Pink and White Nails for a Classy Look

Nail Designs for Pink Color Lovers: Check Out these Great Pink and White Nails that You Have to Try!

Pink and white nail designs have always been trendy among all age groups. When you hear "pink and white nails," the first thing that pops up in your mind is French mani. However, did you know how many other beautiful pink and white nail designs there are? This is why we have gathered them all into this article to facilitate your choice!

"Common Barbie, Lets Go Party" Pink and White Nails

Well, you might think it's cliché, but there are so many types of French mani! Let alone the number of colors you can use for the base: ranging from peachy nudes to flamingo pink. Alternatively, go with white for the base color and paint the tips pink. Another thing that will help you customize any selected pink and white nail designs is the shape: the trendiest shape nowadays is stiletto and square.

pink and white nails

"Hands Away from My…" Pink and White Ombre Nails

 Have you ever seen the Pimp My Ride show? Well, the concept is pretty similar here. All you have to do is take a standard French mani and customize it to the pink and white ombre nails. Same as with French mani, paint your nails pink on-base, gradually blending it into snow-white at tips. If you feel like adding some silver stripes onto your ring fingernail, go for it!

pink and white ombre nails

"Pink Oxide" Nail Designs

In chemistry, oxide looks like a set of honeycombs. Just think about painting your nails bubble gum or flamingo pink; as soon as they dry out, try to create a honeycomb silhouette on each nail with either black or white color, depending on your mood. This one may not be the most memorable, but it certainly is one of the most extraordinary pink and white nail designs there are.

 pink and white nail designs

"Don't Pink That" Pink and White Nail Designs

Everyone is saying that communication is key. But how about putting this saying onto the nails? Well, our suggestion is to paint your nails into rosewood matt pink. As soon as they dry out, draw chaotic white glossy triangles onto each nail. Cover your nails with the topcoat and enjoy your glorious pink and white nails!

nail designs

"Abso-pinkin´-lutely" Pink and White Nails

The majority would say that polka dot is so yesterday, but we disagree! Paint your nails watermelon pink. Once it's dried, paint some amaranth and lavender dots in chaotic order. Add some white drops to add some uniqueness to the design. This one can really cheer you up out of all the pink and white nail designs.

pink and white nails

"Pink My Valentine" Pink and White Nail Designs

You can add character and style to any pink and white nail designs. Paint your nails ruby pink and paint each nail with white stripes. Pink is the color for dreamers! To add some drama to the design, make the base color matt and glossy white.

pink and white ombre nails

"I Dare You, Pink" and White Nails

Here is another creative idea for pink and white ombre nails. Just paint your nails pink and white, making ruby pink at the base gradually blending into the snow-white at tips. However, what makes this design stand out is the gradient sweater pattern on your ring fingernail. Making the base matt and pattern glossy will have a stunning dramatic effect.

 pink and white nail designs

"One, Two, Three… Pink!" and White Nail Designs

What if you make your pink and white ombre nails in a bit different manner? Think about making your nails pink ombre. Cherry pink at the nail base gradually blending into flamingo pink at tips. Place some white swirls onto both ring fingernails and enjoy yourself wearing these gorgeous pink and white nails!

pink and white ombre nails

"Pinker Bell" Pink and White Nails

You must have loved Tinker Bell starring in the Peter Pan cartoon. So why not use her as an inspiration? Paint your nails into flamingo pink and place some white Tinker Bell stickers onto each nail. Make sure nails are covered with glossy topcoats to add some magic effect to your nails. Another tip that could make these pink and white nails work wonders is adding some gemstones instead of the Tinker Bell sticker onto the ring fingernail.

pink and white nails

"Pink and White, I Did It Right" Nail Designs

This king of the pink and white nail designs has something in common with the mismatched mani and will work with every look. Paint each nail onto your right hand in a different hue of pink. Make sure your left hand is painted white, gradually moving from snow white on the pinkie fingernail to the pastel pink on the thumb fingernail.

pink and white nail designs

If you loved any of the pink and white ombre nails we have listed here, make sure you try them out as soon as possible! And keep in mind: you are the one who can customize any of the pink and white nail designs. You are the one who makes them unique!

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