OPI Nail Polish Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

OPI Reviews: Here is What You Need to Know About OPI, with Our Complete OPI Nail Polish Review.

“Is OPI nail polish good?” is the question we hear a lot. Answering it every now and then made it crystal clear: somebody must write a big OPI nail polish review. This OPI nail polish review will therefore explain why OPI nail polish must be one of the most loved nail polish brands of all time, as well as cover its top-selling features. This article will provide an analysis of hundreds of reviews and based on that will conclude what are the top-selling points of the OPI nail polish that make it so internationally loved. So, let´s answer the question if OPI nail polish is really worth the hype?

OPI Nail Polish Review

Here are the reasons for the OPI gel review explaining why it is worth the hype:

Reason #1: the names that make your heart melt

OPI gel reviews often feature names that are impossible to get past. To name a few:

  • Yank My Doodle

One of the best mid-season colors. Best described as dirty salmon.

  • Crawfishin’ For A Compliment

Would you describe this pastel orange color this way? How cool is this OPI nail polish shade?

  • Got Me Into a Jam-Bayla

This pink shade could not have been described better.

  • Chiffon-d of You

The Pearl shade of the OPI nail polish has never been called chickier.

OPI nail polish

Reason #2: duration

Most of the OPI gel reviews state that the nail polish indeed lasts for weeks. We know how annoying it is to leave the salon with your flawless regular mani and then accidentally chip one of your nails. There is nothing more. However, OPI gel reviews all as one indicate that having spent 30 seconds under the LED light with your OPI gel on will reassure you of having great nails for the next couple of weeks. It is recommended to refresh your OPI gel every two weeks, but you can give your nails a rest sometimes.

 OPI reviews

Reason #3: the best-selling secret formula

As written in numerous OPI gel reviews, none of the other nail polishes miss some “secret component” that OPI obviously has. OPI nail polish is known for its glossy finish and chip-free wear formula. That means that just a few “strokes” are needed to achieve a smooth, and even finish! Many of the OPI nail polish reviews feature that it is better to use the OPI base and top coat nail in combination!

Reason #4: OPI gel is absolutely safe for your nails

OPI gel reviews often highlight the fact that OPI nail polish is absolutely safe for your nail beds. On the contrary, it makes your nails look stronger and gives your mani a chance to last longer! Many salons choose OPI nail polish or OPI gels as they know these colors provide the best quality for your mani!

 is OPI nail polish good

Reason #5: extremely easy to apply

Before answering the question “Is OPI nail polish good?”, we need to highlight the fact that OPI´s design sure as hell is! OPI gel reviews have stated it a million times, if not more: OPI nail polish bottle design is one of the best ones you could find on the market. The handle is non-slippery while having a stylish matt finish. Applying the polish is easy-peasy even if you don’t have a steady hand, OPI`s thick brush has your back.

Reason #6: composition of the OPI nail polish

OPI nail polish is known to always list its ingredients on the bottle, limiting the chance of you living in the dark. Not all nail polishes do that and certainly, not all of them allow you to have a quick look at the ingredients which might harm your nails. Some people have allergies, other ethical beliefs, or general health concerns about applying certain ingredients to their nails. OPI nail polish reviews show that OPI uses fewer harmful ingredients than the rest of the nail polishes on the market.

OPI Nail Polish Review

So, is OPI nail polish good?

The only thing we can surely conclude after reading this article is that OPI nail polish is one of the best nail polish brands of all time. According to numerous OPI reviews, we saw that millions of consumers are in love with the color pallet of the brand. When we say that, we also mean the numerous names the OPI nail polish is famous for. All of the people are so extremely happy to have these OPI nail polish bottles on their shelves, as you know where to put your hand in case some party is coming up.

Key takeaways:

This OPI nail polish review has listed all the 6 reasons to answer the questions of those, who had doubts about “is OPI nail polish good”? Yes, it is. It is, in fact, one of the best nail polishes to use in terms of application, composition, design, and marketing according to numerous OPI reviews. Additionally, OPI gel reviews also state that OPI is safe and has long-lasting nail polish to use.

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