Here is Why Your Nails Weaken After Gel Polish Removal

Damages of gel nail polish removal: learn why nails break after gel polish removal, and how to prevent damages to your nails!

Why Do Nails weaken After Gel Polish Removal?

Gel nail polish may look great, but when done improperly, it can wreak havoc on your natural nails. In many cases, the removal of gel polish, which requires the use of chemicals, can make your nails weak and fragile. That is why it is important to let a professional nail technician do the removal, or carefully do it at home by yourself. To avoid weak nails, you need to know why nails weaken after gel polish removal, and these are the reasons why:

Overly "caring" for your nails

If you are one of the people that cannot go a day without nail polish on your fingertips, try to break the habit. Gel nail polish is great from time to time, but you also need to let your nails have a break from the routine. Nails need to get oxygen every once in a while, and a constant blockage by gel nail polish can damage them. Your cuticles also need a breather, so skip on gel polish renewal from time to time and leave your nails bare. During that time, you should treat your hands with a quality moisturizer and a cuticle cream/oil that will give the skin and nails the healthy boost they need.

Why Do Nails Weaken After Gel Nail Polish Removal

Not removing gel nail polish properly

Just like the application of gel nail polish, its removal also takes time and patience. In the first step, nails need to be soaked in acetone/nail polish remover for several minutes. The nail polish remover, which is a detergent, dissolves the gel nail polish and makes it easier to remove the polish. However, when you do not wait long enough for the nail polish remover to do its job and you scrape the gel nail polish, you are damaging your nails.

Peeling gel nail polish is a big no-no as it causes the removal of the top layer of the nails, leaving them weak and fragile. So, when it's time to remove your gel nail polish, either at home or at a nail salon, soak your fingertips in nail polish remover for several minutes before moving on to the next steps in the removal process.

Not soaking off properly

To make gel nail polish removal even more efficient, your nails should be covered with foil soaked in acetone. Wrapping the foil around the nails makes the acetone-soaked cotton pads stay in place, thus dissolving the gel nail polish. Afterward, the gel nail polish should be removed thoroughly and carefully as to not harm the nails. When skipping this step, your nail can become brittle and fragile.

Gel Nail Polish

Leaving the nail polish for too long

To make gel nail polish stay in place, several chemicals are used, along with a UV/LED lamp. When chemicals stay on your nails for too long, they can damage your nails, which is why it is important to remove gel nail polish in time.

Not only that; when gel nail polish stays on for too long, it begins to lift; when this happens, there is a space between your nails and the gel nail polish where bacteria and fungi begin to grow. To prevent this from happening, you should remove gel nail polish after 3 weeks of application. Also, as mentioned above, you should also avoid renewing your gel nail polish right after you remove it. Give your nails time to breathe and become healthy.

How to Treat Nails After Gel Nail Polish?

So, you have removed the gel nail polish, and you want to make your nails stronger and healthier. To do so, you don't have to break the bank on pricy products. Instead, purchase a few basic nail care products that will last for long. A quality nail strengthener will make your nails strong and healthy, and it is a must after gel nail polish removal.

Also, using a quality cuticle cream will give your cuticles the moisture and nourishment they need, and it is a must in your cosmetics drawer. A hand and nail moisturizer can also do wonders, especially in weather that dries your hands, so add that to the list.

Nail Care

To prevent further damages to your nails, you should also use gloves when washing dishes or using cleaning supplies. These products contain detergents that are harmful to your nails, so you should avoid them whenever possible by wearing gloves.

Gel nail polish makes your nails look great, but it can also be very damaging to your nails. When removing gel nail polish, you have to make sure it is done properly, otherwise, your nails will become weak and frail. Just follow the necessary steps for gel polish removal or make sure your nail technician is following them properly, and your nails will stay strong and healthy.

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