What is a Nail Buffer? Here is How it Works Magic

Nail buffer use and routine: find out what is a nail buffer and how to use a nail buffer to get healthy nails.

If you have ever been to a nail salon, you have probably noticed all the different tools that the nail technician uses. Among those tools is the 4-sided nail buffer that can work magic on your nails. While it may look simple, this staple manicure tool has several important roles. To enjoy the benefits of the nail buffer, you should first know what it is, and how to use a nail buffer properly.

What is a nail buffer used for?

The main goal of a nail buffer is to buff the nails. Nail buffing is running or polishing your nails with various grits. When you buff your fingernails and toenails, they will look shinier and have a more even consistency. There are several types of nail buffers, and most women purchase the simple version, which has 2 sides. If you want to get the best results and get strong, healthy, and shiny nails – you should use a 4-grit buffer from time to time.

What is the grit of a nail buffer?

A grit of a nail buffer refers to how corase the grit is; the higher the grit number – the softer the buffer. The lower the grit – the coarser the buffer. When you purchase a nail buffer, check the grit number on the package or the buffer itself:

80/80 grit

This is the coarsest nail buffer grit; it is used to remove various products from nails, such as gel nail polish or nail glue. You should not use this grit on bare nails, or if you have a thin layer of product on your nails. It will damage the top layer of your nails and weaken them.

what is a nail buffer

A 100-grit nail buffer is used to shape the nails and shorten them when necessary.

150 grit

A 150-frit nail buffer is used to shape the nail and file the surface of the nails. If you need to, you can use this grit to remove the product from your nails.

180 grit

A 180 frit nail buffer is used to contour the nail in its entirety. This prep allows the application of products onto the nails, and you can also use it to shape natural free edges or to shorten the nails.

240 grit

Mainly used to prepare the nails before applying nail polish – especially UV gel nail polish.

What does a nail buffer do?

A four grit nail buffer, also known as a buffer block, is intended to shape your nails and make them grown stronger. A buffer block will shape, smooth, and make your nails shine. To get these results, you should only use a professional and quality buffer.


How to buff nails at home?

If you can't always get to the nail salon, you can buff your nails at home. Use a quality 4-sided buffer to get the best results. Also, follow these nail buffing steps:

  • Clean and dry your nails before you begin. If your nails are wet, they can chip or break when you buff them.
  • If you have nail polish on your fingers, remove it or traces of nail polish.
  • Before you buff your nails, trim them to the desired length.
  • File or buff your nails to the desired shape.
  • Start buffing your nails with the coarsest side of the nail buffer. The most important thing when you do this is to buff your nails in one direction only. Buffing them back and forth will damage and crack your nails.
  • Continue buffing your nails with the 3 other sides of the block buffer. Go from the lowest grit number to the highest to get the best results.
  • Wipe off nail extracts with a soft cotton cloth or pad.
what is a nail buffer used for

How often should you buff your nails?

Buffing too often will leave your nails weak and brittle. For the ideal results, you should buff your nails at least once a month, but no more than once a week. To complete the at-home manicure, you should apply a cuticle conditioner that will nourish your nails.

Bottom line

Buffing your nails regularly supports nail health and strength. You can pamper yourself with a professional manicure from time to time, and also do one at home. Buffing is a key part of manicures, and you should follow the instructions we mentioned here.

For the best results, try the TrySprig nail kit that contains a professional-grade buffer block. The kit includes replacement strips, so you can renew your buffer block whenever necessary. The all-natural, cruelty-free cuticle cream by TrySprig will nourish your nails, and make them look better than ever.

Nail buffing is key, especially if you apply nail polish or wear false nails regularly. When purchasing a buffer, check the grits and buff your nails gently. You will notice positive changes quickly, and your nails will become healthier with time.


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