7 DIY Nail Masks You Have to Try!

7 Homemade Nail Masks: Wonderful DIY Masks You Can Easily Make at Home and Enjoy Stronger Nails!

Long nails are one of the indicators of well-groomed women's hands. But we know how difficult it can be to have them strong because they are exposed to daily damaging effects. A simple and proven way of care is the use of various masks. They allow growing nails quickly and significantly improve their condition.

Modern cosmetology offers a considerable number of various nail care products. However, despite their benefits, most of them contain chemicals that can cause allergies. Therefore, it’s much better to make DIY nail masks at home entirely from natural ingredients.
This article has collected the simplest recipes for DIY nail masks to make sure your nails will make you smile and jump from happiness every time you look at them.

Nail mask

Preparation stage

Cosmetologists emphasize the importance to follow specific rules for homemade nail masks to be indeed effective:

1. Before the procedure, remove nail polish, even if it is meant for treatment purposes.
2. Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.
3. To make the skin of the hands softer, make a bath of a decoction with medicinal herbs, for example, calendula or chamomile.
4. Keep your hands in a warm decoction for about 10 minutes.
5. Make sure that all liquids used to make the mask are at human body temperature.
6. Always moisturize your hands with a nourishing cream.

Sea mask

After sea vacation, our nails improve significantly, acquire a healthy shade, and become much stronger. This is an influence of useful minerals and salt that are part of the composition of seawater. You can achieve the same effect at home by making a mask based on sea salt.
  • Take a tablespoon of sea salt and dilute it in half-cup warm water in a small bowl until you get a homogeneous mass. Apply a small portion of the mask on each nail using a soft piece of cloth and rub in gently for 1 minute.
  • Shake off the remaining salt and apply tea tree oil to make your nail s
  • Use no more than 2-3 times a week for stronger nails.
nail masks

Pepper mask

Thanks to the substances of red pepper, this DIY nail mask helps increase blood circulation, leading to active growth and strengthening of the nail.
  • Try it: Mix one teaspoon of essential oils from red pepper, myrrh, and lemon with one tablespoon of sea salt until the salt has dissolved.
  • Soak nails in the solutions and gently rub the mixture into each nail for about 2 minutes.
  • Repeat the same procedure up to 3 times a week to speed up the results.
homemade nail masks

Egg mask

Egg yolks are essential for nail growth since they contain a high sulfur level, whereas honey is an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Mix the yolk with half a teaspoon of natural honey for this homemade mask until you get a smooth paste. Rub this solution into the nail plate and the skin around it and leave it for 10 minutes. Watch some Netflix while your nails are getting the necessary vitamins.
  • Rinse hands thoroughly with warm water or a decoction of chamomile.
nail mask for stronger nails

Lemon mask

This DIY nail mask is mainly used not only to strengthen your nails but also to restore them.
  • Mix up a freshly squeezed lemon juice with olive oil and a decoction of calendula or chamomile in a small bowl. Dip both hands into the bowl and let them chill there for 10 minutes. Rinse and follow up with a moisturizer.
DIY nail mask

Vitamin mask

If your nails are stained or damaged, this DIY nail mask is a perfect solution to recover them. It is prepared based on vitamins A, D, and E, which you can buy at any pharmacy.
  • Mix 100 ml of high-quality olive oil and 15 ml of each of the vitamins. Soak nails in the solution for 15 minutes. After the procedure, wipe your fingers with a soft cloth without washing off the oils.
Nail mask

Coconut oil and cocoa mask

This DIY nail strengthening mask made of cocoa, coconut oil, and honey is able not only to bring life back to your nails but also restore their structure.
  • Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of cocoa powder, 1 tsp of coconut oil, and 1 tbsp of lemon juice until you get a smooth paste. Apply to nails and cuticles and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Then, rinse the mask off with lukewarm water.
nail masks

Olive oil and honey

This type of mask is an excellent alternative to special cuticle oils. Olive and honey perfectly nourish the skin of the hands and nails, thereby improving their general condition and appearance.
  • Combine 1 tsp. olive oil with 1 tsp. honey. Apply the mixture on nails and cuticles. Wash off after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water.
  • Strong nails are a sign of health.
homemade nail masks

Start taking care of your nails now because their condition only worsens with age. Choose your favorite recipes of DIY nail masks and make your nails smile. Be beautiful and shine bright!

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