Why Do My Nails Keep Breaking?

Suffering from Weak Nails? Here is Why Your Nails Are Breaking and Growing Properly.

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve had a beautiful manicure and your nails break? Broken nails happen to everyone now and again but it can be a very frustrating event. But if it's occurring to you regularly, it's normal to ask the question, 'why do my nails keep breaking?' Some people have weak brittle nails which can be caused by several factors and a sign of a health issue.

According to dermatologist Dr. Christa M. Tomc, your skin, hair, and nails reveal a lot about what’s going on inside our bodies. They also give us clues on whether or not our everyday lifestyle choices and diets are quite right. Our nails say a lot about our health and it’s important to pay attention to what’s going on with your nails.

Healthy fingernails are smooth and have a consistent coloring but with brittle nails, your nails split or break easily. Learning what causes brittle nails is the first step to preventing your nails from breaking all the time. Keep reading to learn from our experts on different reasons why your nails may be breaking.

Why do my nails keep breaking

Overexposure to Moisture

Moisture can also cause brittle nails and make the nail more prone to breaking, bending, or splitting. It can occur when scrubbing dishes frequently as such exposure to water and soap can cause the nails to be brittle. According to Kristina Saindon (CND ambassador), frequently putting your hands in water can cause strains on your nails.

In addition, chemicals in cleaning soap have a drying effect which causes your nails to break easily. And while washing your hands helps to prevent the spread of germs, it can cause your nails to dry out and become weak. It has the same effect as when you shampoo your hair without conditioning which causes the hair to dry out and break.

Michelle Saunders, a nail care expert recommends that you use moisturizer to rehydrate your hands and nails after washing. Your nails need the extra moisture from moisturizer and you should apply it on your hands regularly. You can carry a hand moisturizer with you as you go about your daily affair and this will help to reduce your nail breakage drastically.

breaking nails

You’re Filing Your Nails The Wrong Way

Another reason why your nails keep breaking may be because you're not filing properly. There is a right direction to nail filing and filing wrongly can cause split nails. If the nail file is too rough, it can pierce the nail cuticle and make it weak. It's better to use a glass file or a quality file with fine coarse grit. If you're using e-files wrongly, it can also cause damage.

You have to ensure that you move your e-file around when filing to keep the file from heating up the nails. The heat can weaken the nails and cause them to bend or break. The correct way to file is to file in one direction and go in from the outside corner. You have to be careful not to jag the free edge, to prevent the nail from chipping and breaking.

Protein Deficiency

According to a clinical nutritionist, Filip Koidis, RD, brittle nails are often a sign of poor nutrition. He states that brittle nails are commonly associated with protein deficiency or iron deficiency, especially in the female population. Protein offers benefits to your entire muscles and not just your muscles. Food rich in protein offers nutritional support for your nails and aid in the formation of keratin.

You have to make sure you eat lean protein meals like chicken, fish, lentils, beans, and nuts. You can also improve your iron intake by adding lemon, lime, or vinegar to your meals. The acidity in these foods can increase your iron nutrient by up to 40%. However, you have to make sure you ensure you eat a well-balanced meal to ensure that no other vitamin deficits can damage your nail strength.

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Too Much Nail Polish

This is not saying that nail polish is toxic for your nails, many people with weak nails use polish to harden their nails and reduce breaking. But chemicals and ingredients in nail polish such as toluene and formaldehyde may cause your nails to weaken over time. Wearing gel or acrylic nails means your nails have to be filed down which can cause peeling or breaking.

Dr. Tomc states further that nail treatments that involve drilling or scraping can dehydrate the nail plate and cause microtrauma or breakage. Some nail removal processes can also be damaging to the nails. To fix this, you can apply cuticle oil to your nails daily. Also, opt for moisture-friendly nail polish that's safer and less harsh on your nails.

Vitamin Deficiency

As stated earlier, your diet habits tell on every part of your body. If you’re still asking, ‘how do my nails break?’ you may be lacking some essential vitamins. The National Institutes of Health provides that biotin which is a form of vitamin B aids nail health and growth. There is no reliable medical test so diagnosis is often based on symptoms and signs of change after taking supplements.

Apart from biotin deficiency, deficiency in iron, Vitamin C, D, Or E may also cause brittle nails. You can develop a healthy balance of foods rich in Vitamin B such as eggs, nuts, legumes, mushrooms, and whole grains. If your diet preference won't accommodate these foods, then you can try taking daily supplements instead, to fix your vitamin deficiency.

On A Final Note

Your nails tell on what is going on inside your body and your life in general. If you work with your hands and regularly carry out strenuous activities like exercise, you may experience chipped or cracked nails. However, constant breaking nails may result from any of the other factors stated above.

You can also begin to solve your nail problems with the expert tips and advice that we’ve provided. If you’ve also tried several fixes and your condition doesn’t improve, you can consult your healthcare professional for more information. Remember, that it’s important to take care of yourself and avoid stress as this also helps to prevent breaking nails.

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