Nail Buffer Pads

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    Vegan Friendly
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    Certified Organic
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    Paraben Free
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    Fragance Free

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Keeping your nails shining by replacing your Nail Buffer Block with our extremely easy to use strips!
Easily Clean & Smooth (Use Silver Side) Remove stains from your nails by smoothing the natural surface of your nails and clean out the ridges. Increase Growth (Pink Side) Improve blood circulation to your nail beds and polish your nail’s surface. This will boost your nail’s growth. Protect & Shine (White Side) Use the white sided buffer to buff your nail’s surface to attain a beautiful, glossy finish

Replacing Takes 5 Seconds!

Easily remove the old, worn out strips and stick the new strips onto you nail block.

Each box contains 4 strips and a guide.

For more information, feel free to contact our customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Made of the Best Materials

Trysprig nail kit and its materials are made out of the highest materials and ingredients. We made just 1 product, and focus on being the #1 Nail Kit in the World!

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Nail kit buffer block strips



Love the nail kit and how my nails look after using it. Finally have some decent cuticles. Love the scent and how quickly it works.

Nail block strips



The conditioner serum is my favorite. I am very impressed

Buffer block strips


New York

You are going to LOVE how your nails will look and feel!

Nail buffer block replacement strips



Trysprig I love the Devine Smell and How Easy it is to Use

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