Nail Kit Set: What are the Different Types of Nail Kit Sets?

How to Choose a Nail Kit Set: Pro tips for Choosing the Best Nail Kit Set for Yourself

Heading to the salon for a professional mani and Pedi is one of the most satisfying treats. Oftentimes, though, the price for those perfect digits is a bank balance that sends shudders down your spine after each indulgence.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective (not to mention convenient) alternative, you should consider purchasing your very own nail kit set for dip powder manicure. With this set of DIY tools, you can ensure that your nails sparkle all the time and that they maintain their sheen with far less risk to your fingers and toes.

The best part is, these kits are available to all types of budgets and skill levels. Here, we’ll identify some f the best nail kit sets on the market and detail how to choose a nail kit set, just in case you haven’t done it before.

Depending on your needs, you can take your pick from the options listed below:

DipWell Easy Acrylic Dip System Starter Kit

Dippers, both beginners, and pros, are completely in love with DipWell’s Acrylic Dip System Kit and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s extremely easy to use, and beyond this, it offers the full complement of mani-pedi solutions.

When we say the full complement, we mean two pots of dip powder, a file, a buffer, five liquids, a cuticle tool, and a base and finishing powder. This seems like a lot to get a grasp of, but the kit is designed to make doing just that spectacularly easy.
The powder in this kit set is made with a low-odor formula, and your nails harden without the need for UV light. The best part is, you can expect your manicure to remain shiny for up to six weeks.

dipwell nail kit set

Kiss Salon Dip Professional Dipping System

Want specularly appealing nails without having to break open your piggy bank for them? This nail kit set may just be perfect for you. It provides pretty comprehensive components (an activator liquid, a set of white and natural tips, a brush-on gel, and of course, a dip powder) and is pretty straightforward to use, even for beginners.

Depending on how fast your nails grow, a manicure and pedicure with this nail kit set can last the best part of two weeks, plus you don’t need UV lights for the nails to harden.

kiss salon nail kit set

New Professional Acrylic Powder Nail Art Starter Kit

Calling this nail kit set a “professional starter kit” reads, on paper, like a misleading advertising gimmick. Until you open it up and find out that it is just what it claims to be: a nail kit set that gives beginner dippers access to professional tools.

Inside, you’ll find a nail color powder, acrylic nail powder, a filer, buffer, stones, nail liquids, and nail art embellishments. In short, it’s the perfect ensemble for making an arty masterpiece of your nails, regardless of your skill levels.

Apart from helping to give your nails the perfect glossy finish, the liquid monomer, acrylic nail tips, dappen dish, and other tools included in this kit also strengthen your nails enough to reproduce and maintain the design of your choice.

new professional nail kit set

Lookatool 42 Acrylic Nail Tool

With the Lookatool 42 Acrylic Nail Tool, you can get the full range of acrylic nail colors without ever stepping foot in a salon. All 42 of them. It’s designed to provide a comprehensive solution to beginners who want a professional-looking finish, despite their limited skills.

Among your acrylic nail kit options are a dappen dish, topcoat and primer, glue for acrylic nail tips, acrylic nail powder, acrylic monomer, and nail color powder.
For nail tools, you get a filer, clipper, nail brush, and buffer to help groom and trim your nails to perfection before applying the acrylic nails. This arrangement helps ensure that your manis and pedis are smooth, safe, and long-lasting.

lookatool nail kit set

Pro Acrylic Nail 24-in-1 Full Kit

It’s the easiest thing for beginner DIYers to get confused and ultimately derailed in their search for the full stack of acrylic nail tools. By bringing all the essential tools together in a single, comprehensive tool kit, the Pro Acrylic Nail 24-in-1 Full Kit effectively takes care of this problem.

This acrylic tool kit contains 3 acrylic powders (pink, clear, and white), a liquid pump dispenser, 12 acrylic nail powders, a nail cutter, adhesive nail stickers, a nail brush, buffer, sandpaper, tweezers, French white nail tips, and several other tools. There’s even a practice finger included.
With this tool kit, beginners can practice and experiment until they gain the confidence and skills of professional dippers. And they can do it right from the comfort of their homes.

 pro acrylic nail kit set

How To Choose A Nail Kit Set?

The multiplicity of nail kit sets available on the market can be pretty equally a boon and hindrance. To avoid overspending on things you don’t need, keep a close eye on that beginner nail kit set or advanced nail kit set for these things:

Dip Powder

A dip powder is acrylic in powder form that solidifies into a molded shape when used with a monomer or activator. All acrylic nail kits have them. Depending on your budget or needs, you can opt for a basic system that offers a couple of colors or bigger kits that offer greater options.


While some acrylic nail kits are more beginner-friendly in the sense that they don’t require a lot of steps for the manicure process to be complete, others are a lot more complicated than that. Examine your skill level carefully before you settle for any kit.


Depending on the acrylic nail kit you plump for, you may find such liquids as an activator or liquid monomer, a bonder, a base, a topcoat, and a sealer. These liquids resemble normal nail polish bottles and may be harmful to your nails if used incorrectly.

In a Nutshell about Nail Kit Sets

Frequently visiting a salon for a professional mani-pedi treatment can put a lot of strain on your finances. With your nail kit sets, you can ensure that your nails look professionally done at all times, and you won’t ever have to peer at your bank balance from behind your hands ever again. Remember, the best way to get something done perfectly is to do it yourself.

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