10 Oval Nails You Have to Try!

A Fan of the Oval Nail Shape? Shake Up Your Mani Routine with These Gorgeous Oval Shape Nail Designs.

Natural look is so in trend today! And what looks more natural than the oval shape nail designs? Having your nails done with one of the oval-shaped nail designs below, we promise that all the eyes will be on you once you enter any room. We know that finding the right design for your oval-shaped nails can be exhausting, but we are here to help! So, sit comfortably and get yourself your favorite hot beverage and let's look at all the oval shape nail designs we have collected for you!

"As Classy as It Gets" Oval Shape Nails

We all go back to two things in our lives: to the roots and to the classics. Fashion repeats itself, but some things like white sneakers and red oval-shaped nails are trendy at all times. So if you don't like to take risks and all you want is nicely done red nails: just go for red. There are so many variations of red: Russian, salmon, strawberry, cherry, wine… Whichever one you go for would make your oval shape nail designs look fantastic.

Oval shaped nails

"Little Parisienne" Oval Shaped Nails

You guessed right. Parisienne or not, these French oval shape nails will work wonders! If you are an artist and you have to complete many things manually, this might be your option! The dirt under your nails would always be seen unless you hide it under the white tip with the beautiful oval shape nail designs.

oval shape nails

"Gustav Klimt" Oval Shape Nail designs

If you love gold as much as we do, then these Gustav Klimt-inspired oval nail-shaped nail designs are for you! It's all about gold and golden patterns that would create the atmosphere of royal luxury. Think about golden print inspired by the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. If you don't have the golden nail polish, get yourself some stickers picturing the most popular designs, and it will do all the magic!

oval shape nails

"Bonnie and Clyde, but without Clyde" Oval Shaped Nail Designs

Just like the movie implies, these oval-shaped nails are as extra as it gets, yet not too loud. Paint one hand with glossy black nail polish and the other one with glossy white nail polish. Black and white are literally the first colors that look good with oval nail shapes.

oval shape nail designs

"I Don't Play Chess, but I Love Checkers" Oval Shape Nails

If you love playing chess or checkers and have an artsy way of self-expression, then these oval shape nails are for you! Checkered oval-shaped nails will always look stylish. They are always trendy, and they will always be! Even though some people say that the best shape to go with checkered nails is square, we personally think that going for the oval nail shape might give that optic illusion of your nails having a 3D design.

oval-shaped nail designs

"Messy but Cute" Oval Shape Nails

Mismatched oval-shaped nails are great for those who love chaos and are overwhelmed with choice. If you hate choosing and love having it chaotic, then display this with your cute oval shape nails and make them look just like you want.

oval-shaped nail designs

"Poker" Oval Shape Nail Designs

Do you love playing cards? Do you love winning? Then why not paint oval shape nails white and draw little Aces on your fingernails? If that is still not enough, you could add little red or black hearts on your thumber fingernails.

 oval nail shape

"Ready to Fight" Oval Shape Nails

If you are short-tempered and you love it, then why not go for these stunningly beautiful oval-shaped nail designs? Paint your oval-shaped nails black and place a fire sticker onto your ring fingernail. To add the sparkles to the flame, cover your oval shape nails with a glossy topcoat.

oval shape nails

"God Bless the High Fashion" Oval Shaped Nail Designs

Do you love sparkly things and sparkly fashion? Do you love going for the total metal look? Then these oval-shaped nail designs are for you! Get yourself a silver/metal nail polish and paint your nails as neat as you can. Oval-shaped nail designs that shine with silver are a must for those who are so deep in fashion they can't resist!

oval-shaped nail designs

"The Future is Ours" White Oval Shaped Nails for Peace

White is the color of freedom and peace. White is the color of free will. White is the color of quiet and calm. And it works with everything. So, if you love peace and everything that has to do with it, then this nail design is right for you. All you have to do is paint your oval shape nails white and hope for the best!

oval shape nail designs

We hope that any of the oval-shaped nail designs we have listed above would suit you! If you loved more than one design, make sure to try all of them!

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