Frequently Asked Questions

What Ingredients are Used in Sprig's Products?

Sprig’s lotion and cuticle conditioning cream are 100% natural. They are manufactured based on advanced water technology and Hot Spring Minerals to ensure organic, long-term effects.

Do You Offer Discounts on Sprig Products?

Due to high demand, currently, we do not offer any discounts, except for select sellers who have pre-ordered inventory.

How Do I Use the Nail Buffer?

Our nail buffer offers a 1.2.3 shine system that is quick and easy.

1. Use the sliver side of the buffer to even out ridges and remove stains from your nails
2. Use the pink side of the buffer to stimulate growth and help blood circulation.
3. Use the white side of the buffer to shine, moisture and lock the protection of your nails.

Does Sprig Nail Kit Really Work?

Absolutely! Our nail kit was developed by health and beauty industry veteran professionals who saw the need for a high-quality, professional nail kit that women can use at home. The Sprig nail kit has a nearly perfect average review score from thousands of satisfied customers, and you can certainly be one of them!

Is the Sprig Nail Kit Safe to use?

Yes, yes, and yes - Sprig Nail Kit is made of 100% natural ingredients. Our unique brand was developed because we wanted to provide women with a product that is made of high-quality ingredients and solves common nail-health problems, such as dry nails, stains, and splits. The kit was designed with artificial nails in mind as well; Sprig is extremely helpful for the recovery of natural nails that have been damaged by artificial nails and adhesives, so every woman can enjoy the kit.

How Do I Return My Sprig Order?

We are certain that you will not want to send back your Sprig kit, but if you find that the treatment is not suitable for you, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you did not like your product for any reason, please contact our customer support via phone or email, and we will be happy to assist you with your return and refund.

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