Nude Nails: The Best Tips for Success

Want to apply nude nail polish? here are some tips for the best nude nail results!

Nude nails are an all-time classic; whether you go for a matte or shiny finish, you can't go wrong with a nude nail. Sort of; while nude nails look great, it can also seem like you are not wearing any nail polish at all! If you want to get the best look, this article is for you. We have gathered some helpful tips for getting the perfect nude nails appearance. So, bare it all and go nude the right way:

Prep your nails beforehand

What do you do before you apply foundation to your face? You prep it with moisturizer and a primer, at the very least. That is exactly what you should do with a nude manicure. To make the nail polish last and look great for as long as possible, trim your nails, file them and finish with a good buffing. Take your time to trim, shape and buff your nails. Once your nails are trimmed and buffed, clean them with a cotton pad or an alcohol pad. Dry nails are like glue to nail products, so prepping is key.

Pick a nude shade that complements your skin tone

 Going back to the foundation metaphor for a second, choosing a foundation depends on your skin shade. You should choose a nude nail color in the same way. The purpose of the nude nail is to blend with your skin and give your nails a natural yet manicured look. To get the best results, you should choose a nude shade that compliments your skin. Consider your skin's undertone (yellow, pink, neutral) to help you choose the perfect shade:

  • Fair skin tone: looks best with pinkish nudes
  • Fair to olive skin tone: looks good with sand shades
  • Olive skin tone: Looks good with darker, nut-like nude shades
  • Olive to medium skin tone: looks good with mauve shades
  • Medium to dark skin tone: looks good with pink-beige shades
  • Medium skin tone: looks good with tan shades
  • Dark skin tone: looks good with coffee-colored shades
Nude nails

Use a base coat

This is not a recommendation – this is a must! A base coat protects your natural nails, and it also makes colored nail polish last longer. The full effect is possible with a quality basecoat that should always be in your beauty box. If your nails are damaged, you should use a cuticle cream between manicures. Before you apply nude nail polish, apply a base coat on your buffed and trimmed nails. You can use a regular base coat, or one that fixes nail issues, like strengthening, filling ridges, etc.

Go a little crazy with nail art

Nude nails are classy, but that doesn't mean you can't go a little crazy with it. You can liven up a nude nail polish with a few artistic touches, and here are some great ideas for nude nail decor:

Subtle dots

Dots have become a wonderful and playful nail decoration. A single, colored dot on a nude nail will look great, without overshadowing the delicate manicure.

Colored tips

The always popular French tip looks even better with a nude manicure. Like with the dot, you can use a bold color to enhance the nail color, and give your nails a little umph along the way.

nude nail
Geometric shapes

It can be a square, a circle, or even a simple line; geometric shapes are a fail-safe way to liven up nails and make them look professionally manicured.

A glittery touch

Adding some glittery nail polish to nude nails is a must-try. You can paint one nail in all glitter, or give a few subtle glitter accents on all your nails. Choose a golden, light shade so that the nude shape will still pop out and not disappear into the background.

Nail stickers

A nail sticker can look great on nude nails, and elevate the look. Flowers are the best choice, but you can use any sticker that you want. Just make sure to apply it in a way that complements the nude shade instead of overshadowing it.

Finish with a finish

Like the base coat, a topcoat is a must with every nail polish, especially nude shades. A top coat gives nude nails a great shine, and if you embellish your nails – the topcoat will enhance the small details. Use a quality, clear topcoat for nude nails. Mix up a matte finish and a glossy finish from time to time – both finishes look amazing with nude nails.

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