Spring Nail Designs for a Vibrant Look

Spring Nail Ideas: Freshen Up Your look with Beautiful Spring Nail Designs that You Will Love!

Don’t we all love spring? Spring is one of the best seasons. Spring is the season of hope, love, and appreciation. Animals wake up from the winter`s sleep. The trees and flowers are blooming. Spring is the season of colors, fresh air, and vitamin D. Spring is the season of fresh fruits and vegetables. Spring is the season of warmth and sun! Let all these things serve as an inspiration for the spring nail designs. We have gathered a few to make sure your spring nails are the hit of this season!

“I Love Spring!” Spring Nail Designs

There is nothing simpler than these spring nail designs. All you have to do is find the two trendiest spring nail colors of this season: lime and coral red and go for the ombre nails. The green represents the beginning of the blooming season, and coral red represents the flowers themselves. This mani is perfect for all the spring outfits, and it indeed works best on those who are not afraid to receive some extra attention to their spring nails!

Spring nail designs

“Flowery” Spring Nail Ideas

Doesn’t matter if you were planning on getting your acrylic spring nails or simply want a flowery mani. These spring nail designs work well with both options. The first floral design includes simply getting the set of floral stickers and shaping them on each nail to create one of the easiest spring nail designs. Alternatively, you could risk and go for acrylic spring nails. Simply paint the flowers in typical spring nail colors: yellow ochre, geranium, and lime.

spring nails

“Going Full Vacation Mode” Spring Nail Ideas

One of the typical spring nail ideas is vacation mani! What reminds you more of vacation than the Mykonos blue? The sea or ocean blue color is the perfect spring nail color that would work with any skin color. These spring nails are the best for those who love wearing white outfits and enjoy chilling under the sun!

spring nail colors

“Is It Spring already?” Spring Nails

This is probably one of the easiest spring nail ideas and is perfect for those who are conservative and don’t like experiments. Simply go for peachy pink or flamingo pink nude acrylic spring nails. They would work with every outfit, every skin color, and match with any bag! 

 spring nail ideas

“Easter-ish” Acrylic Spring Nails

Don’t we all love Easter? Go for the lime or mint base coat and paint little white eggs in random order on all acrylic spring nails. Lime is one of the best colors to work with if you plan on drawing something on top of it. If you would not call your hand steady, get yourself some easter stickers and place them on each nail to save you time!

acrylic spring nails

“St. Patrick`s Day” Spring Nail Ideas

Shamrock is the symbol of the spring season! Thousands of people around the world, both in and outside of the UK, celebrate this holiday. Make sure you paint your spring nails in shamrock green and draw the black shamrock silhouette on the ring fingernail. This will add some spice to the design and make it look springy!

Spring nail designs

“As Nude As It Gets” Spring Nails

If you think about it, some nudes such as ivory, dusty rose, and pearl are such spring nail colors! What we mean by it is: that pairing these colors with some bright purple, lime, and coral swirls might be one of the best ideas! These swirls would remind everyone to look at your spring nails and think of confetti. And what is more festive than a party?!

spring nails

“I Love to Love” Spring Nail Ideas

Do you love the “Love Moschino” brand as much as we do? Then these spring nails are for you. Go for the sand color for the base and cover it with strawberry and pink hearts. These spring nail designs would look stylish and appropriate for any spring outside party.

 spring nail colors

“Spring Break is Not Yet Over” Spring Nails

If you are as tired of school and work as we are, you must really enjoy the spring breaks! Spring breaks make it easier for us to return to work and return to the offices. With these spring nail designs, you can prolong the illusion of enjoying the spring break a little longer. Think about lime, buttercup, and coral colors combined in one perfect mismatched mani.

spring nail ideas

“Living My Best Life” Acrylic Spring Nails

These spring nail designs will work great for those who love spring and know how to enjoy it at the luxurious resort. All you have to do is combine any of the spring nail colors of your choice with some golden stripes to create the design which would make you look so stylish and rich! Even if you cannot afford the 5-star hotel, you could still go for these spring nail ideas.

acrylic spring nails
We hope you found your favorite spring nail designs for the next time you hang out with your friends!

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