10 Popular Nail Designs to Get to Know

Must-Try Nail Trends: Discover the 10 Most Popular Nail Designs that You Have to Try!

In a world that is constantly changing, and everyone is constantly on the go, the only thing remains the same: your love for trendy nail designs. Out of hundreds of the existing popular nail designs, you must find those ultimate 10 that would always keep your nails lit. Therefore, we have selected the ultimate 10 popular nail designs in this article, to make sure your nails will make you smile every time you look at them.

“Russian Red” Popular Nail Designs

Red…The color of passion and fierce, the color of love and hate, the color of the flame and fiery, it always looks good. Burgundy, Ferrari, cherry, or imperial red would always top the nail trends lists. Don’t be shy and go for the totally glossy red nail designs. If you want to add some conservative classic vibe to them: make them matt or leave the right side of your trendy nails glossy. However, if that still does not sound like enough for you, try one of the most popular nail designs in red: an ombre. Simply blend Ferrari red into a salmon or scarlet red color at tips and enjoy the looks your fans would give your nails!

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“I Love It French, Baby” Trendy Nail Designs

What could be possibly more fashionable than the French trendy nails? French nail trends have always been classics. However, what makes them trendy is the nail shape, the color selection, and the features. Whether you go with the nude peach color for the base or the Sakura pink one will only add some character to your nails. One of the best shapes for the nail trends of this season is the stiletto or coffin shape. If this doesn’t sound inspiring enough for you, try going for the French ombre, and blending the white in instead of drawing the fine line.

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“Niagara Falls” Ombre Trendy Nails

Blue nails are always the trendy nails. Blue is the color that calms everyone down, so imagine going for this stunning ombre design blending out the ocean blue into a light turquoise color at tips. You would certainly look like a Frozen Princess. Another idea would be trying to paint your nails dark blue and draw some bright blue swirls on top of it.

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“Polka Dots Make My World” Nail Trends

Are you the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in every company? Are you that someone who loves being on spot and enjoys the attention? Then these popular polka dot nail designs are definitely for you. Don’t limit yourself with colors and simply go with the flow!

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“Row Row Row Your Boat” Nail Designs

Mykonos blue is the color that wouldn’t leave a single soul cold-hearted. Now think about painting your nails white and placing different geometrical figures in the chaotic order onto each nail. Make sure you put some yellow gold accessories onto your fingers to add some charm to it.

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“Cat Eye Will Make You Cry” Trendy Nails

Cat-eye is probably one of the most popular nail trends of the 21st century. Equally mysterious and beautiful, these cat-eye trendy nails can just add a spark to any look. The design itself is notable for its diagonal line placed through the middle of your nail, copying the line on the cat-eye itself!

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“Orange Is the New Black” Trendy Nail Designs

Orange is such a fashionable color, and you could find it everywhere simply because it adds character to every look. The same goes for nails. The majority of the most popular nail designs go for bright orange color as the base. Orange works perfectly with black strips or swirls, depending on your mood. Make sure the shape you go for with this trendy nail design is either lipstick or coffin.

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“Simply on Point” Popular Nail Designs

Black and white checkers board trendy nail designs have always had a special place at the hearts of the most prominent fashion divas. Checkerboard's trendy nail designs would simply look flawless and work with every outfit: classic or artsy!

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“I am the Trend-Setter, You are the Trend-Follower “Nail Trends

Go for metal glossy stripes, stickers, gems, and make sure you add as much as you want on your trendy nails. We recommend going for standard base colors like black, white, or nude to have the decorations shine brighter! The best nail shapes to go with these popular nail designs are almond and coffin ones!

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“Baby, It´s Too Cold Outside” Trendy Nails

These trendy nail designs would work perfectly in colder seasons. Painting 3d sweater patterns on your trendy nails would always keep you warm. The ultimate color for the sweater pattern is white or beige, however, you can experiment and make it any color you wish, because you are the one who keeps these popular nail designs trendy!

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Having got familiar with all the nail trends of this year, we hope you have found the best of the popular nail designs for you! Don’t hesitate to try more than one design to have your nails always on point!

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