Olive and June Nail Kit Review

Introducing the Olive and June Nail Kit: Olive and June Nail Kit Review with Everything You Need to Know About the Mani System.

This Olive and June nail kit review might be more of a revelation for the dear diary, but I still felt like sharing, as the world must know how great the Olive and June nail kit is.

I don’t know about you, but I spent my whole childhood admiring my genteel aunt. Her outfits were always on point, accessories were ones of the best you could find. Whenever she entered the room, you could bet your bottom dollar: she will be the one who wins all the attention! I remember how I would always secretly sneak into her wardrobe and try out all the rings, bracelets, and necklaces. I don’t think anyone has ever seen her wearing the same outfit twice.

However, one thing has always remained unchanged: her uncanny red nails. I remember how enchanted I was every time she pointed at something or was fixing her rings. Ever since I turned 12, I started painting my nails red, aiming to reach that perfect mani of my auntie. I went to the store and got myself the most beautiful pink nail kit.

I file my nails every third evening, cut the cuticles off, put some oil on so that they would look as neat and as stunning as the ones of my aunt`s! I have been a big fan of the nail beauty industry ever since. Should I mention that I have tried almost all the nail kits and nail beauty products the market had to offer?

Olive and June nail kit
Having tried almost every nail kit on the market attempting to find that perfect nail kit that would satisfy the needs of the 21-century woman who is constantly on the go. I have figured that the best combo for me personally is the nail kit which contains a topcoat, cuticle serum, and a dual-grit nail file.

With such a nail kit, you could go as far as African savanna and be sure your nails are lit. One of my friends has brought me this Olive and June nail kit for international women`s day. An oh, ladies, this was it! Olive and June mani system have all I have been looking for. If you are a perfectionist like me, then you would thoroughly enjoy this Olive and June nail kit review.

First, let us have a closer look at what comes with the K.I.T. (Keep It Together) Olive and June Nail Kit to try out the Olive and June mani system:

Glossy topcoat

According to the Olive and June mani system, every manicure requires a topcoat. You can compare the topcoat to the roof. Even if the house is nicely renovated, and was built out of the best materials, it can´t last long without the roof. The shiny topcoat from Olive and June nail kit is really good, to say the least. Not only will it make your mani look shiny but will also make it last longer, giving you a chance to chill at least about one thing in your life: the nails.

nail kit

Cuticle Serum with Cactus Flower

The majority of nail technicians and healthcare specialists argue that a neat manicure can be achieved without cutting your cuticles off. Cuticles protect your nail from bacteria and keep the root of your nail safe.

Olive and June mani system supports such a statement, namely the idea of hydrating your cuticles instead of cutting them off. With the cuticle serum from Olive and June nail kit, your nails will be hydrated for the whole day. As cactus flower extract, contained in the serum is known to prevent water loss.

The best part about this cuticle serum from Olive and June nail kit is its design because we all love it nice and girly, don’t we? It is super easy to use, all you have to do is remove the cap and twist the pen 2-3 times to release serum into the foam tip. Once the serum is out and about, make sure to evenly spread it around each cuticle. If you want to see the miracle of hydration in work: use it twice a day as part of your nail beauty routine.

Olive and June nail kit review

Dual-Grit Nail File

Olive and June mani system is so well-thought-through that it contains the must-have of every princess with self-respect: a dual-grit nail file. Having this nail by your side will save you worries at the darkest times of breaking your nail at a party or by putting on the tights. In my opinion, this nail file is literally the key highlight of the Olive and June nail kit.

Stylish matt transparent pouch

Olive and June nail kit offers a stylish carry-everywhere pouch to store all the goodies for your best mani in it. The size of the pouch will fit in any bag and will make others wonder what you’ve got inside as soon as you take it out. The best thing about the Olive and Juni nail kit bag is that it's cruelty-free.

At this point, I am pretty positive this Olive and June nail kit review has left you no other choice than put your jogging pants on and get it right this instant. Make sure you spread the word about the Olive and June nail kit: because sharing the joy brings more joy!

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