Purple Nail Designs: 20 Purple Nail Designs You Will Love

Like Purple Nails? Here Are 20 Great Purple Nail Design Ideas for Every Style!

If you are here, then you're probably a fan of the color purple. We don't blame you purple is a rich glam hue that is often associated with royalty, power, and sophistication. It is a beautiful color that commands respect and it gives off a luxurious appeal. Since you're thinking of getting purple nails, you must be ready for some attention.

Purple pairs well with many colors like green and orange, as well as darker shades like black and blue. Knowing the right purple nail designs can be a challenge. So read more to find out show off on your nails, purple designs that will turn heads. You will also find simple and stylish designs you can try at home.

1. Two-Toned Purple Nails

Why stop at one purple shade when you can have both on your fingers? You can combine a lilac purple hue with a darker shade to create a two-toned nail design. You can also complement the look with glitter and one-color paint on a finger.

purple nail ideas

2. Marble Purple Nails

You can reimagine the marble design on your nails using many different purple hues. A full marble coverage may not be all you need. So you can create a marble accent combined with a bold purple polish.

purple nails

3. Purple Rose

Floral print designs are always a trendy nail style that you can always rely on. You can place a large dark purple rose on light purple nail polish. The purple rose adds an elegant classy touch and it is also a minimalist design.

purple nail designs

4. Purple and Black Combo

One of the most popular trends in purple nail design is the purple and black combinations. You can try a mix and match style with this idea or an ombre approach. You can also include glitter or stickers if you want to add some fun.

 purple nail styles

5. Stormy Cloud

You can create a dark cloud fantasy on your nails with grey and deep purple color tones. If you want to add some drama to this design, you can make jagged silver lines to represent lightning in your stormy cloud look.

purple nail ideas

6. Deep Purple Nails with Glittery Gold Accents

If you’re ready to turn the party, then you can opt for a striking deep purple full cover with gold accents. You can place the glitter at the tip of all of your nails or choose an accent finger for a subtler option. You can also wear this design in long or short sizes in any nail shape depending on your preference.

purple nails

7. Purple Butterfly

Butterflies are a cute, fun, and light nail design you can in the color purple. It combines your preferred purple hue with a classy butterfly accent and it is a very trendy design. You can choose butterfly stickers or stoned butterfly nail art for your accent.

 purple nail designs

8. Purple Gradient

The multicolor nail trend is perfect especially if you cannot decide on one shade of purple. So you can wear all your favorite hues in a simple gradient style.

purple nail styles

9. Purple and Silver Swirls

You can always rely on purple and silver for a dynamite nail design. Swirly designs are fun and they're freestyle art so you can play with your looks. You can include multiple silver swirls or just a single swoop of purple nail polish to complete your look.

purple nail ideas

10. Purple Ombre

You’re can always rely on the ombre style when you're struggling to pick nail designs. You can combine two or purple shades or match them with contrasting colors for your ombre design. You can also incorporate gradient and French shadow styles to create a glamorous look.

purple nail designs

11. Royal Purple

A simple classic plain purple polish is a cute purple nail design. It is also a pretty minimalist option if you want a subdued look.

purple nail ideas

12. Purple Mermaid Nails

Mermaid's nails are bright, cheerful, sparkly, and highly glamourous. You can incorporate as many shiny details with light purple color tones. It's best to go choose a primary color shade on one nail and play around with foil, glitter, and colors for the remaining nails.

purple nail styles

13. Muted Purple

You can opt for a light or dark muted purple texture in your nails in a glossy or matte finish.

purple nail ideas

14. Glossy Purple Stiletto

Whether or not you're a fan of the stiletto shape, you will surely love a shiny glossy combination of deep purple and lilac hues with dark blue undertones. It catches the light and will capture everyone's attention to your nails.

purple nails

15. Blue Purple

While dark purple and lilac are more popular shades in purple nails design, blue-purple is a fresh unique take. The deep periwinkle color is a gorgeous minimalist option. But, you can spruce it up a little by adding silver or gold details to make it more bright and obvious.

purple nail designs

16. Lilac

You can wear a pretty full-on lilac coverage or try a delicate pastel mix with nude and pink pastels. It is a very soft-toned look and is perfect for bright spring weather.
purple nail styles

17. Nude or Negative Space Nails with Purple Tips

Nude and purple combos offer you cute purple nail design ideas like the half and half, or negative space with purple French tips. It’s an all-inclusive look as you can also add glitters and confetti to your tips.

purple nail ideas

18. Amethyst Design

If you’re an amethyst lover then you have an opportunity to recreate this gem on your nails.

purple nails

19. Glitzy Purple Nail Design

This look involves a combination of several intricate sparkly, swirly and shiny designs to create bling, luxurious outlook in the elegant coffin shape. You can include ombre, gradient, and multicolored in your glitzy look.

 purple nail designs

20. Statement Purple Chrome Nail Art Design

Purple with chrome and silver combinations inspires a strong statement design. You can also complete the look with purple nail art stickers and jewels.

purple nail styles

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve seen that you have several style options to choose from, you can finally try the purple nail design. You can select any of these simple to bling looks, to boldly express your style in these purple nail designs.

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