9 Nail Trends Winter 2021: the Hottest Nail Trends for the Cold Season

Hottest winter nail trends 2021: get your nails in shape with the BEST nail trends winter 2021.

Whether you are a summer person or not – winter is just around the corner. It won't be long till we bundle up in warm clothes, enjoy hot chocolates, and change up our wardrobe for some cozy comforts. And – just like every winter, the cold season brings with it some hot nail trends. If you like to mix it up and match your nails to the season – here are some essential winter nail trends that you have to try.

The forever trend: cold tone nails

Nail Trends Winter 202: cold tone nails
There are a few seasonal staples that are always on point. In the winter, cold tones are the perfect seasonal shades that you should do from time to time. In the past several years, different colored nails have been a huge hit, and wearing several cool tones on your nails will heat up any outfit. You can go crazy with dark blues, greens, grays, purples, and any other cold tone that strikes your fancy this winter for the perfect cool nails.

Matte and shiny combo

Nail Trends Winter 2021: matte and shiny combo
Another great combo for winter is the matte and shiny mix. Our personal favorite is matte nails with glossy tips, but you can use whatever combination you like. Mix up matte nail polish with a few strikes of shiny nail polish, and you are guaranteed a sophisticated yet youthful look.

Snowy metallics

Nail Trends Winter 2021: snowy metallics
We are going ga-ga over this latest winter nail trend; if you like the classic white nail, but want to mix it up – snowy metallics are the trend for you. We assume that the Frozen franchise has a big part in creating this icy, cool look, but it doesn’t matter where it came from. Snowy metallic nails are here, and we are expecting to see them well into the warmer months of the year.

Metallic French tips

Nail Trends Winter 2021: metallic French tips
Continuing with the metallic trends, French tips have also gotten a makeover this winter; nail trends winter 2021 have brought us the metallic French tips, that are a must this winter. The great thing about this one is that you can do it right at home! Either with nail polish or nail strips, you can get the look for less, and enjoy a stunning look manicure of your own creation.

Nude mattes

Nail Trends Winter 2021: nude mattes
If you like even-toned nails – you have to try this trend. Warm almond and nude shades have become an instant classic over the past few weeks. This is the best option for a neutral look that gives nails a clean, esthetic look, without weighing heavy with several shades and textures.

Realistic florals

Nail Trends Winter 2021: realistic florals
With the rain comes the blossom; one look you are going to see a lot this winter is realistic flowers. AKA moody flowers, you can have this decoration painted on your nails, or have actual flowers pressed on. Dry flowers are used to create beautiful-looking nails, and you should definitely ask your nail technician if she has any around.

Multicolored manicure

Nail Trends Winter 2021: multicolored manicure
Remember the color block trend from the past few years? it has now been upgraded to a multicolor creation, resembling tie-dye. By mixing a few different colors on your nails, you can get a beautiful look. The result looks like a water painting on your nails, and what is more suitable for rainy days?

Multi-print French manicure

Nail Trends Winter 2021: multi-print French manicure
Ever since someone thought outside the box and did French tips that are not all-white – the tip trend has boomed. Nowadays, nail tips do not have to be in white shades or in one shade at all. One of the best trends with French tips is the multi-print manicure: swirls, flowers, stars, squares, oh my! The possibilities are endless, and your nails will look on point with the beautiful prints available in nail salons.

Neon pop-up

Nail Trends Winter 2021: neon pop up
Nails that are completely painted in neon nail polish can be a bit daunting. Luckily, you can partake in the neon trend without having to paint your entire fingernail in bright shades. Instead, get a few pops of color on your nail with neon patterns. It will brighten up your nails and the cold and cloudy winter days.

There you have it. Some of the most popular winter nail trends for 2021. When you get your nail care on, don't forget to give your nails a breather from time to time. Leave your fingernail bare every once in a while, so they are not covered in nail polish, that contains various chemicals. Give your nails some TLC with a cuticle conditioner, leave them as is, and move on to the next manicure trend. This winter is going to be hot.

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