White Nails: 9 White Nail Design Ideas for Every Occasion

White Color Nail Designs: Decorate Your Nails with the Coolest Color: the Perfect White Nail Designs Are Waiting Right Here!

Are you looking for the ultimate mani that will work with every outfit and be suitable for every occasion? Or do you just want to keep it classy, casual, yet not red? If so, think white! White nail polish works with absolutely all nail designs you can think of! This is why white color nail designs are always trendy. We have collected the most stylish white nail designs to facilitate your choice!

“Snow White” Nails

Did you know that the typical colors of Snow White, namely yellow, blue, and black, work perfectly with white? Use white nail polish for the base and style the tips of your nails with blue, yellow, and black. We are sure these white nails will match with every outfit!

white nails

“Snowflake“White Nails

Ah, snowflakes! Haven’t we all loved them as kids? Well, to continue the tradition, style your nails with them as an adult. White color nail designs are rising in popularity, so painting your nails with white nail polish and adding some 3d snowflake onto your ring finger might give it a nice touch!

white nail designs

„Frozen“ White Nails

This one must top the list of the white color nail designs simply because it makes a grown-up queen feel like a princess again. Think about the white nail polish base highlighted with the light blue swirls. If that does not sound enough, think of adding some gloss to it with the help of metallic colors.

nail designs

„Snowballs onto Your White Nails “

If you are not a fan of throwing snowballs, why not just choose a safer path? It cannot get simpler than that: just paint many light blue circles on the top of the white nail polish base. Add some shadow to it to make it look even more extraordinary.

 white color nail designs

„Sweater“ White Nails

Sweater patterns are classics. They work with any outfit, and so does the white nail polish. Sounds like a perfect combo to you? Well, it indeed is. Adding some gems to this mani will not be a bad idea. It will add some charm and festiveness to the overall nail look. However, the sweater nail designs should not always be white. Sweater patterns can be made with pretty much any color. Among all the white nail designs, this one will surely be liked by everyone.

white nail polish

„Cruella de Vil“ White Nails

Speaking of white-color nail designs, why not add some character to them? Don’t we all have two sides: good and bad ones? There is literally no better mani out of all the white nail designs to demonstrate it better. Paint one hand with white nail polish and the other one with black to reveal your authentic self to this world, or mix up the colors for a chic look.

white nails

„Chess“ Nail Designs

Chess or checkers is a never-ending question. However, there is one thing they have in common. As always, use white nail polish as a base and cover it with either brown or black files and ranks. Just like in chess. It might be a bit time-consuming, but we are sure it is for sure worth it!

nail designs

„Cloudy“ White Nail Designs

Every single one of us is a dreamer to a certain extent. And dreamers are known to keep their heads in the clouds. And there is nothing wrong about it until your feet reach the ground, they say. But what if we take the clouds onto the nails? One of the few ways to do that is to paint your nails into the white nail polish as a base color and place some blue cloud stickers onto every finger. Alternatively, you could switch colors and leave the base blue and white clouds.

 white color nail designs

„Vanilla Icing“ White Nail Designs

If you are also a sweet tooth and love muffins and cupcakes to bits, this nail design is for you. Get yourself some muffin stickers for nails. Paint your nails with white nail polish, and while waiting for it to dry, proceed with the most challenging part. Cut the icing out of every muffin sticker and place it at the tip of your nail. You guessed it right: it will be a French-muffin manicure. Once you have set the sticker, cover your nails with a solid topcoat. The only obstacle you might encounter with this mani is time. It is indeed time-consuming, but you are worth it after all!

white nail polish

We know how challenging it might be to choose just one between all the white color nail designs. This is why we have gathered all the best nail designs for you to choose from. Keep in mind, even if you still cannot decide, just try one at a time. In this case, we have saved you countless hours by choosing your next ultimate white color nail design. If you loved any of the white nail designs, feel free to share them with your friends!

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