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Professional Nail Filer for Best Nail Shapes!

Made of: Cloth, Paper, Recycled Plastic
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    Vegan Friendly
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    Certified Organic
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As Easy As 1.2.3!

To Get the best results when shaping your nails with Trysprig nail shaper, start by soaking off in warm water. Dry your nails with a clean towel and cut each nail at an equally sided length. To get the desired shaped nails, file in one direction and avoid cornering the edges. By doing this you will prevent your nails from weakening.

Wash and rinse off with warm waters, and your nails will be 100% ready to get polished or be left with a naturally shaped.

What is Our Nail Shaper Made Of?

Our professional nail filer is is a doubled sided and disposable 120/180 in size. The 120 grit is specially designed for those of you who love Artificial Nails. Our 180 grit is specially designed for natural nails.

Keep your nails beautiful all the time while traveling as the nail files are compact to fit in your pocket. Let your nails shine anywhere anytime.

How to Use

Hold the nail shaper at a 46 to 90 degree angle onto your nail’s edge. Move and sweep lightly towards the center of your nail. Continue this practice until you reach your designed shape.

Start slowly, so your nails do not get overly shaped.

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