Valentine's Day Nail Ideas for the Most Romantic Day of the Year

Valentine's Day Nail Designs: Get Into a Romantic Mood with the Cutest Valentine's Day Nail Ideas.

Oh, that day when love is in the air! Every café, bar, and restaurants are packed with loving couples who share the meal. All the cinemas are crowded with people who can't stand a chance to take the tickets to the last row to make it even more romantic. Every single store in the town offers the best romantic red sweaters and so much more to make every single thing about that day so memorable. Obviously, your nails would need to keep up on this Valentine's Day, so check out our best selection to save yourself some time for the real preparations:

"Cheesy Version of Me" Valentine's Day Nails

Nail ideas for Valentine's Day can be extraordinary and… well, tolerably cheesy. The only day when you will not be judged for screaming about your love and making the world aware of it and you in it precisely. Therefore, we advise using ballet slipper pink and drawing little red hearts on it. If it doesn't work with drawing, just use the stickers instead.

Valentine's Day

"Code RED" Valentine's Day Nail Designs

Since red and rose are the colors of all the nail ideas for Valentine's day, we suggest doing ombre gradually moving from dark red to pastel pink on tips. If this doesn't sound like you, try a vertical ombre, this will make your nails stand out from the crowd or those who decided to go with the regular ombre for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day nails

"Roses Are Red, Violets Are Rose" Nail Ideas for Valentine's Day

Yes, you read it correctly. The violets are rose indeed in these Valentine's Day nails. Paint your nails in rosewood or strawberry red and place a sticker representing pink violets on your nail. Think about all the attention you will win when passing the salt to your better half during that romantic dinner.

Valentine's day nail ideas

"I'll Love You Forever" Valentine's Day Nails

Such a simple yet romantic message on your Valentine's day nails might say it all for you! As simple as that: just paint your nails in blush or flamingo pink. Paint the black "I" letter on your middle fingernail. Place the red heart sticker on your ring fingernail, and draw the curvy "U" on your pinkie fingernail.

valentine's day nail designs

"Isn't She Lovely" Valentine's Day Nails

She certainly is lovely, especially if she goes for these Valentine's day nail designs. Use a stiletto shape for your nails. Paint the right half of each nail in light flamingo pink. The left part must be covered with Russian red. Once your nails dry out, use the silver line to place on the intersection between the two.

Valentine's Day

"Be My Valentine" Nail Ideas

Some of us haven't found a better half on this Valentine's day, yet many would love to have it. So why not do that with beautiful Valentine's Day nail ideas. Go for an almond shape and paint your nails in peach pink with orange-red tips, just like you would in a French mani.

 Valentine's day nails

"I Am Better When I'm With You" Valentine's Day Nails

Don't we all want to find someone who makes us feel better about ourselves? Well, if you haven't yet tried your chances with any of the candidates, you can certainly do so with these Valentine's Day nails. Paint your nails lipstick red and cover them with sparkly pink glitter. This will create a 3d effect, making your nails look on point.

 Valentine's day nail ideas

"Sparkly Love" Valentine's Day Nail Ideas

Yet, this day is all about glooming with love and respect. Just as the rest of the couples put a smile on their face, do that with glitter. Just paint your nails in red and cover them with red glitter to make sure you glow the most! If that still does not sound enough, put some white dots on your ring fingernail.

 nail ideas for Valentine's Day

"Let's Keep it Casual" Nail Ideas for Valentine's Day

"Hey, I just wanted you to know, it's not you, it's me. And it's complicated… do you think we can keep it casual?" All of us get this kind of text every now and then for Valentine's day. With these Valentine's day nail designs, you could show everyone you are enough. Paint your nails glossy black and add some red and white gemstones on your ring fingernail.

Valentine's day nail ideas

"Leave Me Alone on the Valentine's Day" Nails

At the end of the day, not all of us love to spend this Valentine's day in the company. Some of us just want to keep it as we would on the rest of the calendar days. If that sounds like you, go for coffin-shaped snow-white nails. And place a little red heart on your ring fingernail as a symbol of self-love.

Valentine's day nail designs

We hope you loved all of Valentine's day nail designs, as all of them would go with any of your outfits. Having one red accessory on your look would make all of Valentine's day nail ideas presented in this article work!

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