Pretty Nail Designs: 10 Prettiest Nail Design Ideas to Try Out!

Pretty Nail Designs for Every Style: Pretty Nail Design Ideas That You Will Love!

Don’t we all love having pretty nails? Nails that would draw attention to them in every room. Nails that would make people acknowledge a flawless taste of yours. Nails that would literally speak for you.

This article will examine some of the pretty nail designs to choose from this season! Do not worry; to look pretty, the design does not necessarily need to be complicated. In this article, we will feature exclusively simple, pretty nail designs. So, make yourself comfortable and bear with us!

Ombre Pretty Nail Designs

This one may not be one of the simple, pretty nail designs, but it is really astonishing. The best thing about Ombre nails is that they always look trendy and breathtaking. One of the pretty nail ideas is when you start with the bright color at the nail bed, gradually blending into the lighter one straight to the nail tip. Another pretty nail design would be doing the reverse. The best shape to go with the ombre nails is a ballerina or square shape.

Pretty nail designs

Sticker Simple Pretty Nail Designs

When talking about simple, pretty nail designs, go for stickers! There is nothing better than stickers if you want to have pretty nails in no time with zero effort. All you have to do is to find the right shape and place the sticker onto your nail. Depending on the sticker type, you might need to check whether you will need the basecoat and a special strong topcoat.

pretty nail design

Asymmetric Pretty Nail Design Ideas

Asymmetric nails equal pretty nails. In case you make any mistake, you can always say it was meant to be so! The base should be any neutral color and should look really light so that you can add some accent with the asymmetric geometric figures.

pretty nail designs

Classic Pretty Nail Design

What could possibly be more classic than having your round nails painted red? This is one of the simple, pretty nail designs, which yet can look very unique. Imagine how many shades of red you could use to make those pretty nails. Cherry, Russian red, strawberry, and salmon-red would work with all the skin tones and would always look rich and royal!

pretty nail design ideas

Creative Pretty Nail Design Ideas

Talking about creative pretty nail designs, one could think of so many! Imagine doing the batman shaped nails, which are not very practical but very creative! Alternatively, you could go for ballerina-shaped nails done with asymmetrical chaotic ornaments on each nail using five colors.

pretty nails

Halloween Pretty Nail Designs

The typical colors of Halloween are orange, black, and white. One of the pretty nail design ideas is painting your nails in glossy orange and placing a skull sticker on the ring fingernail. Alternatively, paint the nails matt orange and place transparent, glossy stripes onto each nail to create the illusion of the pumpkin.

Pretty nail designs

Christmas Pretty Nail Designs

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Right, everyone does! So why wouldn’t you paint your nails red and paint a white Santa’s coat silhouette onto the ring fingernail? Make sure your nails have a square shape, which will make it easier to draw any of the little paintings on them.

pretty nail design

Four Seasons Pretty Nail Designs

No-no, we do not mean the four seasons by Vivaldi. We mean the actual pretty nail design for your fingers! The typical color for winter is white, for autumn-orange and red, for spring- green and pink, and for summer- yellow. So why not combine all the colors, which would create one of the pretty nail designs for all the seasons?

pretty nail designs

Harry Potter Inspired Pretty Nails

Harry Potter is the red nail of the book’s world. It will live through the times, and it is engaging for everyone. And so will be this pretty nail design! However, to go for such a design, you must be a bit braver than the crowd. But we promise your bravery will be fully paid off. Paint your nails black and place a golden Harry’s scar-shaped sticker onto the ring fingernail. Alternatively, you could get yourself some Harry Potter stickers and place them onto each nail.

pretty nail design ideas

Luxury Pretty Nail Design Ideas

If you love high fashion and brands, why wouldn’t you go for the luxury pretty nail design? If you are good at painting, then you could repeat one of the best Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Dior, or Chanel prints. Depending on the mood, you could cover them in matt or glossy topcoat. For those, who are less confident in their skills, we highly recommend getting like-branded stickers. We promise, after decorating your fingers with some golden jewelry, it will give you all the compliments!

pretty nails

We hope you found one or even more pretty nail designs for you! Remember, life is long, and it has a lot to offer, so don’t be shy and not miss out on any of the pretty nail design ideas!

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