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Supports Splitting Nails, Nails Strength & Healthy Nail Growth!

  • Enhanced Minerals Formula
  • Stop Nail Hydrataion
  • Prevent Stains and Nail Splits
  • Post Artificial Nail Recovery
  • Support Nail Fungus Recovery
  • Shine finish that lasts up to 15 days
  • Promotes Long, Thinker Nails
  • Natural and Safe
Cuticle Treatment
Vegan Friendly
Nail Shaper
Certified Organic
Nail Buffer
Paraben Free
Nail Buffer Block Pads
Fragance Free
“Designed to Protect and Nourish Your Nails! Results are Immediate!
- Dr. Amy Brodsky

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The best DYI Nail Kit in the World

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How Does Trysprig Nail Kit Work? We Explain.

Your nails take on a lot. From harsh chemicals used by manicure and pedicure to day to day contaminants that stick onto your nails and cause them to break down.

Don’t wait until your nails start to split and fall apart. Try a therapeutic, natural approach made by women, for women.

Trysprig, a Doctor and Dermatologist tested and approved nail kit kit was developed to support your nail’s health and nourish them from the inside.

It took us years to come ups with he right formula set up; but it was all worth it. Every day thousands of women use our nail kit to maintain and keep their nails strong and healthy.

If you are looking for best in class nail treatment for splitting nails, dry nails, acrylic damaged nails, brittle nails, or you are just looking to bring out a natural shine, then Trysprig is your go to fingernail product.

Try us risk free. We off 100% money back guarantee on all orders!

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Trysprig Nail Kit Review
"It doesn’t matter if you never experienced nail damage. Trysprig nutrients rich formula will keep your nails healthy, growing, and shining!”
Lilly - Hawaii

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a nail buffer kit?

    A nail buffer kit is a nail kit that contains a nail buffer to smooth and shine uneven ridges and nail stains. How do I know what is the right nail kit for me?

    There are different nail kits, for different purposes. Some nail kits are solely designed for artificial nails. While other nail kits are specifically designed for gel nail polish. Depending on what it is you need your nail kit to do, will be the starting point of deciding the right nail kit for you.

  • What is a nail buffer?

    A nail buffer is a 4 sided tool designed to clean, shine and smooth the nail bed. Some nail buffers are 2 sided, but if you want to get the best nail buffer experience, you should go with a 4 sided nail buffer.

  • What does the Trysprig nail kit contain?

    The Trysprig nail kit contain a nail cuticle serum, a 4 sided high-end nail buffer, and a nail shaper. All of Trysprig nail kit packages also contain free replacement strips for the nail buffer inside the kit.

  • What is inside the Trysprig nail serum?

    Our nail serum is the first nail serum in the world that contains natural ingredients to support healthy nail growth. Click here to find out more.

  • Does Trysprig help get rid of nail stains?

    Yes. Our proprietary cuticle nail serum is filled with natural ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and other ingredients that help rid of stains, and strengthen nails for years to come.

  • Do artificial nails cause nail damage?

    When you stick acrylic or artificial nails onto your nails, you need to use certain chemicals that thins and weakens your natural nails. The chemicals found in products used for artificial nails may cause skin irritation. When you want to remove artificial nails, in most cases nail salons will use acetone in order to remove them. Acetone can cause short and long term damage to your nails. If you get artificial nails, make sure to use supporting natural nail serums.

  • How do nails get damaged?

    Over time, our nails become weaker. It is just the natural order of things. However, when you use artificial nails, gel polish and other nail products that contain harmful chemicals, you are increasing the probability of your nails becoming weaker due to the exposure of un-natural chemicals. There are other factors that weak our nails, such as our diet, day to day contaminants and even dirt that is caught onto the nails and cuticles; weakens and damages the nails.

  • How can I prevent splitting nails?

    The first and foremost important thing is to limit your usage of harmful chemical nail products when getting your nails done. Try to also limit your exposure to water and keeping your nails as dry as possibles, as often as you can. Try to maintain proper nail hygiene and getting your nails trimmed on time. This will help with limiting your exposure to dirt and bacterial underneath your nail beds. Use naturally supported nail cuticle products that worth with your nails, rather than against them.

  • Do you offer 100% Money Back Guarantee?

    Absolutely. We are so certain you will love Trysprig that we offer 100% money back guarantee on every order.

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