Summer Nails: 10 Summer Nail Design Ideas to Make Your Nails Stand out in Summer!

Nail Designs for Summer: Get Some Hot Inspo with these Summer Nail Designs!

Don't we all love summer? A time when our hearts get warmer, and our faces spread joy? For some of us, this is when we do not have any classes. Others use summer as an excuse to lay next to the seaside and enjoy life from there. Some people just feel better simply because the sun is out. However, there are two things we all have in common in summer: no vitamin D deficiency and a need for summer nail designs.
Below we have collected some of the best nail designs for summer to save your time!

"Is It Still Summer?" Nail Designs

This is the king of all the summer nail designs for the sole reason: it goes with every summer outfit. Simply because out of all the nail designs for summer, this one stands out. Mismatched nails are extremely trendy this season: paint one nail with swirls, the other with yin yangs, and the rest with polka dots and checkerboards.

summer nails

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" Summer Nail Designs

Inspired by Shakespeare, these summer nails gloss with dark blue, intense green, and yellow colors. Use dark blue as a sky and add green silhouettes for the night trees. Draw a moon on your ring finger on both hands to add some accent to it. Truly an unforgettable mani!

summer nail designs

"Strawberry" Summer Nails

Strawberry milkshake might be one of the most highly demanded things this summer. So why not convert it into one of the nail designs for summer, which you always have at hand? Paint your nails in all shades of pink or simply in ruby red to stand out. The best thing about this mani is that you can't get too much sugar by wearing this beauty!

nails for summer

"Summer Over the Rainbow" Nail Designs

Rainbow is so symbolic. Not only does it support all forms of love, but it also serves as a reminder: there is always a rainbow after the rain. We have thought of two summer nail ideas inspired by the rainbow. First: just paint each nail into its own color of the rainbow. Second: paint each nail with all the rainbow colors at once, in stripes.

nail designs

"Ain't No Sunshine" Summer Nails

Probably one of the simplest summer nail ideas out there: just paint your nails in banana yellow. Make it matt or glossy, and experiment with shapes! This mani would serve as a good reminder that the sun is always shining, at least on your summer nails.

nail designs for summer

"Drop the Mic" Summer Nail Ideas

The true stunner. This one is a true stunner out of all the nail designs for summer. Use the black nail polish as a base and then cover it with silver sparkles to ensure all the people in the room will memorize your summer nails. Coffin-shaped nails will give the right touch to this mani!

summer nail ideas

"Coke Zero" Nails for Summer

Most of us love Coke. Some of us do it secretly, though. Even if we want to keep it healthy, a Coke design will only contribute to it: paint your nails white and add a red coke logo on your ring finger. Alternatively, paint your nails sparkly brown and draw a little piece of lemon on your ring finger.

summer nails

"Vanilla Ice Cream" Summer Nails

Things taste better with vanilla in it. A simple thing, but so remarkable. Just like one of these summer nail ideas: paint your nails with vanilla yellow and use white swirls to keep it icy! This design goes with absolutely everything and will keep your summer nails in the right shape!

summer nail designs

"I Love You, Summer" Nail Ideas

Summer nail ideas are often associated with green, yellow, and pink colors. As these are the colors of blooming flowers. This summer nail design is just an absolute stunner, a bit nostalgic yet quite memorable! Paint all of your nails in green, slowly blending them into yellow. Add some pink dots representing rose blossoms!

summer nail ideas

"Secret Summer" Nail Designs

We've all got secrets. And so do these summer nails, which are perfect for a summer dinner out. Simple black color as a base with some sparkly stars added to it. You can use stickers or paint the stars yourself. Add a little moon sticker on your finger to add some accent to it. The best go-to shapes for this mani are coffin and silhouette.

nails for summer

Having listed all 10 summer nail ideas, we hope you have found something for yourself! We cannot judge if they would go with every outfit and to every occasion, but one thing is certain: all of these nail designs for summer will cheer you up! Keep in mind: summer lasts 90 days, which means you could wear each of the summer nail designs at least once.

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