design will be ready!

Wild Child

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via anouskaanastasia

Animal prints are always in trend, the only thing that changes is which print is more in, for instance, this time around, it’s the cow print. However, with Wild Child nail design, you don’t need to worry about which animal print is trending because it has almost all of them covered.
Paint your nails with your favorite nail colors or the ones that contrast well with your chosen nail decals, and then place the animal stickers onto them.

Cute Nail Designs

Are you looking for some cutesy vibes? We’ve got ya covered! Check out these five cute nail designs for your next nail tech visit.

Pink French Tips with a Twist

Nail Designs
Image via nailsbymh

Flowers, emojis, butterflies, and fruits when mixed, create the epitome of cute nail designs. Here, this concept is further elevated by adding ‘love’ and shimmery pink French tips into the mix.

This design seems difficult, but you can easily create it at home by creating shimmery pink French tips using a nail sponge and topping them with some cute stickers. You don’t necessarily need to replicate the exact design, change it up a bit to add your personalized touch.

Powerpuff Girls

Nail Design
Design via BeautyBay

This Powerpuff Girls set is trendy, cute, and features some of the most beautiful colors. It gives happy, optimistic, and loving vibes. Whoever will look at these nails, they’ll be wowed by their adorable aesthetic.

You don’t need to visit your nail tech to get these on. You can do them on your own by giving French tips with your favorite colors, and then applying heart and Powerpuff girls’ stickers onto them.

Sweet Dreams

 Nail Design
Design via anouskanastasia

What could be more adorable than a toddler or kid’s dreams? Well, there aren’t many things that we can think of!

This Sweet Dreams set has exactly the same vibe going on. It looks like someone took a child’s imagination and painted it onto the nails.

Achieving this on your own might be a bit tricky, so it’s better if you leave it into your nail tech’s hands. You can also ask them to change these designs up as per their imagination to create a more personalized and creative look.

Mix n Match

Nail Design
Design via Beauty Bay

Did any of you play Fruit Ninja? If yes, then you’ll feel like entering that world by looking at these nails.
They are fruity, summery, colorful, and cute. What else can you ask for?!

If you want to get this design, then start by doing colorful French tips. Place animated fruit stickers onto them to get the slightly cartoonish look!

Pink Skies

Nail Design Ideas
Design via Glamour

Do you want to have a partly cloudy, beachy manicure, but with a twist?

Then, go for these Pink Skies nails, which feature a pink and orange base rather than the typical blue one. Try out the OPI’s Defy Explanation and Suzi Needs a Loch-smith to get this design to the tee.

Short Nail Designs

There are times when we can’t rock acrylics or long nails. Also, some of us are not just into this aesthetic, we like to stick with our natural short nails. If you’re someone who falls into this category, then we’ve got ya’ll covered. Below we have shared five short nail designs that are suitable for all types of occasions.

Yin and Yang

Designs for Nails
Design via Beauty Bay

If you are on the lookout for short nail designs that are simple and minimal, then these Yin and Yang nails are what you’re looking for. They have a nude base topped with the yin and yang symbols, and that’s it. That’s how minimal this design is!

You can easily do this at your home by applying a nude base and then placing yin and yang stickers onto it. This design goes well with all occasions, be it an office meeting or a house party!

Minimal Dots

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via herstylecode

If you want quick manure that looks a bit sassy and edgy but not too in the face, then these Minimal Dots design is the way to go. These nails are simplistic, but the golden shimmery dots add a bit of spice to them. You can easily get them done at your home by first applying black glossy nail polish, and then placing golden shimmery dots onto it by using dotting tools.

Tropical Vibes

Nail Designs
Design via Beauty Bay

Are you looking for something a bit extra for your short nails? Well, this Tropical Vibes nail set fits your description. It's artsy, suits on short nails, and is pretty eye-catching. It’s quite true to its name, we are getting very tropical vibes from it. Make sure to save it for your next nail appointment to wow everyone!

Happy Lil Flowers

Designs for Nails
Design via by_hannahwilson

This Happy Lil Flowers nail design is dainty, cute, and gives spring energy in the happiest way possible. We couldn’t stop ourselves from smiling after looking at this adorable nail art.

If you are planning to create this look at your home, then start by painting the yellow nails. We’d suggest going for OPI’s Bee-hind the Scenes. Continue the design by drawing daisies with Pink Flamenco and Essie’s Go Ginza. Place happy face stickers in the mid of daisies to complete the design.

Quartz Set

Nail Design Ideas
Design via Beauty Bay

Last but not least, we have this quartz set, which has the perfect balance between extra and tamed. It stands out a bit because of its trendy marble shape and golden accents but is still not extravagant. Creating this on your own might not be the easiest task, so leave this one to the pros!

Flower Nail Designs

If you are looking for something fresh, springy, and cute, then our flower nail designs are here to provide you with some inspo. Let’s start! 

Dainty Florals

Nail Designs for Every Occasion
Design via Beauty Bay

A floral nail designs inspo section is incomplete without a look that features daisies. These Dainty Florals nails check the box of our obsession with daisies in the most delicate way possible. If you fell in love with them just as we did, then grab some daisy decals to get this design done by yourself. You can also use a dotting tool to create them, but for a neater look, the stickers are your best option.

Tiny Dried Petals

Nail Designs
Design via goodhousekeeping

This Tiny Dried Petals nail set is for all our nature lovers that are looking for a unique twist on conventional floral designs. This set features actual dried flowers stuck to a gorgeous blue base with shimmer in it. If you are planning on recreating this look, then grab some dried flowers sets to glue on. They don’t need to be the same, experiment around to get a more unique and personalized look. We bet you’ll get loads of questions about it!

Butterfly Garden

Designs for Nails
Design via Glamour

Did you say florals with butterflies?! We heard ya and found an amazing and unique look for you. Try the Butterfly Garden design in your next manicure. It starts as artsy with sketched flowers, then turns colorful with the gorgeous butterflies. Such a unique clash of nail art styles!

You’ll need some ink flowers' nail stickers from FlashingArtDesigns (They aren’t an exact match, but they’ll do the job!), and some butterfly ones from NailQueenNYC!

Classic Roses

Nail Designs for Every Occasion

Design via Glamour

Are you into a watercolor-inspired aesthetic? Well, then you need to get these Classic Roses nails for your next manicure. They make us dream of a medieval garden where we are live-painting roses with watercolors while enjoying a picnic.

You don’t necessarily need an expert hand to get them on point. You can do it on your own by applying a nude base and then sticking watercolor roses onto them. Don’t forget to put on the base and topcoats.

Kenzo Print

Designs for Nails
Design via Elle

Do you have a sweet spot for Kenzo’s floral design?

If yes, then this is the ultimate designer nail that’s artsy in a springy and modern way. This design is simple to achieve, it starts with black as its base color, and then is finished through pink, purple, blue, and yellow flowers painted on top. No one will be able to miss this floral designer masterpiece!

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