10 Ways to Shape Your Nails

Shaping Nails at Home: Learn How to Shape Nails at Home with These Must-Try Tips.

Let me break it for you: people judge the book by its cover. They do care about your look, and fortunately or not, it does have a say in many of the decisions people make. Now, we know that it is all about the details, and what is more decisive than having your nails done? Even if you are too busy to book an appointment at the nail salon and too busy to paint them, shaping nails will do half the job for you!

This article will break down the following for you: how to shape nails of any shape and define which shape is right for you. Before picking how to shape your nails, you have to look at the form of your cuticle area. If your cuticle area is more rounded, shaping nails round or oval would suit you most. If it is wider and more squared, then the answer is shaping nails square or lipstick would do you a great job!

Round Nail Shapes

When looking at how to shape natural nails: think about round! Round nail shapes work best with long fingers that do not require to be prolonged visually. Shaping nails round is not the best idea if you have smaller palms! We recommend watching a few online tutorials on how to shape nails round to better understand how to do it correctly.

How to shape nails

Oval Nail Shapes

Choose to shape your nails oval if you have long fingers! It is one of the best nail shapes you can go for when thinking about how to shape natural nails. The best thing about oval nail shapes is that they will never jeopardize the life of your tights! Shaping nails oval is also suitable for those who don't like radical opinions.

Square Nail Shapes

Shaping nails square not only will make your nails look great, but it will also make your fingers look way longer visually! Google a few video or illustration tutorials explaining how to shape natural nails square and make it right.

Stiletto Nail Shapes

You may have seen Doja Cat or Rita Ora wear these beautiful stiletto nail shapes. All you have to do is file your nails so that the pointed tips of your nails look sharp. This, in turn, will make your nails look absolutely stunning. You might also wonder how to shape natural nails stiletto-like? It might be a problem because your natural nails must be very long and strong to keep the shape in form.

how to shape natural nails

Almond Nail Shapes

Fashion is repeating itself. So, if you wonder what can make you look closer to Rihanna from the 2000s, well, maybe shaping nails almond might be the best option for you. The only way we can describe shaping your nails oval is to aim at the shape somewhere between stiletto and oval. If you still question how to shape your nails to have an almond shape, ask your nail technician for help.

Coffin Nail Shapes

How to shape your nails for some costume party like Halloween? Well, it might be good to aim for the coffin shape. Coffin shapes used to be trending in popularity some time ago, but they are among the best ones for those who love to play it wild and fun. Additionally, one of the easiest ways how to shape natural nails coffin is to slightly amend the square nail shape.

Lipstick Nail Shapes

Whenever thinking about how to shape nails lipstick, you need to find the best way to make sure your nails are not fragile. Lipstick nail shapes are the best! Fragile and soft nails will not be able to withstand a lipstick nail shape.

how to shape your nails

Batman Nail Shapes

Ha-ha, this one is perfect for those who are DC fans! Listen closely if you wonder how to shape your nails like a miniature version of Batman. Imagine we are aiming at the reverse round. It's fun and cool, but shaping nails with this form might challenge those who love wearing tights, cooking, or painting. Keep in mind that your nail's shape will be not practical in everyday life. Pretty much any activity that actively involves your palms will be challenging.

Ballerina Nail Shapes

If you wonder how to shape natural nails to have a ballerina shape: do the following. File the sides of the nail straight. Remember that it is important to file your nails not too round and not too buffer. These ballerina nail shapes will look gorgeously if you keep them separate from the concise lines. Once this is done, file the tip flat, converging the sidelines towards the edge.

We hope you have found the nail shape that suits you most! Look at how to shape your nails closely with the chosen shape and think about giving your nails one of the best shapes you ever had! And remember: nails grow, and so does your skillset with every shape you make.

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