Pink Nails: 12 Amazing Pink Nail Designs

Pink Nail Polish Ideas: 12 Unique PInk Nail Ideas for Every Occasion That You Will Love!

There are dozens, if not thousands, of beautiful pink nail designs. One could live a life and not try all of them, simply because there are so many. So many pink nail ideas that we feel the urge to list a few to make sure you don't miss out! Sit comfortably, get yourself something tasty to drink, and prepare to enjoy the ride into the mysterious world of pink nails!

"Chaotic, But Cute" Pink Nail Design

Asymmetric pink nail designs have always been on point. Getting the right color for the base: salmon, raspberry, cherry, ballerina dirty, or light pink is a decisive factor. Depending on the basecoat color, you can choose the overall design for your pink nails. Once the base is done, place some white and green asymmetric geometric figures randomly on top to add some character to your mani.

pink nail designs

"But First Let Me Get That Pink Nail Design"

This is one of the most classic and trendy designs at the same time. It works with any outfit and is casual yet creative. Paint your nails bubblegum shiny pink. Once they dry out, paint the right half of the nail vertically raspberry or strawberry pink. This pink nail design will certainly draw all the attention to your pink nails!

pink nails

"Just Look Don't Touch" Pink Nail Ideas

You would think that these pink nails are a typical French mani. Yet, this is partially so. Paint your nails salmon or ballerina pink and change the color of the tip to coral or rosewood. This will definitely make your pink nails look creative!

 pink nail design

"Salmon and Cream cheese Bagel" Pink Nail Designs

Do you love sushi and can't imagine your life without sashimi? Then these pink nail ideas are for you. Paint your nails a matt salmon color. Use the transparent, glossy topcoat to place some random stripes representing the texture of salmon on top. This will give your pink nails a 3D look and add volume.

pink nail ideas

"Strawberry Milkshake" Pink Nails

Putting strawberries in the blender and adding some white Greek yogurt or coconut milk to it is one of the best things on earth. Getting this milkshake after the gym session is so rewarding, and so is getting this pink nail design done! Paint your nails watermelon matt pink and cover the ring fingernail with a glossy topcoat. To make the mani even more festive: put a strawberry sticker in the right upper corner of the ring fingernail.

pink nail polish

"Cherry on Top" Pink Nails

These cherry nails are for a real woman! Is your business running well on top of your private life? If you feel like everything is under control, then go for these cherry pink nails. Go for a matt rosewood color for the base and place a black glossy triangle at the right upper corner of the nail, or go crazy with other black deigns. 

pink nail designs

"Bloody Marry" Pink Nail Designs

Do you love getting a drink on Friday evening? Do you love getting it with your beautiful and fun girlfriends? If you are in awe of the Blood Marry cocktail, then these rosewood matt pink nails are for you.

pink nail polish

"Pink is a New Red" Pink Nail Ideas

There is just something so charming about pink nail designs. Why wouldn't you color your nails flamingo pink? If you want to make your pink nails look even more innocent and cute, we recommend going for the flamingo pink in matt.

 pink nail ideas

"Pinky-Pinky Little Star" Pink Nails

These pink nail ideas are for those who love the challenge! Paint your nails bubblegum pink and add metallic dirty pink star stickers on each nail. Make sure the stars are placed chaotically so that the overall pink nail design is noticeable from afar.

pink nail designs

"I Speak Business" Pink Nail Ideas

Dirty pink nail designs are one of the best to prove that you really speak business. It's not too cute, yet pretty straightforward to explain what you want from the world. Paint your nails dirty pink and make sure it is covered with a glossy topcoat.

pink nail ideas

"Office-Friendly" Pink Nails

Out of all the pink nail ideas, this one stands out due to its office-friendly look. This pastel pink is almost nude yet has a peachy gloss to it. All you have to do is cover the tips diagonally with champagne stripes to make it look fantastically good.

pink nail design

"Leave That To Me" Pink Nails

Cocky, but cute. These ombre pink nail designs are really something. Imagine painting your nails rosewood pink at the base and gradually blending it into flamingo or peach pink at the tips to make it look trendy and cool. Alternatively, start with bubblegum pink at the nail bed and blend it into the pastel pink at the tips to have an evening manicure done!

pink nails

We hope you found any of the pink nail designs that would suit you this season! We bet you would go for more when seeing how cool these pink nails look in real life!

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