What Type of Nail Styles Are There? 25 Nail Styles to Know About

The Best Nail Styles: Check Out the Unlimate Nail Shapes and Nail Styles!

One of the best things about nail art or nail design is that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Nail styles evolve with the seasons so you can transition from summer designs to fall styles effortlessly. Many new trends in nail art are used by manicurists every day.
Whether you’re trying DIY and seeking a simple design to paint on your nails or you're a budding nail artist ready to take a new challenge, you’ll find inspiration from our different nail designs. From minimalist colors to funky intricate patterns, you’ll also get ideas on what type of nail styles are fit for different occasions.

1. Half and Half

One of the easiest nail designs you can try out as a beginner is the half and half style. It appears as a contrast of two colors closely placed together. You can choose to be creative and use two different sets of colors for each finger.

Nail style

2. French Tips

You can recognize the traditional French manicure by the white nail polish placed across the nail’s tip. It is a very classy look that represents elegance and is worn by sophisticated people. If you want to add some drama, you can opt for another color for the tip apart from the classic white polish.

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3. Glitter Stripes

From minimalist to elevated styles, glitter stripes are a favorite for many manicure lovers. You can go with the one stripe look or place many stripes horizontally or vertically, depending on what you prefer. It works for all occasions, especially a night out with friends.

nail shapes

4. Pastel

Going with pastel is never a bad idea and it’s a common summer nails trend. You can choose the one-color look or the mix & match style. There are many pastel nail ideas to choose from so you can’t run out of options with this style. You can also come with your own unique design for your pastel manicure.

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5. Neutral

This design is perfect for anyone seeking a manicure that appears more natural. It involves a blend of nude or neutral colors that closely look like your natural nails. Neutral nails go with any outfit and work for business casual as well as cocktail parties.


6. Thermal Manicure care

It is a graphic look that is created with bright flashy colors that will definitely draw attention to your nails. It is also a recent look that has been worn by many celebrities. If you love to keep up with fashion trends then this is a style you must try.


7. Print Styles

This traditional print style is defined by animal prints, mostly leopard prints. But there are other animal prints such as puppy paw prints you can opt for. You can also use logo ideas instead of the usual animal print.

Nail style

8. Speckled Nails

It’s a design that can be achieved with no rules so you can go as crazy as you want. If you’re in the mood for a playful, casual design then speckled nails are right for you.

nail styles

9. Pink Chrome

Pink nails have made a comeback in recent nail fashion trends and from the looks of it, they're here to stay. Pink is one color that can tell different stories with different shades. So you can choose from simple baby pink to bright Fuschia pink depending on what story you’re trying to tell.
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10. Candy Nails

We sure do love our candy and what's better than nails that look sweet enough to eat? Candy nails are a pretty fun trend that has stolen the hearts of many long nail lovers. If you're tired of regular, boring nails then candy nails will offer you the adventure you crave.

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11. Stoned Nails

They’re a fun option for jewel lovers who are not afraid to try bold and flashy designs. It has been worn on many occasions by celebrities such as Cardi B.


12. Abstract lines

It involves using shape blocks and squiggly lines to make erratic designs that resemble abstract paintings.


13. Graphic Nails

You can go for this visually artistic editorial look made with bold lines and graphic colors.

Nail style

14. Marble Nails

Marble nails are a chic, artistic style with many design options. For this water marble nails is a favorite look of ours.

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15. Quartz

Quartz nails are very similar to marble nails but it mimics the crystal form. It is a very hip and trendy design we're sure you'd love.

nail shapes

16. Gradient Nails

This fashion-forward design is also called rainbow nails and it involves using many separate shades of a single color to form a multi-colored pattern.
nail shapes

17. Negative Space

This is a simple look that shows off your natural nails with a splash of color and anyone can pull off.

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18. Polka Dots

It offers you a chic and creative option you can play around with using any color and design of your choice.


19. Paint Splatter

This is a fun and beautiful design any modern person will love to pull off.


20. Chevron

This is a rare manicure that gives you a sharp-edgy look and there are many fun chevron designs you can try out.

Nail style

21. Jelly

Jelly nails are a subtle throwback to 90s fashion that is defined by sheer glass-like nails with their three-dimensional look.

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22. Ombre Art

This new technique in nail design involves the gradual infusion of two colors to form a single pattern.

nail shapes

23. Technicolour

You can come up with your own patterns and color matches with this design. It is a fun creative style that helps you express yourself.


24. MatteNails

Cute, elegant, sexy are all words that perfectly describe this design. Matte nails create and they work with all lengths, shapes, and styles.

Nail style

25. Floral Nails

Floral nails are a pretty and delicate design if you’re trying to achieve a cheerful spring look.

nail styles

Bottom Line

Nail art inspires creativity and innovation which is what art is all about. Every day, new trends in nail design come up and more nail styles aren't on this list. Be sure to try out any of the styles in this post and use our tips as you recreate looks.

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